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  1. This tribunal is illegal and a violation of human rights, since the right to be heard is denied to the defendant.
  2. Best strategy to win the map in NA now is to stay in port until the other nations have killed each others 1. and 2. rates. Whoever comes out too early is punished by game mechanic. 😝
  3. In general I like the new damage model. But the impact on demasting is ways too strong. In Manataca PB I lost both masts of my Mortar Brig with only two broadsides of a Bellona which was at least 700 m away from me. I get that with a lucky shot from a 32 pounder I could lose one mast from such a long distance. But I don't get that such a thin and moving target can be hit so easily from far away. Even GPS needs top conditions to enable such a precision in the 21st. century. Make the hit box as thin as the mast of a ship is. Demasting a ship of the same size should require a few lucky shots or several precision upgrades. Captains who wanna focus on demasting should pay with a disadvantage elsewhere. Captains who use several mast upgrades should be able to rely on the strengh of their masts at least against an enemy of the same size. And yes, a broadside of a 1. Rate from close range should wreck the rig of a frigate.
  4. Remove all the time sinks you implemented into the game the last years and the game will shine. I have no prob to regrind my rank. But I have a terrible problem to regrind all the ships we need to play proper pvp and rvr. And I have a terrible problem with sailing all those resources again, we need to craft all those ships we will lose. I have a big problem to produce them, since you blocked our buildings slots with silly buildings. I 'm sick to spend hours for trading only to pay for the repairs I need to do some pvp or rvr, which are never abailable in the ports where I need them. I have an immense problem to do months of pve for getting all those books by accident instead of effort we need to equip our ships best. 20 hours of work for half an hour of fun is not acceptable. And I will definetely not sail in mahogany or caguarian ships in future, since you made access for teak and white oak so difficult and time consuming. I'm born in a capitalist system. I'm not used to stand in a line for hours to buy some rare stuff, which is available only once a year and only in one store in the whole country due to a superstupid political system. That's communist bullshit and we are all over it, as long as we don''t live in North Corea, Venezuela or Cuba. Nobody pays money to play communism. By the way. I crafted less than 10 ships since the last big patch. And I used all the rescources I collected before, since I was awaiting that it will waste much more time after the wipe. Make all ships available with doublons and I'm fine. Sell enough rare logs in freeports, that everybody gets access to them and I'm fine. I regrind all ships if five proper pvp battles are enough to open all slots. What do you think a decent officer of any navy in the world has as rank, after he fought five battles successfully? I don't mind about my book knowledges if I can buy any book I need with doublons and nobody can steal the doublons I got rewarded with anymore. And of course I don't mind if I don't get rewarded with doublons or anything else anymore while I'm sinking an AI ship. Start to make this game shining and stop tyrannizing us with stuff we don't wanna do. It's a game. We spend our free time for. It's no prison, we have to suffer in and get rewarded a little bit for good behaviour.
  5. What's your problem? Hood did a great job finally. It damaged the oil supply of Bismarck that it had to go to Nanterre into yard to be repaired. Prinz Eugen sailed alone into Atlantic Ocean. Then some swordfish planes attacked Bismarck without chance to sink it but damaged it's rudder that it couldn't sail into range of German airforce anymore. Then the British gank started and Germany lost it's only top battle cruiser while Britain still had plenty of this size. There were two cruisers following Bismarck but they lost it in the night. Then the captain of Bismarck did the mistake to radio which enabled Brits to detect the ship again. Staying out of range would have been a bad and risky option for Hood. If Spain didn't copy your tactic from Nassau we probably copied tactic of British admirality in 1941. What could proof my point more? Difference between us is that you think in tactic and I think in strategy. To safe the ship Hood should have stayed outside shooting range. To sink Bismarck and to avoid enormous efforts to protect British convois against such a superior ship it must have been taken out of game even for the expense of losing Hood, which was a battle cruiser out of WW I and pretty much outdated.
  6. Wrong. Hood got sunk because it stayed too far away that the shells of Bismarck could hit its deck in a high angle and go through the weak armor on this part of the ship. Spain didn't do any mistake. We think that it was proper game play in the case of Nassau and in the case of yesterday. Nobody tagged you just for griefing but for keeping you in range of superior Spanish forces until they got close enough to engage you. You got a battle and got sunk in less than 1,5 hours since you have been spotted first. You didn't sail all the way from La Habanna where you have been spotted by Spaniards before to Nassau only to realize that the port was flipped long ago and the Spanish fleet disappeared.
  7. Bismarck was "ganked". Finally the whole 3. Reich was "ganked". That's how war is. You better learn it, if you wanna be sucessful in a war game.
  8. That's the point. GB did it as well under rediiis command lately when Spain flipped Nassau and Little Harbour. Rediiis mistake is that he didn't realize that no Spaniard tribunaled him for any misdoing. At that moment he should have been aware that Spain recognized his doing as proper game play with the result that Spain will take advantage from the same tactic as soon as the nation would have the opportunity to do so. When he sailed out yesterday he couldn't await not being pulled in battle until a decent fleet was gathered to kill him and his mate. If he wanted anything else he should have tribunaled his own behaviour to clearify the case or just respect those high standards of game play himself instead of awaiting them only from others.
  9. I remember well all those hunts when you sailed into Batabano bay with your superfast Snow just to run away faster. Even PBs you enter in light ships only to avoid any proper fight. Easy answer why we never see you in Nassau patrol, what should be a paradise for any light ship captain. In patrol there is no running forever. Nothing for you, mate 😄 Spain is the only nation right now which attacks rediii. Because we don't fear him. And we get sunk a lot. But never from you mate. You hide behind his name and keep running all day long.😋
  10. The British loser in command has spoken. I've heard that speed cap was implemented only for you. Otherwise you would craft ships now with 25 knots top speed to run faster. 😝
  11. Without rediii the British nation is the biggest loser nation this server has ever seen. 😄
  12. That's what high risk means. You should not make a lot of mistakes in those events otherwise you die.
  13. I don't do epic events anymore because they are not worth the effort. Ships I have to grind are not strong enough to survive. Loot is rubbish. Golden chest mostly give only shitty upgrades.
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