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  1. sad news. that's a goodbye.
  2. i tend to use sneak behind, if it gets hairy a few quick stun arrows can calm down things instantly in an area if it doesn't get too messy. if the whole settlement (and possibly some patrol) turns on me i dash away, switch to regular arrows and use any cover to kill a few off to thin the numbers and get some distance, then revert back to stealth and flank them and either pick off groups left isolated, or return to the settlement and start sneaking on backs again. on big groups a small killing spree speeds things up quite a bit and the final intimidations bring usually karma back to "employee of the month" level. stunning them with predators around is nice too but the king of skills for me is concentration. it's very cool to use and gives a huge edge, even makes it possible to fight a group in full gallop which is quite thrilling ... until your horse drops dead, that is.
  3. i agree it would make sense for TAB to center the map on the player. then you could TAB out of the "put items" camp, and TAB back to your position. i loot almost nothing so it doesn't really bother me much, but it is annoying. your "floating population" tactic made me curious about the patrols, though. could you eventually call them back and send them to a frontier camp to attack? i've never used patrols, never saw the need as i tend to have camps enough and good buffer around camps, and if not i'm there to defend it until it has. and enemy patrols very rarely enter my territory, i've only seen that once and they just had a walk and then went away.
  4. interrogation is just a way to get clues for objectives, as such it should have some difficulty to it and forcing you to single out a victim fits neatly. then again why shouldn't you, after stunning 15 guys (insert chuck norris meme here), wake one up and give him a shakedown? if it is so easy to stun them in the first place that's a different problem. otoh, with camps and forts of up to 40 guys, and even lots of them, you really need to have some chuck norris factor there. so i'm a bit torn here. tbh, i'm not really a fan of the whole interrogation/intimidation thing. interrogation, well ... missions are optional atm anyway. but intimidation? so you just yell at 15 guys after knocking them down and they ... just ... leave? forever? i'm going to believe they will board a ship next day and cross the atlantic back to the shithole they left for probably a very good reason? and i get good karma for that? come on! but fortunately the game doesn't really force you to do any of this and there are several ways to get things done. so why not? interrogating a stunned guy could fit nicely into the action in some circumstances and it's up to anyone to make up his/her own story and not to abuse it.
  5. ok, fixed itself after a while. timeout i guess. can be closed!
  6. after what seems to have been a power outage, the launcher says i'm "in game". i've logged out and back in, same. any way to reset this?
  7. i thought i had tried everything. bumping them around, shooting at them which puts them on alert and start wandering around, and sometimes respond to 'lure enemy'. but i've not tried to go to the actual north west corner my self. will try, see if that has any effect. but they are really stuck in a corner. anyway, i'm not really bothered about those warriors, i'm just play testing and these path finding issues are known and being worked on. i still think being able to recall them would be nice to have anyway. 😃
  8. i would assume that if they could find the way to where they get stuck, they would be able to walk their way back, but yeah, depends on how stuck they are, good point.
  9. could we have a "recall" (or "Cancel) button for settling and traveling groups too? this would be a godsend not only to recover stuck warriors, but come in handy in many other situations where you might want to retreat or simply recall your guys. not sure if this already exists for groups on "attack" or "patrol" duty, but is there a reason why it shouldn't be enabled for all busy warriors, not only gatherers?
  10. up north and to the west, in the mountains. it's a difficult area to travel around though, needs a bit of patience.
  11. complicated topic. imo the village list interface is just too simple for many camps and would need a rework. e.g., a use case: you need to inspect your camps sequentially (looking for some resource, looking to upgrade, etc). so you have your camp list on the far right, and camp details on the far left. you select the a camp in the list. the map shows it centered, and the icon on the list is highlighted, now you can operate with the camp on the panel on the left. so far so good. but the moment you do anything in the left panel, the selected icon in the list on the right stops being highlighted. meaning that when you're done there is no visual clue as to where you left off and which the 'next' camp in the list is. so you have to check the name of the current camp on the panel (far left) then visually find it on the list (far right) which is not ordered alphabetically besides being gibberish names. if you also have a wide screen monitor (which i absolutely recommend for this game) and the font type is small, this is really a poor interface. some 'fixes' to this would be: always highlight the selected camp on the list on the right, no matter what, unless you select a different camp add 'next/prev' camp buttons on the camp info panel on the left. but that's still not an optimal system for a high number of camps. your solution is good but limited, rather than a new specific type of outpost i would prefer to be able to tag my camps (gather-x/border/outpost/attack/etc) and then have them grouped or filtered by tag. anyway some interface would be necessary to quickly find camps of a specific type, color coding of tags on the map would be just brilliant. actually, the list could be gone and the whole thing could be done exclusively on the map, the only problem of that is that the map would need visual clues and moving and zooming should be a bit more responsive. zooming sometimes even stops working for a while.
  12. cont, images: https://imgur.com/a/mPPC5mn
  13. if it's warriors though it's a problem. sent 3 guys to settle and they just couldn't find a way, got stuck just 30m of the camp, as shown in image 1. i sent two additional warriors from two additional camps from different directions. interestingly, they both attempted to cross the creek north, then backed down south and ended stuck at exactly the same place, as shown in image 2. i tried to 'lure enemy' them accross the mountain but i don't really think that's feasible. even if the camp was still grayed out the 'disband' button was still enabled, and so i did. no change whatsoever. after relog those 5 bastards are still there and i can't even arrow them in the head. umpfff!! 👺 one of them even stole my horse, as shown in image 3. this is intolerable! 🤡 so really, i'm guessing that the north path of the map is still work in progress, some areas still show rough and that's ok. but it's really difficult to operate there, and most of it only on foot and with really cheesy moves. dunno if that's more a design than a polishing consideration. it is very important that there are enough paths connecting all the zones, even if not shown on the map, and of course the AI needs to be able to find them.
  14. once i finish the corner i'm working on (mountains!) i'm going again full bad karma, to see if it makes a difference.
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