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  1. Looks fine ... All the crafters thanks you 🙂 !!
  2. For Your info regarding server and Na-map trading info i compared today the api file from PVE server at Mainteance +47 min , and + 9:47 and they are identical: With the new system which update the shop only once a day, during maintenance, there is no reason to change between 24 hr maintenance. If confirm you would not need to check multiple time. https://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/Shops_cleanopenworldprodeu2.json ( i finally managed to get the API json type files loaded in excel and I keep a copy when i read it) and using some pivot table which include
  3. Ship compare : in Permament missing: Pirate rig refit . Britich french spanish seems to be all listed
  4. Ship Compare : not refreshing for changes in other than wood : ( same error in chrome and firefox) Note that other player have notice the same issue . If you do not reproduce it s possibly because of your development environment nay be ? here step by step simple test Start with fresh session select ships ( compare) trader lynx , fir , fir . copy to next . in next add permanent gazelle . no changes . change wood to fir (S) . it update speed. change agin to fir to compare . it update. select permanent clear . does not update
  5. I do think you need to add on top of page both the date and hour (UTC) of the update data set that is used on NA-MAP Because, with the new individial trading system, the location of good /player is now quite critical to trading optimization/ maximization. and outdated info sent the player on the wrong port... ------------------- for some reason this morning Sunday 27 jun at UTC maintenace +-2:30 hrs the data was still from yesterday it seems ... checking again UTC+3 and it was correct .
  6. Updated map functionality (non refresh may have been there before upgraded interface) In ship compare tools the ship stat refresh immediately when changing wood frame or wood trim but not when changing the other parameters (perk ,permanent, ship knowledge , ship trim drop box ) As a work around try to change back and force the wood , but additionaly after removing the added option it seems to keep them : Example : After clearing all the perk ,permanent, ship knowledge , ship trim option that were selected for ship 2 I copy the data from ship 2 toship 3 . can see th
  7. Is there any flag/text on the map that show which daily dataset is displyed as there is a lag between maintenance reboot of the server (from 10UTC) and update of this map ? regards
  8. Hello s there a flag somewhere on the map that show which data is currently used as there is a gap between server maintenance reset time at UTC 10 and actual map update. Usefull for restocked trading item . If not , it could be a note under info : Dataset update YYYY/MM/DD regards
  9. DDZ-vasduten . At what server time did you check Las Tortugas 5 Madagascar Jewels? the 5 units where there exactly at reboot ime , but if a player log back in at that boot time he will take all those item immediatey as this is the most valuable item of the game. Check a less valuable item you see in any port and check back on netify (dry pork) . most likely the value will be correct . Reminder : maintenance is at 10:00 AM UTC and server is back on line about 30 , 40 min later at around 10:35, the data provided here is only valid at server boot time... il you check for
  10. One utility using the existing drop box for port (green lport) where an item is stocked will be to provide the sell multiplier i.e. (1.8+planardistance*distancefactor(item)/1000) for that item from that port on a label associated to the port where the item can be consumed (the red port). Currently as the distancefactor is the same (2) this factor will be the same for all item belonging to the same group of geographical classification. and that will allow to load all the item (which are now a lot more diversified) for a trader flotte trip.
  11. To your knowledege are those item geographical origin given somewhere in one of the API file (may be infered from some existing flag) ? It seems the origin of item for south and north europe actually corespond to a zone aorund the nation european capital port which are not capturable (spain , france , UK, denmark,suede , Nederland) with the addition of the atlantic coast for US nation capital the item zone (around nation capital ) may be related to the nation county possibly adding neighboring county. reason for trying to get those zone is that from the item geograph
  12. 1-Very minor detail ... i prefer expression that bring in factor single variable sellprice *(1.8 +Planardistance*distancefactor(item)/1000 ) 2- knowing the new group of port the new larger region is going to be usefull (instead of county ) North America . ( label missing on the NA-Map) central America South America North Europe South Europe greater antille (from lancashire iron : only east cuba,hispaniola , puerto rico ? does not include west cuba) but spanish almond ; greater antille and south europe avialble in all cuba (west cuba is where spa
  13. first estimate of sell price is around: Sell = Buy *( 1.75 + 0.21 * Distance/100km) , rangePct has been fixed to 2 for almost all item. I have no yet coded yet in which port each items is available and consumed to look for the closest distance and i got the distance eyeballing the closest using your distance map functionality to get a first estimate with a few items (only 5 good over 8 port . roughly)
  14. Hello Felix thanks again for all this great work ! and to keep maitaining it ... the new trading make the selection of county of lot less interesting for seing where to buy and sell goods as they are now distributed in larger area such as Northern Europe , Southern europe , channel , south america , north america , central america , greater antille , etc... will you add map that shows those new group area for goods ?
  15. https://www.venea.net/web/net_ticks_datetime_converter. For Your Info : Funny based on this site the ticks is a .net time scale with exlpanation provided my Microsoft doc . I did browse a lot to figure out what that huge number was and I did not come across that reference ? Adding .net to the search critera gives the hint https://www.techrepublic.com/article/calculate-period-of-time-with-net/
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