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  1. I'm silent because fighting you is so boring 😋
  2. Why do we see such accusations again and again and again. It's not forbidden to join a battle and do not fight. Since there are multiple proper war tactics which require that. Devs cannot decide about intentions of players. Do not understand why Christendom should have been hindered to sink the ship he wanted to, and leave battle after. He would have gotten his hostility.
  3. Don't understand this complete frustration about Russia. Is that a personnel problem or do you express the opinion of all HAVOC? I have played the longest time in small nations and have never used the term zerg for others. You choosed Danemark-Norge with the knowledge that there was nothing left anymore. You couldn't expect having hundreds of active players in your nation. Those who came back after release left the game before. That they are not the strongest columns if it comes to building a new nation with all those efforts new port mechanice demands, must have been very clear from the beginning. Russia is not that strong because of its numbers, but because of those two handful of players who pulled the cart before and do their job also today. And this one handful which pulls for REDS, HAVOC should be able to organize as well. That's why I would advice you to think more about what you can do for your clan and your nation instead of making useless thoughts about a nation you have no clue about. Do your job as good as we do, and you don't have to worry.
  4. Wanna say that you're a better forum warrior than I am? Reverse explained the numbers perfectly. BF has been busy to develop their ports around Nouvelle Orleans. That costs a lot of time. We did it before and had less time for doing pvp back then. And of course I respect other people's performance. So if you have some secret skills tell them that I can applaude 😋
  5. I never denied that BF plays an important role in Russia. This role would have lead to an undisputed lead of the whole nation long ago, if only Reverse would have been interested in.
  6. The kills are pretty much balanced between BF and REDS all the time. And BF has always double as much PvE kills than REDS has. But I'm not only refering on the two biggest clans, but on Rubli and PODW as well. They show that best battle skills are found outside biggest clans of Russia.
  7. These nations were killed by internal struggles. NN and VLTRA left after they didn't see a chance to be competitive there.
  8. If people would only write what they have a clue about Internet would be half empty. https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=1798764898
  9. We cannot teach our enemies to screen with smaller ships, kite and shoot sails. Not too difficult for newbies. That's a knowledge which is in game since we both started. Britain has still enough skilled players, who could share this experience with their screeners. Anyway they did their job. And they lost nothing they could not replace with ease. PB was won by Britain. My post is less snobish than you might think. It refers on an issue in game mechanic I don't wanna point out right now. Since I'm waiting for a hotfix, I asked devs one week ago.
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