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  1. well, that's what a majority seemed to want. bonuses! funny that that doesn't bother you with crafted ships, but is the end of the world with a hardly competitive dlc ship ...
  2. so "no port bonuses" is an "i loose option" after all ... not complaining. this ended up being a game that forces clan membership, that's fine and i'm ok surviving on the outskirts of that. but then the distinction with dlc ships is kind of ... frivolous, for lack of a better word?
  3. znôrt


    wondering myself, not noticing anything so far.
  4. do 'shift' and 'alt' click modifiers not work in attack orders? they do elsewhere. the inventory does get sluggish whith large number of items.
  5. no worries, i already did. i'm more than fine with the game, and nobody is forcing me into that kind of silliness. now seriously, do you really like that sort of thing?
  6. plus i'm done watching videos for this land for a good while! 🤣
  7. wow, min 1-3 has to be the most stupid gameplay i could possibly imagine for this game. so you're suprised by a patrol, stun a dozen guys right on the spot, surviving with some magic decoction, then send them away one by one. yeah, good karma. this is completely broken no, thanks. i'll play my way. 😉
  8. good news. i expected something along those lines. i expect a bloodbath soon, then. ooops. 😅
  9. znôrt


    loosing their lands was a given, there was no way they could have avoided that. depicting them as ruthless savages was just opportunism to justify slaughter and speed up the process. not a single deal they struck with the newcomers was respected, and the vast majority of them died from the newly introduced diseases anyway. although it went a bit differently in south america, the outcome was pretty much the same: full replacement of power structures by more powerful ones. they were all doomed the moment colonists set a foot on the shore.
  10. i reckon i'm a bit of a weirdo and play a bit (just a bit!) on the 'noble savage' trope. first of all my goal is to play the game, not necessarily win it. will see how that goes! so bows and arrows it is for me. guns are anyways too noisy. also whiskey, and in general almost anything from the white man is a no-go. notable exceptions may be my spyglass and the occasional canteen or such if in a plight, or using their own gunpowder against them (which is usually available on location). good part is that i always travel light, never have to worry about weight. and don't have to bother with crafting (sheesh! i really have come to hate crafting in games). buckbrush tea is my usual lifesaver, which is ubiquitous. if not, my tribesmen produce it in quantities. favorite bread&butter skills are 'throw stone', 'spyglass' and 'detect enemies'. and of course bow accuracy, and decent level of health and stamina. tactics are stealth, and hit and run when it gets hairy, and most of all i use the environment to my advantage: grass, shadows, rocks, buildings and my favorite: mountains. if you are followed it is usually possible to mislead them, make a detour and engage again from a different side. being surrounded is indeed nasty so i always avoid that at all costs. i never save (rest), if i die i die, but it doesn't happen often (anymore). if it happens it's no drama: i use to have an ancestor's bow ready at a camp (yes, a bit of a cheat), then it's just getting a horse, stocking on arrows and tea and i'm up again. if enemies get tougher then all the better, makes it more interesting. tribesmen ... it's a mixed bag atm. i don't really use them too much for now, but plan to. first thing in any camp is ensure they have hunter bows and arrows enough at the very least. lots of arrows! some of them make buckbrush tea for me to borrow when in need (some biomes don't have any). i do upgrade a couple of them, but they gather the stuff themselves. i have lost a few camps, but most are safe for now. yes, i always liberate my brothers, that's a priority. i have surplus population in about half my camps, dunno if that is working as intended. i was a bit paranoid about that at first, moving them around etc, but it really sustains itself. i don't give them much attention for now. some leave, now and then, but it's mostly stable, i guess they gather enough meat while going after pelts, sinew and such. in general i would like them to be more active, but for now they just gather and sit around, while i do all the resistance. i do want to send them to attack, more sooner than later, but want to assemble a big party first. will see how this goes, probably very bad! alas, that would be actually historical. if they get slaughtered too much with bows and arrows i might consider collecting guns for them but ... that collection process is really tedious gameplay i would like to avoid. oh, about karma, there's that skill to clean it, but you can use it only a few times. tribes use to join me anyway unless i'm full bad karma, although i haven't looked at that in detail, and i'm not sure if karma 'cools down' by itself. as you can see, i don't worry about it at all. maybe it's only relevant at start? i did start this resistance doing more intimidations while trying to figure stuff out. now i just ignore it. i guess when in need and skills are used up, i always build up good karma with some 'grind'. really stupid mechanic if you ask me, but ... other than that, i'm having a real blast. this game is awesome.
  11. update: i just managed to liberate Wycotaw. must have been either a roaming patrol i killed or a tribe that joined me (after using karma skill). will try again on the other surrounding zones.
  12. i've been puzzled with this for a while. please look at this map: as you can see there seem to be 3 zones (Powaga, Nutiwax and Wycotaw) that are not yet liberated. now here is a combination of screenshots covering the whole area without "fow", showing that there are no icons of settlements left to clear. also note that there are no boundary lines (?) between any of those three: i wonder if these kind of missions are somehow related to this? can this be the case? are these missions mandatory and will failing or skipping them render those zones impossible to liberate forever? or do i have just a broken map?
  13. could this be changed so they only show when you actually carry a pistol or rifle/flintlock? only for aesthetics, it looks particularly silly to run around with an empty holster all the time.
  14. intimidating is pretty much the same as stealth killing by knife. it's actually just 2 more keystrokes, you still have to single out the foe. i never intimidate, looks like a waste of time and gets tiresome fast. i slaughter them even before they have a chance to whine. i don't even bother looting them because they very rarely carry anything except guns i have no use for anyway. stealth killing with arrows to the head isn't that much easier, you still have to pick your targets carefully, but allows for more tactical variety and is much more effective, fun and satisfying. speed killing a small camp this way is actually one of the more exciting ways to deal with them, and you have always to be ready to dash away if something goes wrong. and karma be damned. it's kind of an artificial and one-dimensional balancing mechanic anyway.
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