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  1. jodgi

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Ye, the absolute longest I've sailed is 90k
  2. jodgi

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Try to open the next one sitting in port, maybe you'll get more sensible distances?
  3. jodgi

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    I've seen that mentioned before, I've never gone longer than 20 min out plus 20 min back. How come your wrecks spawn so far out?
  4. jodgi

    Deadmans Chests different loot value

    Similar issue with bottle loots; Most of them are so shitty it's barely worth the time to go out and retrieve them
  5. Well, I could be "wrong people" but I'm still here. I might be loud but I'm a lot less whiny.
  6. jodgi

    Depowering and tacking.

    Ah, I replied so fast, I thought, but you ninja'd me under Wraith. In any case it was tongue-in-cheek. Down, boy!
  7. jodgi

    Depowering and tacking.

    Oh, boy! Here we go...
  8. jodgi

    Depowering and tacking.

    You'd be great in a proper flight sim, Hachi, maybe you already are?
  9. Heh, It's the other way around for me. Poor Wapen is so unappealing to me with it's lego pirate ship looks and abominable vertical bowsprit I couldn't sail it if it was the best ship in game...
  10. I can't see how this will play out in every last detail, nor am I sure if I personally will end up liking it more or less. I think I will like things better and I think this will improve the game for me. A lot of people in this topic are absolutely sure about how the game will change, I'm envious of their clairvoyance. Listen, the new raking damage will be a skill multiplier, I think. People who take the wind will have more going for them now. Like you, I am also a bit nervous about the new power of bigger guns, but I'm far from convinced it will be as bad as some people seem so sure about. Only masts and sails.
  11. jodgi

    WTT books

    Hey! I have fire, you have means!
  12. Don't worry, truly, MANY of us will continue to sail the most fun ships