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  1. Dies ist kein Spiel Deutschland gegen Russland, in dem jeder seine RL-Nation joinen sollte, sondern eine Möglichkeit auf einfache Weise mit Menschen aus der ganzen Welt zusammenzuspielen. Das ist der Hauptgrund, warum ich dieses Spiel seit Jahren spiele. Wenn ich mich nur mit Deutschen umgeben möchte, brauche ich nur auf die Straße zu gehen. Dort rennen mehr als genug rum.
  2. Just another suggestion in the campaign against successful players, who own more and better ships than Average Joe. We have ways too many burden already one has to carry, if you wanna play the game on a top level.
  3. Frontline system in combination with too high BR for ports, too high costs for 1. rates, too high costs to develop ports, too strong forts and too high costs for buildings turned RvR into a catastrophy. Structures became instantly cemented. Most players hide in safe nations which become zergs therefore, unbeatable by smaller nations. What makes the structure of the map even more undestroyable. Everything which was added to RvR in the past months together killed a healthy RvR. Each idea implemented alone might have worked though.
  4. When did you do your last PB, mate? There is no option to sail with Oceans if you wanna have a chance to win. Already Santis are minor ships.. We tried once a PB with 10K BR with Wasas and failed terribly against an enemy with 1. and 2. Rates even though we had a numerical majority. The only reason for smaller ships is going for circles. Last time smaller ships have been an option in PBs was when we had ports with 2400 BR. Back then the 3. Rate was the king. Avoiding 1. Rates in RvR goes only with restriction or lowering max. BR.
  5. Maybe we should remember that we never had problems with sailing 1. Rates until devs decided to make them unbelievable expensive. Instead of removing or lowering the number of combat medals they require now, devs prefer to give us AI ships to capture. What else will that be than cheap cannon fudder for the happy few who still sail in proper 1. Rates with best port bonuses? They can fullfill their line ship missions faster now. Result will be that the gap between the rich and the have-nots becomes worse than ever. Proper solution would have been to make crafted 1. Rates affordable again.
  6. Guess, you're not talking about Britain and Pirates the other two big nations besides Russia. Even the Netherlands are not such a threat for anybody than Russia is. And in Russia we are not talking about BF or NN, the owners of the other developed 55point ports. We are talking only about Vera Cruz and REDS. To talk about this clan and its capital one should know that the hardcore veteran players who have built up the port and the economy back then are not playing the game right now. Because this game required so much boring work to develop the port, their accounts and built best ships for them that they became tired of NA. Devs evicted them with boring group kill missions, boring cargo deliveries and boring sails of resources, tools and other stuff needed to become the top clan on the list and the top target for your new PvE-Event which will turn out to be as boring for defenders as the rest of your great ideas are, you granted us in the past months. So why do you think that your veteran players will come back because of another of those boring ideas you evicted them already in the past? They might show up to defend their assets, but they will hate the game even more, since you are still not able to deliver content for the money we spent in the game but only punishment, boredom and silly ideas. No base to see a future for this game and no reason to stay and defend what is not needed anymore on the long run anyway. But maybe a reason for a last meeting to talk if there is a better game in market, we could play together next.
  7. Looks like too many experienced players took a break of the game. From now on we lose everything, if we don't show up regularily at weekends doing those superboring group kill missions where we have to sink AI by AI in line fightings. But how can you be sure that we collect all those doublons and combat medals again, needed to redevelop a port we lost to AI instead of not only taking a break but quiting the game. Mates, what you have developed turned out to be too boring to be played. Not sure that it is worth to be defended against AI anymore.
  8. He is definitely wrong. I tested it and lost portbonuses immediately after leaving clan. You still can produce resources your old clan invested in, if you have already built a building for.
  9. There is some truth in this post. Main problem of NA is that PvP and RvR are luxury entertainments which have to be paid by spending hours and hours of super boring grinding, trade runs or PvE missions. To fullfill a PvP line ship mission you have to sink 10 line ships. To do it with PvP or RvR you need a kill death ratio of 10:1 only to get the combat medals back you invested in your Ocean with a navy structure upgrade. To fullfil a PvP frigate mission you need a kill death ratio of 5:1 to get back the combat medals you invested in two navy hull upgrades for your frigate. Only if you have luck and the battle allows it, you might be able to loot the doublons you need additionally to built line ships. After you have fullfilled your PvP mission under highest risks for your ships you get rewarded with an admirality or a captains chest. There you can find a permit of a great ship, which turns out in 70% of cases being a new Niagara or Rattlesnake. Guess how many of them one can find In REDS clan warehouse only. As book you get the twentieth fencing master or the sixth water book. The urgently needed Expert Carpentry handbook for a new Master Carpenter you risked in your battles or the art of steering the rudder you might find in one of 20 admirality chests. So already players with an average kill death ratio of 3:1 are ways too bad to do RvR or PvP only. They are forced to do cargo missions for all the reals and doublons they need to pay for the ships they lose too often. Or they have to gank trader brigs who do those cargo missions to get enough gold chests and CMs to replace their losses. They also can do group kill missions and sail one hour in line with their mates to kill AI after AI by focusing since their fire power is ways to strong now for a nice brawl which could cause at least a little bit of fun. Or those bad 3:1 players search for AI fleets to get their upgrades, CMs and doublons. That generates at least some fun, but is paid by the risk of getting ganked by enemies since they have to sail into enemy waters to find them. Not to be missunderstood. I would love a game with a good trade mechanic. I liked doing PvE missions before AI firepower became so strong. But the way they are implemented in the game right now they are not entertainment but punishment for all those who wanna play the fun part of the game. Russia? Russia has nothing to do with that. Russia suffers in the same way that its most experienced players don't play anymore or do the minimum needed to wait for a better future. And at least in my case this minimum gets less and less and less. Since I like the teamplay most. But my team is gone ...
  10. Nach meiner Kenntnis habt Ihr Nouvelle Orleans gar nicht verteidigt, sondern lieber einen Deal mit BF gemacht.
  11. Ich frag mich schon ein wenig, was sich nichtrussische Spieler so unter REDS vorstellen. Glaubt Ihr ernsthaft bei uns gibt's einen Goldesel, der den ganzen Tag Combat Medals scheißt und den Clan mit beliebig vielen Ocean-Permits versorgt? Das gibt es nur bei den Gebrüdern Grimm. Bei REDS muss jeder Spieler selbst für seine CMs und Doublonen sorgen, die er für seine Schiffe benötigt. Und selbst die gibt es nicht umsonst sondern nur für jene Spieler, die auch fleißig Resourcen ins Clan Warehouse einliefern. Mit anderen Worten bei REDS wird genau mit dem gleichen Wasser gekocht, das auch in Schweden, Frankreich und anderen Nationen zur Verfügung steht. Vielleicht sind wir ein wenig besser organisiert. Das ist dann unser Können gepaart mit Fleiß, aber keine unnachahmbare Kunst. Bis dato hat auch noch keine Nation einer anderen den Hauptcrafting-Hafen gestohlen, so dass die Verlierer alles verloren hätten, was sie zum Bau von ordentlichen Schiffen benötigen. Es gab für niemanden einen Grund das Spiel oder die Nation deshalb zu verlassen. Daher sind die ganzen Beschwerden über die angeblichen Mängel des Spiels hauptsächlich vorgeschoben, weil das Spiel die eigene Bequemlichkeit zu wenig unterstützt. Und genau da liegt der Vorteil der Russen. Sie sind sich nämlich nicht zu schade gewesen all die Mühen auf sich zu nehmen, die für 1. Rates sowie für gute und viele Häfen erforderlich geworden sind. Heute profitiert Russland von diesen Mühen, und hat es etwas einfacher als andere Nationen. Das hat auch so manchen Spieler angezogen, der sich diesen Mühen nicht unterworfen hat. Nur sind diese Spieler nicht die Stützen der russischen Nation. Müssten wir uns auf sie verlassen, wären wir genauso aufgeschmissen wie jene Nationen die sie aus Bequemlichkeit verlassen haben. Daher kann ich nur jedem Spieler aus anderen Nationen empfehlen. Hört auf Euch selbst zu bemitleiden und fangt an dieses Spiel zu spielen, wie es gespielt werden muss, um Erfolg zu haben. Wenn Ihr das nicht wollt, solltet Ihr vielleicht ein anderes Spiel ausprobieren.
  12. Lieber Troody, leider wird Deine Liebe zu mir für immer unerwidert bleiben. Das hat den einfachen Grund, dass ich nichts langweiliger finde, als angehimmelt zu werden. Ein praktischer Grund kommt noch hinzu. Ich habe gar keinen Platz um all jene unterzubringen, die es trotzdem tun.😋 Daher wäre es das Beste, wenn Du Dir einen netten Jungen suchen würdest, der sich gerne von Dir vergöttern lässt. Dann machst Du ihn glücklich und Dich auch. Und in den Portbattles könntest Du Dich auf das Wesentliche konzentrieren, statt mich ununterbrochen anzuschmachten. Viele Grüße Dein GB
  13. Better would be large upgrade costs once and additionally permanent maintenance costs paid with tools and other resources.
  14. I can afford them, but a lot of people can't.
  15. Oceans are heavily expensive now. Nobody likes to lose them anymore.
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