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  1. where do i sign up to by the game it sounds great
  2. and this year will also start work on a new single player focused game with first person view from deck - Sea Legends - about smugglers and privateers in the Mediterranean and North sea dear dev's this sounds great bud will this game be single player only or will it be possible to sail more then one on a ship i mean i have some friends in this game and we have been talking about how cool it wood be if we coud sail the same ship bod do different task on the ship ?
  3. Industry development Clans will be able to invest resources to open up new production in ports creating resource bases providing easy access to materials from one spot.  Numbers on the screen are for demonstration purposes only and will of course change Clans will be able to determine who can invest and use these facilities; because they control the land Shipbuilding development Clans will be able to invest resources to improve ships built in the region in the following categories Gunnery Hull Sailing Survival Rig and Masts This feature will be available to all national captains, who build ships in this port, because knowledge on shipbuilding is not land based and other people will be able to work with specialists trained in the city. how will this work on pve server ???
  4. hi devs first of all great update i mostly like it bud can u pls tell me how to get medals on the pve server ?? is only in the pvp zone u can get it or is there some other way ??
  5. hi dos anybody know when the new Danish ship christian 7. wil get in to the game
  6. why not like when ppl buy a flag send a waning to nation when ppl enter a hostillity mission in a area so dont give port name bud give the name of the area where ppl have just entert the hostillity mission that way the nation gets a good warning of hostillity grinding from the start an it dos not matter if only one or 4 missions have been startet on a port
  7. dear devs when will we se the last of the ships we votet for last year her im thinking of the christian VII
  8. im not saing that they shout remove the free towns im only asking that they remove the tele port to free town so those that want to hunt an gank from there have to sail there every time they feel like ganking so us that sail near free towns can get a warning about them bieng on the way as it is now we have no warning an they can get away free almost wiht out risk because they can tele port away an go some where els while we who need to trade are forced to sail past the towns every time that is not fair we traders do all the work so the hunters (gankers) can harvest all the fruits of our work an where is the fun in it for the hunters to attack almost deffens les traders insted of going out an flipping a port u think might be deffendet so u can get some real fights an on that thought I would like to ask the devs to remove the close timers on battles where one player has attack another is more fun when the battles stay open so that all can join all the time it gives more an bigger battles just as it just to be in the old days when I startet playing
  9. if there is no ganking then what do u call it when more then one enemy attacks u in a not fair fight my clan is loosing ships to gankers from la mona every other day now that did not happen so often when there was no tele port to free towns there was still some hunters saling from free towns bud not as maney as now an not in this many big grups
  10. so u dont think that it is hurting pvp that sail whit out a big chance of getting gankt near any free town an what is wrong about not having tele port to free town ppl can still sail from them they just have to sail there
  11. dear devs pls stop the tele port to free towns it is only a free pass for gankers an it makes it realy difficult to be a trader an provide u nation with the materials to build strong ships for port battle her I'm thinking in particular at la mona an alle the sweedes pirats an brittish gankers. An by the way can u pls close normal missions as soon as they start there is no need for missions to be open other then to let the gankers have easy prey hostility missions I can understand are open I hope u reply to this soon thx for a great game all in all tm2804
  12. http://www.navalactionwiki.com/index.php?title=Crafting
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