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  1. You're just not successful as lonely wulf. Success in NA needs teamplay. And there is no reason to make things easier, that people unwilling to interact with others have fun as well. More fun for single players always comes with boredom for teamplayers.
  2. NA is a game for teamplayers only. Players who prefer to do everything on their own should play something else.
  3. I don't see any reason why it should become easier to get port bonuses. Only access to port bonuses should be equal for every nation and every clan or group of clans. It might be very difficult to develop a port, since so many resources are required. But the reason is that we all have developed accounts and are able to do the investments right away. That requires a lot of work in a very short time. It will not be the same after release. Then everybody starts a new account and ports will be developed slowly in accordance with player ranks and abilities. To guarantee equal access to best ports for each nation, points for port bonuses should not be spread randomly over the map but require efforts of players as well. A weekly fee of combat medals, victory marks, doublons, tools and/or other materials should be delivered into port for maintenance. The more you deliver the more points a port would generate. This would lay the destiny of a nation into the hands of players. One bad battle would not lead into a permanent disadvantage when the nation lost its only 55 points port. If maintenance costs are high, investment costs could be reduced. Then players who are not member of the clan owning the port would not have to fear to get locked out, once they have contributed for development. Their help would be needed permanently. A port should allow to invest into all ship bonuses. While crafting a ship players should have to decide which two of five bonuses they wanna choose. Otherwise we would have to invest into multiple ship yards to craft all ships for different purposes. This would lead into a logistic nightmare. If it comes to small nations endangered to get wiped from the map. Those nations are weak because of internal problems not because of a lack of good ports. Only nations with a proper structure and players who work together deserve to become strong and be able to develop best ports. Good performance must be rewarded. Bad performance must lead into a disadvantage, as long as this disadvantage can be removed by better performance in future.
  4. That's why you get combat medals for PvE now as well. More risks more chances. Take away the risks then take away the rewards as well.
  5. Tell us. How many doublons, victory marks and combat medals did you donate to develop British ports. How many stone blocks, tools or provisions did you sail to help big clans with port development. How many hours in game did you use to make your nations ship production work? I can tell you that I spent enormous amounts of all those goods and dozens of hours to help Russian ship production to be the best. Also in the big clans there are only a few players willing to do that. That's why it will never ever happen that a player of a small clan supporting a big clan with a lot of time will be locked from ship production after. If Russian big clans would lock one of those dilligent helpers from ship production after, the few dilligent players of those clans would be faced with even more work the next time something has to be developed. We would punish us much more than you, since you would be welcomed all over the server with such unselfishly behaviour, and would get access in ship production easily elsewhere in the game. Only players who prefer to seat on laid tables only, have to fear getting locked from port investments. I'm fine with that.
  6. Classic defense tags. Players you are chasing don't have to play to become your easy victim. What's next complaint? That players enter port when you chase them?
  7. We are not playing at the same time. !/3 of server population is completely useless for me. 2/3 of population is completely useless for you.
  8. Da plappert einer nach, was er irgendwo im Forum gelesen hat. Ich spiele bereits seit letztem Oktober wieder für Russland. Gleichzeitig spiele ich natürlich noch immer für Spanien. Im Gegensatz zu anderen habe ich es aber nicht nötig, einen Thread im Forum zu eröffnen, um das der allerletzten Schlafmütze mitzuteilen. Die wichtigen Spieler haben eigenartiger Weise auch so Wind davon bekommen. Die unwichtigen interessieren mich nicht. Ich weiß noch nicht einmal wer Du bist. 😜
  9. Natürlich wäre mir Ihr wütender Widerspruch weitaus lieber gewesen, Gnädigste. Schließlich bin ich Widder. Und das ist ein Kriegsspiel und kein Salon.😊
  10. Must be members of your nation, otherwise you surely would have attacked them, or not?
  11. Back then when I was a little kadet in the Swedish Nation one of the first things I learned was that key for success is having a lot of alts. Fury and Ben Abbib organized the whole ship supply for HRE with their alts. And they had as much alts as Anolytic has. I got my first ships for free and a golden hammock to have a better start. I will never forget that. I'm pretty sure you benefited as well from those players and their alts. And I'm pretty sure without Ben Abbibs alts Sweden would not have a fully invested infrastructure today to built the new super ships needed, to be successful after map wipe. Pointing now on Russian players with alt accounts to excuse a clear misdoing of one of your clan mates is an infamous behaviour and shows only a big lack of a sense of guilt. Having alts is absolutely in accordance with game rules. Using them to join the other side of the battle for getting advantages against real enemies is a clear alt abuse. Ben Abbibs alts are no excuse for other nations to cheat Swedes. Anolytics alts are no excuse for Swedes to cheat Russians.
  12. Bumsebiene fears it. That's already good. He cannot sleep until devs judged his case.
  13. You don't get the point. Not hiding in battle is the wrong doing but joining a battle on both sides to support one side. Bumsebiene can be very happy. He will already be used to sail basic cutter in battle again, when release is coming. A big and legal advantage for him.😀
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