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  1. Don't use Indiaman at dangerous routes at European prime time. Much safer is using 4 Trader Lynxes. Those have their best speed upwind and can escape all square rigged ships. Only Requin, Lynxes, Privateers and Princes you have to fear then. Bad thing is you can only transport 2000 cargo then. But 16000 cargo in 4 Fir Fir Indiaman probably undercrewed and without cannons is extremely high risk and will lead to a lot of loss. When you have enough crew for 3 Indiaman, don't craft them in Fir Fir. Use Teak Sabicu or something similar strong. You will lose some speed, but even a fir fir India
  2. Was in that battle as well, and F11 the disconnect.
  3. What will the advantage of an obusier will be, if you compare it with a carronade?
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