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Found 6 results

  1. @adminI have been hunting 'elite' Ai when I spotted a Wapen +1. When I first clicked on it it displayed a window showing it to be an 'elite' Ai (skull and bones). I have sailed a bit closer to it, clicked on it again and the elite symbol disappeared! I have followed it for a minute, clicked on it again and it was 'elite' again... First time something like this happened to me. It begs a question: when an elite Ai ship/fleet spawns somewhere, does it stay elite until it is sunk or does it lose its' 'elite' status at some point?
  2. Norfolk nLegend does Grinder...! This is an [ELITE] guide for NA-Legends this time to help with Gun Grind... http://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1284386035 hope you enjoy it and its of benefit Norfolk nChance [ELITE]
  3. I was asked to write a recruitment letter on behalf of our sister clan EliteDark [EDARK] formally known as [ELAN] on [PvP Global]. This was in direct response to the Spineless Care Bear US/GB Alliance ACT supposedly agreed to by the two Nations a few days ago. What Is EliteDark [EDARK]…? Is a [PvP Caribbean] GB Nation based clan. It’s the Special Operations Sister Clan to [ELITE]. Her main role is to build intelligence solutions in all four corners of the Caribbean. Assets controlled by [EDARK] have now successfully being rolled out within most major Nations. The clan’s GCHQ is [PvP Caribbean] Aves and will have a final visible membership of three like the old [ELAN] structure. The Church of the Poison Mind [Club] empowers Norfolk nWay code signature [W] to be the current CEO of [EDARK]. He employs several GB Senior Case Officers [SCO] to run (Handle) operations or assets external to GB Nation. [SCO]’s role provides the information conduit back to GCHQ. Daniel Cray [SCO] & Iron Cavalier [SCO] both run several foreign assets of multiple Nations. Both will rejoin [EDARK] after final asset rollout and testing is completed. [ELAN] operations had existed for quite some time on [PvP GLOBAL]. It grew very slowly from simple requests from Friends in all Nations, wanting information or unreachable resources or other types of solutions to difficult nation/clan problems. We realized we needed a more valuable or different type of asset other than our current pool so [EDARK] will start expansion earlier than planned. This like other Intelligence agencies [W] would like to try to OW recruitment a bit like the GRU. Main objective is to get more foreign clan based assets in place. Current primes are US, Sweden and Spain. Job Description If you are in a Foreign Clan (no solo) of any description and a bit disillusioned or bored. [EDARK] would like to hear from you to start maybe some very low key clandestine operations. These at first will be very small information gathering and such. Nothing disruptive of any kind. With your experience of working in this new additional role then missions will become somewhat more complex in fashion. Trust build between the handler [SCO] and operative [YOU] is absolute paramount for success. This will take time. Rewards will come and grow with each operation. However, there are risks involved. 888888 888888888888888888888 888888888888888888888888888 888888888888888888 88888888 8888888 888 88888 8 8888888888888. Challenge So, if you fancy a new world challenge in the “Clan Wars” era give me a call or in the forums “CLUBS” The Church of the Poison Mind drop me a note. Thank you for taking the time to read our POST Regards Norfolk nChance [ELITE] Disclaimer: EliteDark [EDARK] as no responsibility for the content written within this recruitment POST. This solely lies at the authors feet.
  4. Yucatan Basin Accord between [RATA] Espana and The Church of the Poison Mind [ELITE]/[ELAN] & [RATA] Have come to an accord within the Yucatan Basin only. Left of the Yucatan Peninsula [RATA] will have the rights to take all Shallow PORTs within the basin. Also, they will need the deep-water PORT of Ysil. This maybe Neutral or Spanish restricted it’s their right and choice. The Church of the Poison Mind [Club] will take over the remaining PORTs on the coastline North of Salinas as and when. This accord between the Church and the Spanish clan [RATA] ends at Tumbado and southbound from there. Accord Ends after either party gives a 24-hour notice period Signed: - @Norfolk nChance Norfolk nChance [ELITE] @Capt. Lucky Luke Captain Lucky Luke [RATA] GB Advisory: You are safe in the Yucatan Basin. The Church has empowered [ELITE] to Serve and Protect all there GB Advisory: Any PC/Clan gets clever around Ysil [ELAN] will hunt you down. It’s [RATA] port.
  5. @Slamdz started a great thread today and stolen shamelessness by @Bearwall. Other threads like Brit Patrol Captains wanted… we GB are in a depression and I haven’t started on the red yet. So, I’ve had an idea if time take a look… Shoot me down if you will, not as experienced as most of you here. I’ve noticed a couple of things about the larger game macro view from a clan to Nation perspective. Take away the mechanics and other game issues may or may not have, we the GB Nation will always end up in this the same dilemma due to the thinking of clans. In the case of PvP Global the pirate nation and [BLACK] have run rough shod over us. Which doesn’t seem possible looking at the player number stats… Look at the Enemy… Hats off to [BLACK] who are just a clan within the pirate nation. Maybe what thirty to fifty members but twenty-five regulars. The leadership team is experienced and work to a rolling plan of what the clan needs to do when and where. Plus, also what in… These goals funny enough are exactly the same that an individual Private is given. This sounds really obvious, right? Now let me put it another way… Imagine: the main player character (MPC) @Duncan McFail the [BLACK] leader is just a single MPC with no clan. He goes out and BUYs 24x ALTs. Naming them Koltes, Sir Texas Sir, Pellenor… you get the gist. One of the main complaints of ALTs in any game is P2W (Pay too Win). What’s the difference between 1x MPC and 24x PC against a Clan of 25x individual players (PC)? In the eyes of GamesLab or most people is NOTHING. They’ve all paid and all have the same rights under the game… all 50 PCs above. Apart from one thing, and this replicates to me how [BLACK] works. The MPC (Duncan) is single minded in his view and strategy. Whether it’s good or bad strategy its focused. The 25x Player clan has a leader but really 25 different wants and needs. Yes, may share a common goal, but one will always find it slightly out of focus. [BLACK] operate like 1x MPC and 24x PCs and yet are all players. Look at Ourselves… We are by far one super nation with many more players in Game at any one time. Nobody else comes close and yet we continue to be out played? We have some very smart players, we have some very large clans, you’d a thought a walk in the park… Using the same analogy as above, we don’t possess a single-minded Duncan. We operate exactly like the 25x player clan mentioned. We did see some delegation, of CKA policing K/PR while others went on the rampage and others carebeared. We were joined then with even more players from PvP1 like VCO, TF and others this should be one-way traffic and it wasn’t. Each clan needs a shipyard, resources and so on. [BLACK] need the same amount as just one of our larger clans. Yes, we share common goals, but not single minded so lack the focus. This gives [BLACK] the FORCED MULYIPLER at any theater event to roll over the opposition. This while like for like numbers are massively smaller. Look at things differently… Many would agree for all the words I’ve written you’ve seen nothing new or revolutionary. So, let’s try to Operate like our enemy with a single leader with a single focus. I’ve campaigned in the past for the NPC same Nation overlay to be lifted, and I seriously doubt this will ever happen. How can we get our single focus? We operate a single clan principle, or a GB Task Force [GBTT]. The comments made about committing resources and PB turn outs will be a thing of the past. The Plan… Each clan as two objectives. First to protect their own HQ and maybe one strategic resource. The second is to commit a small fleet to [GBTT] at a re-trenched port location. Think about Black River (Bonoacca FP). List ten GB clans, it’s not that hard. And to ditch K/PR for the present time. 10x Clans all agree to open a Forward Operating Base [FOB] at Ruatan. Each clan commits a small SoL force (2x), small 4th Rate (3x Aggies), and a Gank/Screen force (1x Essex, 2x Surprises). One common TS3 Nation, Obvious here. The [GBTT] task is to pushback to George Town. Working in teams of 5x SoLs with a Gank/Screen force of 3x gives a total of 8 players. NOT 8 clan members but Nation players. This is the key, operating this way GB can continually grind and yet not be picked off at anyone point. Like what happens now… If we get a PB, 10x Clan SoLs is 20 ships right there. The screening is setup on hand. The Player just needs to teleport to the [FOB] and plugin. Unlike now which unless you are a good cat herder you might as well bang the head against the wall… If we’re lucky enough to win the PB, all [GBTT] assets are moved forward to George Town and Black River is closed. Repair, Replenish and Re-Focus. Three new targets Trinidad, Sant Lago and Savanna La Mar. Which one, or do all three or, or, or… The Key… This is GB Nations Forced Multiplier. We can have 8 players playing at more instances than [BLACK] together. Make sense? Using the clan system opens up one Individual clan to colossal causalities while others standby idle. Even if we lose, the loss likewise is spread out. A small niche clan like [ELITE] can commit easily to [GBTT]. Also feel not stretched across the map leaving the HQ exposed and feeling we’re not doing our part. The side value win loses or draw, we’ll get used to playing together again. I loved the PBs against CCCP at SLM with 5 clans or the other big ones we had in the past. We’ll get used to dropping into to a 8 man team whoever you are with. At the moment [ELITE] could field 8 at one time maybe late Saturday evening at best… Giving the Game away…. If Mike Tyson says he’s “Gonna Punch you in the Face…” this knowledge useful maybe, you’re not avoiding the inevitable. GB Nation on Global couldn’t be at a much lower state than right now. It’s worth a try. I haven’t told [BLACK] anything new here. They win why…? Suggest @Fastidius [AUSEZ] to be the first [GBTT] Commander of Operations [COO] or @Christendom[VCO] If you think it’s a rubbish idea let me know. If you have a better one likewise… Norfolk nChance (Desperate Despot Cult Clan Leader)
  6. You’ve being shown the Problem, and even given the solution. Not listening has led to this SORRY state of affairs. Now, the inevitable migration begins. ADMIN failing to provide EU with any Skill Book that would show you how to add at least one vertebra to your ship. It’s his fault… This problem of a lacking backbone now missing in a EU Captain as given rise to a symptom left now untreated. @Lord Vicious and his [SORRY] state run riot across the board. But don’t despair help is at hand… Captain, You Sir, are positively drowning in offers from some wonderful clans and long-standing names you are spoilt for choice on the GLOBAL server. I am way out classed by my fellow peers here, but will try. I'm the worst kind of salesman. But I apologize in advance for my poorly worded script... [ELITE] are GB Nation, PvP Global, all the mod cons including some old old cons... frequently described [ELITE]? stay away, they are more Cult than Clan. Follow both light and dark paths at times... You want to test the skills you have gained in Naval Action? Working with a team, goes without saying... you will need to work alone and accept as normal a fight BR and numbers against. I eat egos for breakfast and have no time for them, it’s not a democracy (Cults never are). That doesn't mean this Despot Clan Leader doesn't listen. No boast, One or Two [ELITE] turn up to a theatre situation or port battle you feel at ease or more confident even with over whelming odds... Not many can claim this. You want a test? Find out just where the edge of your envelope lays? Drop me a line, or my XO Drufus Kent Norfolk nChance. Ps Chaos and mayhem My Lord, chaos and mayhem…
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