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  1. Hello again i have hard time figuring out what is the conversion for the various time provbided in the API . not really necessary but it bug me not to understand what was done..... for example in Ports file ../Ports_cleanopenworldprodeu2.json "Created": "/Date(-62135596800000-0000)/", "LastRaidStartTime": 637534740190077289, "LastPortBattle": 637506676654044108 I suspect that this are ticks or milliseconds since a reference which should be unix (1.1.1970) ( i m familair with time track in unix) but no conversion I tried from this number makes any sense. I'm sure
  2. Thank for the quick response .... much better indeed but need to reset once to get rid of the large white localisation circle ( which does not scale with zoom) and is not necessary on high zoom The attacking fleet target(A,B,C) from the 4 possible spawn point was not obvious to most player that i came across : Based on recent compilation ot the orientation on other port the orientation cap indeed goes to the closest circle.
  3. Hello again felix victor. I could not find the control to show the port raid indicating spawn point 1 2 3 4 and the capture zone ABC on a single port There are some area of the map too cramped which become confusing. If not yet there, we would need a control to show port raid on a single port. In addition the port API provide the direction at the spawn point (tested at Coral Bay). This API parameter "orientation" is most likely the cap taken by the NPC attacking fleets from each of the spawn point ( angle cap is provided by sin , cos value in 'orientation'). added by hand for C
  4. Your Initial formula does not need any correction. Confirmed using the European goods. Correlation from sell price in Game Trader tool to your formula using computed distance to port (x z) to nearest capital gives R2=1 and coeff 1.0018 1/1000 diff can called it good !
  5. Regarding the price formula, i cannot confirm yet that this factor should be added . the correlation I got was quite good but limited to item drop in the Fort Royal area. Since then I have advance a bit in getting workable info from the API to verify it but not yet finish. It´s also possible that to get the correct distance to a port we need to use as source the weighted position where that particular item is dropped.(as the buying price is the same) but the port have diferrent distance (x,z) to the selling port. The coeff 0.978 was specific to good from Fort Royal and I used as referen
  6. to :Felix Victor (Master map designer) In one of your older post I found "The estimated sell price for a consumed good is buyPrice * 3 + (planarDistance * buyPrice * distanceFactor) / 6 / 100 " How did you figure this out ? did you get it from the developer ? It seems that early on the intention was to allow a price variation in port depending on available stock but this seems turn off or minimize to a great extend : can you confirm that ? I try to verify it. It's good indeed, but Xchecking with few examples ( only 3 ressource from Pointe-a-Pitre) The trader
  7. thank you for clarification. I tought you would use game default i.e fir/crew ...can´t build a ship without wood 🙂 and i do not see how to get the base value in game without wood.
  8. Hello, (impressive work!) I was checking the Max speed of few ship from the Ship List In the Web Table against the Craft Menu in game and I got discrepency wwith current game max speed. I checked craft game value reported for Fir/Crew, Oak/crew , Live Oak/Crew they givng same base value within last digit.. Ship web Table, Change Game Cerberus 14.62, -1.12, 13.5, Le Gros Ventre 13.11, -0.86, 12.3, Pirate Frigate 13.88, -1, 12.9 Given the API skill you guys h
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