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  1. thank you for clarification. I tought you would use game default i.e fir/crew ...can´t build a ship without wood 🙂 and i do not see how to get the base value in game without wood.
  2. Hello, (impressive work!) I was checking the Max speed of few ship from the Ship List In the Web Table against the Craft Menu in game and I got discrepency wwith current game max speed. I checked craft game value reported for Fir/Crew, Oak/crew , Live Oak/Crew they givng same base value within last digit.. Ship web Table, Change Game Cerberus 14.62, -1.12, 13.5, Le Gros Ventre 13.11, -0.86, 12.3, Pirate Frigate 13.88, -1, 12.9 Given the API skill you guys h
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