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  1. Hello Feix Victor , It seems the "tobacco plantation" is missing in the list of buildings
  2. Note on broadside damage. The broadside damage based solely on caliber/weight is only valid for medium Gun : Some stat based on a Santissima Broadside. Medium = weight( 0%) < Long +3.4% < Blomefield +8% < Navy + 24% Basis for % is medium gun.
  3. using NA-Map "ship compare", I have checked the base speed of few ships and the bonus given by all the woods from NA-map. With out perk, amelioration, book, port bonus etc... The results was correct with in game actual speed. For info : I was interested in relative % increase compare to base to simplify selection in function of criteria such as Structure & Side( combined for Total Hit point ) , Thickness , Speed and crew . This is valid for all ships all the % below comes from data from NA-map "ship compare" and not extracted from the API ( i had mostly focus on extracting trade information (items and Shop data ) but nothing yet on ship spec where i rely on NA-Map 🙂 ) Can see below the max Tot Hit Point is with Locust (s) 8% + White oak (s) 35% but resulting speed 0% +(-4%) this can be compensated with : perk sail trim max 5% , port bonus Sailing max 2.5% . amelioration max 2%
  4. For info : Since the update to the new season on caraibes , the table showing the list of all ships comparing stat seems broken . This is true for all 3 servers. 

  5. Hello Felix , Thanks for updating Na-Map Note that apparently the table showing all the ships by ranks seems broken ( this is valid for the 3 servers) best regards
  6. Hello Felix Victor . look like your server is down indeed : info for Caraibe server checking at reboot time + 2hrs and still data is from yesterday : iron ore in Deshaie yesterday sunday was 79 on na map and 86 in port (with tax) . While current in port Monday is 111.
  7. Good day . I f you ever decide to check the effect of the NA update of 15 may 23 in NA-MAP I notice the following: 1- the ship table is not available : although I can see that the BR in the utility ship compare has been updated with data from 16th may 2023 2- since some time ago "rare wood such as ( african oak, African Teak Danzic Oak ) are dropping in port in the same maner as regular wood ( live oak , white oak , teak...) but they do not appears in NA MAP in the port info "drops" nor doing search thanks in advance if you ever decide to take the time to fix those 🙂 best regards
  8. Compare ship module . Wood list option . I notice that the list of woods in their respective drop down have multiple copy , The first ship option has 3 copies of the list (in alphabetical order) stacked one after the other After copying the ship to the second option 4 copies , copy again to the third column and 4 copies again... if the second option ship is not copy from first but enter from scratch only 3 copies of the wood list appears in option
  9. Hello I think you reply in the past that the map update after the daily reset of server(10am UTC) has some delay. Players checking the map early after the server reboot may still be getting the prior data. Why not display on top of map either the actual time of the data or dynamic message that show for example "updated hh:mm ago"? The server reboot time has been fairly consistent at 10am UTC for quite a while now You could use this to send a warning to you if the update time is more than 25 hrs. (sometime your server has been down) I reported the last time it was down above ( 2022-12-20)
  10. Hello it seems the map has not been updated for a few days now
  11. Good day Felix Victor Seems that the table with canons characteristics on the site , which change significantly on 29 jun 22, are still the older one. May be the canon spec were manually loaded not read from the public file (it's only the forth time the dev change them I was told...:-) )? do you plan to maintain this site ? NOTE : Given the reload time of gun ~1 to 2min Reporting i prefer "damage/minute" instead of per second. I can confirm the public data provide the correct shop inventory ( on a couple I checked) Update Friday july 1st : Given the fact that gun damage/min is higher for the smaller gun after the update and that their penetration is sufficient to go through the max of 100 (unmodified) we may see further update . If the table is manual better wait.... ( already Patch note mentioned change to canon) Update Friday July 22: 4 and 6 in gun reload time increase to +5 sec...
  12. this is what I meant by table in the game reports referring to ship characteristics. Speed of this example (ruyter) in game 10.43 . from Na-map 10.4 . This can be rounding difference between game and NA-map as in red arrow there is also a slight difference in ship characteristics, while 3 green arrow show identical value.
  13. A detail : could you for consistency with the table in the game reports the speed with 2 decimals ? ( turn rate is with 2 decimals) Posted September 19 v13.3.7 ship speed calculation corrected (finally)
  14. hello . Out of curiosity . what is the speed ratio or distance between Open world and ship specification ( which are for the battle mode)? thanks
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