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  1. I agree in your point that it is very disappointing if a team sinks all line ships in a PB and doesn't get the win therefore. I would suggest that an enemy has to send at least half of the BR of the owning side into a circle to intercept gaining points. Getting more points for sinking big ships could also solve the problem. For a fort you get 250 points and it's the easiest thing to kill in a PB. Killing the line ships of the enemy fleet is a much bigger challenge and doesn't pay in a comparable way. A third possibility would be to give victory after 1.30 hours to the side which has generated the most points and not to defender, if attacker didn't reach 1000 points. Yeah a mortar brig which can damage a ship going 9 knots is just ridiculous unrealistic. As ridiculous as killing a fort in 5 minutes. Maybe removing double shot would reduce this problem.
  2. Graf Bernadotte

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Maybe you should play the game again. No need to talk to people who play in forum only.
  3. Graf Bernadotte

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    I have the privilege of enemies who know in which nation I am. And I have the privilege of enemies who announced the downfall of my nations in forum. No need for me to open threads about my destiny because nobody else cares. 😜
  4. Graf Bernadotte

    Freedom Fighters of Philipsburg

    Former super power Sweden, which imposed its will on the whole server a few months ago, compares itself with a third world country today.
  5. Graf Bernadotte

    Caribbean Invasion News

    Forum is the mirror of the game.
  6. Graf Bernadotte

    Caribbean Invasion News

    But isn't that a smart game play? NA is a war game. Who starts a war with the intention to lose it?
  7. Graf Bernadotte

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    He gets already repairs before the final mission. And yes, its very hard to start the game without support of a clan. That's why I informed myself before starting the game and got the best support one could get back then. Thanks HRE.
  8. Graf Bernadotte

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    Do the tutorial and you will get at good gift to start.
  9. Graf Bernadotte

    Game is too hard to press play again.

    Don't ruin my business. It's my human right to make 500% profit 😝
  10. Graf Bernadotte

    Next patch?

    Sailing alone in a boarding requin makes zero sense, since every experienced player just sails downwind and you have no chance to do any damage. That's why you sail in big ganking groups where Requin can board ships slowed down in the brawl. Boarding fitted Requin only exploits other players efforts.
  11. Graf Bernadotte

    Total BR in Portbattle

    There is zero evidence that the escape of the Bellona could be an exploit of game mechanic. Russia has at least one neutral port next to its bases in Lake Maracaibo it could conquer and send in plenty of players in need of Victory marks without any breaking of rules. Nobody uses this opportunity. Secondly. A Bellona has no place in a PB fleet anymore since its BR became so high that a 3. Rate would be always the better choice. That this Bellona joined is a classical mistake of a player which was corrected. That's what this game mechanic was made for.
  12. Right now the side with higher numbers wins, if they defend. They can draw in the PB fleet into battle to deny their access into PB. There it's decided which side is stronger. Attacker can sink all Screeners and won't get the port for this success. Giving Victory marks for damage, the attacker which is drawn into screening battle and makes the most damage would be rewarded for this success with marks. Defender who has only a big but bad screening fleet to defend, would get few Victory marks to pay for future PB timers. He would lose the port sooner or later since bad screening with high number wouldn't give him what he needs to defend in his time zone.
  13. That would not happen with my proposal. If timers need Victory marks, players of American timezone would still be able to put timers on. But they would be forced to attack other ports with timers in their time zone to generate those Victory marks. Today they don't fight each other. Because one faction is too strong. With a system which rewards damage and not victory it would make sense to attack a stronger enemy because you can do damage.
  14. Rewards which strenghen your ability to defeat an enemy worsen the existing inbalance. True it's the question where to make the cut. But such new rewards will not cut but add.
  15. Rewards are nice. But if only the winner gets them, a strong nation can concrete their position on the map, since weaker nations don't have access to such pimped ships. Rewards for winning a PB should never have an impact on the strengh of RvR factions. Otherwise RvR loses balance.