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  1. one problem is that you write it all in team chat too just wanted to point that out..
  2. but what would the point of epic events be if they just added them to missions? then you could do them all day. with the way epic events are today, you got to locate them first and that's half the fun or not. I appreciate you allowing us mere mortals the opportunity to express our opinions.
  3. the risk and the reward does simply not match the risk for the epic events.
  4. oh you mean when you attacked the russian port? Russia being the allies of Spain what do you think would happen? then spain did not grind hostility at any french ports before you took a spanish port... so the aggresion is all on the part of spain? you where informed about the consequences attacking the russian port would have, you proceded with the hostile acts. then attacking spanish port... that makes Spain the aggresor, of course i see it now.... not really your logic is Flawed!
  5. the french taking a spanish port was the act of aggresion that ignited this war.....
  6. Im in too lets go Fort Royal/New Orleans. conclusion is that Espania+France=WAR.... easy as.
  7. you mean "spanish tax rate -0%" just helping you out, dude. but this aside yes it would be a great addition, to the game with clans being able to set tax rates for different nations in the ports. for example if i wanted to sell this snow for 2million gold to spanish then 2.5 too french, and 10 million to british guys.
  8. i will always offer 5 million more then Gregory.
  9. so anolytic you are the new Herminator? dont you remember what happened last time when rdnn tried to force their will uppon other people?
  10. good luck wakatow and the rest of you americans this one seems bad on the news
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