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  1. [WTF]Sayid shooting repeatedly and intentionally green on green, 2 full broadsides, stern and bow: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9Uz7KgF-KLs I just entered "his" battle against a bunch of 5th npc, he said "NO HELP" which is fine, but i still thought npc don't belong to anybody and since i was there i sunk and looted one ship. Seems that pissed him off and he started to say things in russian i didn't understand, then came right at me all guns blazing, the video is just a fragment (I don't usually record and had to quickly set up OBS, that's why the video is cropped. Sorry for that b
  2. if you have the time i would love to read some elaboration on those. pure curiosity, i have no strong opinion re 'stern camping', just interest in game development.
  3. lol, i'm old ... i actually used one of these in military service to aim 120mm mortars, the optical rangefinder was a tube of about 1m length with lenses on the ends. the mortars were buried somewhere with no line of sight to the target, but we had los to both. we measured the angle between the mortars and the target with an optical goniometer, the range to both with the rangefinder, then computed the angle the mortars had to aim away from us to face the target, and their range to target. the necessary elevation angle we looked up on tables based on range and the ordnance's charge, which could
  4. spot on! i've been telling this to bosses and bigshots for years, to no avail. they just can't wrap their head around their heads. sometimes less is more. 👍
  5. i get the whole carro thing, and i even find it cool, but this should be top priority. this isn't ea anymore, if longs are ineffective you should consider this a game breaking bug.
  6. well, beginners will miss the joke but after a few fights it should be fairly easy to tell an npc apart from a player (if he isn't faking, that is). otoh this makes exploiting the dumb ai against unrealistic odds more risky, because it just takes one of these drones to get creative on you to mess everything up. i understand this is controversial, specially with such huge pve grind being enforced, but i can't say i dislike it either. troll mechanic but still fun. 🤣
  7. that's a lot of progress there @chitkika have you experienced the settlers becoming more aggressive at some point? i read some rumor that once all areas are claimed the game changes in pace. i'm not really sure if i'm there yet, there are still some areas i can't see, but you must be way past that point already. no need to spoil everything but ... is it true that the game changes? do they finally attack? or is it just keep cornering them until you got 100% of the territory?
  8. once you get the hang of it, getting land back isn't that a big deal. could have expanded faster if i hand't been puttering around for days at start ... 🤣 now that there are almost no neutral zones left, this is going to get interesting! can't wait! 😱
  9. to make this clear, the area where you can settle in is centered on the camp you are settling from, so that's your maximum expansion range at any moment. however, the spot you want to settle at still in needs to be 'visible' (i.e., not in 'fog of war'), so if you are expanding to a new zone place your own avatar where he covers the desired area before giving the 'settle' order. to have access to shared inventory this should be next to a camp or fire, but you can take care of logistics beforehand. yes, that's the most straightforward approach: transfer resources and weapons through inve
  10. well, that's what a majority seemed to want. bonuses! funny that that doesn't bother you with crafted ships, but is the end of the world with a hardly competitive dlc ship ...
  11. so "no port bonuses" is an "i loose option" after all ... not complaining. this ended up being a game that forces clan membership, that's fine and i'm ok surviving on the outskirts of that. but then the distinction with dlc ships is kind of ... frivolous, for lack of a better word?
  12. wondering myself, not noticing anything so far.
  13. no worries, i already did. i'm more than fine with the game, and nobody is forcing me into that kind of silliness. now seriously, do you really like that sort of thing?
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