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  1. if you have the time i would love to read some elaboration on those. pure curiosity, i have no strong opinion re 'stern camping', just interest in game development.
  2. imo no npc is 'rightfully yours' just because you tagged first. npc are for all and as long as the battle is open it is fair game for anyone. a good rule if entering a battle is saying 'hi', if those inside ask you to leave just do so. playing with others is a good thing that well merits some compromise. however, sometimes you want to be left alone. a couple of days ago i was levelling my yacht on starter zone and players often dropped in, i asked them to leave and all of them except one did so, no problem. well, there's always that one guy. that said, if you do most damage to a ship then the loot should be left to you, but this is not widely respected. again, it's a compromise between 'farming' and having fun and interacting with others. "loot" is a hideous feature pretty much extended in nowadays games and many players just can't get over it. my advice: don't fall for it, don't get obsessed with loot and ... don't farm in front of ports or capitals, there's where unpolite/jerky/nasty behaviors are most frequent. just pick a spot on the map where the ships you're interested are sailing in and go there alone or with your mates. regarding friendly fire, it's an offence, it's called 'green on green'. if you shoot back you're an offender yourself, so don't. however, afaik (i might have missed something but that's what i got from admin's responses for a while), to get something done about it you need to report it and present video evidence, which is as bad a policing system as it could get, friendly fire could perfectly be tracked automatically by the game.
  3. lol, i'm old ... i actually used one of these in military service to aim 120mm mortars, the optical rangefinder was a tube of about 1m length with lenses on the ends. the mortars were buried somewhere with no line of sight to the target, but we had los to both. we measured the angle between the mortars and the target with an optical goniometer, the range to both with the rangefinder, then computed the angle the mortars had to aim away from us to face the target, and their range to target. the necessary elevation angle we looked up on tables based on range and the ordnance's charge, which could be configured at different steps with so called 'supplements'. we then gave them these 3 values over radio (angle, elevation, charge) and enjoyed the show. direct first hits were pretty rare but after a couple corrections we usually did.
  4. the whole grind and hard to get upgrades that finally mean you fight captains that not only are more experienced or even better than you, but have way better gear. which is doubly sad in a game that is genuinely skill based like this. it also directly incites behaviors we all (i guess) find nasty, like poeple acting selfishly, stealing loot, alts, etc. since this is endemic in mmo type games i'm pretty sure this is a case of abilene paradox, driven by the fact that it is an easy and obvious path to monetization and serves as a placeholder of progress, so completely embraced by the industry, including a lot of indies. this is not progress, it's mere accumulation. progress is learning about sailing, strategy and tactic, and constructing meaningful relationships and have a good time. playing is learning.
  5. spot on! i've been telling this to bosses and bigshots for years, to no avail. they just can't wrap their head around their heads. sometimes less is more. 👍
  6. in my case the issue is explained well enough with the player entering a mission. i just didn't think of that possibility at the moment, but it is entirely plausible. after 1000+hrs plus of playing i'm apparently still in that noob 5% in some respects, but that's on me. there's simply quite a bit of the game that doesn't fit my preferences and i tend to skip so i'm not fully aware of the particulars, but that stuff is still crucial to know. in my 'defense', there isn't a comprehensive centralized reference or documentation about it either (rvr, rules of engagement in different waters, ship limits or even ship identification, wood types, etc). but those are all important aspects and i would have no doubt rtfm if there was one. there is info in-game, and it's helpful, but it's telegraphic and very incomplete. most detailed information comes from patch notes and comments scattered all over the forum and has changed a lot with time, and i don't think it's reasonable at all to expect players to fully follow up on that or learn every possible rule by direct experience, hearsay or counsel from their clans (e.g., i'm alone in my clan :D). but i did know the game goes into great lengths to prevent cheat, that's why that situation struck me as really odd and i asked for confirmation or explanation, is all.
  7. my 5c: trading takes quite a few hours of gameplay to make enough to buy a decent ship that you can loose in minutes (as it should be, we don't want people be paranoid about loosing their precious ship, right?), and instead of buying some of the more affordable random crappy ships you are far better off simply capturing it. i've no idea where the problem is but that aspect of the game is just not working atm. if traders do it for fun then i guess money shouldn't be a problem either, but the prices of ships and upgrades are really nuts. my impression is that there is a huge divide between those few veterans that know the ins and outs perfectly well and are able to exploit it and set the stakes for a vast majority that is completely oblivious to most of the content. for me trading as it is is just something to be ignored. however, i do have the admirality connection and a couple dlc ships, so i can sustain my gameplay just fine just by playing how i like (in battle or looking for battle!), but i wonder how any new player will do without that, unless they're spoonfed and cared for by some clan.
  8. yes, a mission could be the explanation. didn't think of that, thanks. in that case he didn't come out of port since he couldn't have entered combat so quickly.
  9. i've seen this pretty often but today i had a very blatant case. i patrolled down to la navasse, approached the port, inspected the area, and parked on the back side of the island. a few seconds later i saw a brit trader (player fleet) sailing north east. i'm not sure if he had just exited the port or came from west, but i promptly followed suit. about 20 seconds later (i guess when he saw my sails) he just vanished in front of me. there is absolutely no way he had waited out the 120s timer, and it wasn't a distance issue since i was almost upon him. now, i must assume this was just him pressing alt-f4, right? i'm not interested at all in reporting, just to confirm that this a thing and is a known issue? i had always assumed that in this case AI would take the ship over, but now i realize that probably only works if already in battle. am i right?
  10. even more reason not to stop it? maybe eventually people will figure out how asinine that gameplay actually is? 😂
  11. i get the whole carro thing, and i even find it cool, but this should be top priority. this isn't ea anymore, if longs are ineffective you should consider this a game breaking bug.
  12. @admin, it's been a while you wrote a post making so much sense. glad to have you back. take my money!
  13. again ... 😴 it is different because what you call wind just isn't, it is actually just a speed multiplier obtained by collecting a pickup you placed on the map. you could as well call it turbo charged ships in the age of sail and it would make the same sense, it has nothing to do with sailing in the wind no matter how many yachting classes you took. 🤪
  14. yes, dlc are a huge help, and i guess that's exactly the reason why ships can be grinded to op levels and these are scarce, so you can pay for a shortcut at least until mid-game. personally i'm quite sick of this tendency in games in general but i've become quite adept at playing around this. that said, i'll check in more crafting ports more often, just in case ... 🤞
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