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  1. just found out i am a vice admiral? not cool! 😢 no offense intended but i loved to be a curse.
  2. actually, it's just an abstract representation of fishing. reality is in our minds
  3. well, he could, it would be nice, and he probably would. but by no means he must. we are testing the game. you'll have to wait until release to actually play it in that context and be enabled to make such demands, in the improbable case such a change happened after release.
  4. imo nations should be historical (spain/portugal/brits/dutch and french) and pirates should be no nation at all, free to pursue their own interest but without territory control. alliances should be historical too, but then again let's consider that most of the caribbean was spain for the most part of the age of sail and be prepared for a pretty monocolor map for a good while 😅 ... i wouldn't mind, the game could actually be a reenaction of spain's loss of control in the caribbean, possibly with alternative endings or eventual resets that said, and returning to reality, i don't see the point of fixing alliances based on current player population and distribution since this can easily change and i doubt there is really enough data to make a good decision. if it is done for narrative or historicity reasons, then i'm fine.
  5. maybe if county ports were somehow necessary to fortify the capitals, and important to keep them so?
  6. dunno, even in its present state, and even if there are a few things i would prefer differently, i consider this the best game about the age of sail ever made, and by a huge margin. critizise away, that's always healthy. but keep in mind that what these two guys have achieved so far is truly remarkable. no other company, no matter the size, has gotten so far that i know of. happy to be corrected if you know of any better one, or even similar (and would appreciate). will it be a success on release? well, that depends on what you consider as such. will they get dirty rich? who knows. will it have tens of thousands of players? no idea. will it hit the twitch headlines? probably not. guess what, i don't care about any of those things, contrary to popular belief i don't think any of that, which is basically marketing and celebrity cult, is remotely related to a game being good and enjoyable or not. if the developers are fine with that, personally i'm more than happy with 500 captains on the sea, that would already be a success for me, but i'm pretty confident there will be more than that. this is early access. let them finish, let them give players a clean slate and stability to get involved and we will see how it goes. that said, you very likely know a lot more about RvR than me, im not disputing your vision, at all. it's just that theorycrafting is a lot easier than developing a game, and i'd rather have you contributing than antagonizing and pretending you know better.
  7. perfect! now you can go on and develop your own game! sounds interesting, keep us posted, alright? meanwhile try not to lecture the developer, it's just embarrassing.
  8. not necessarily. that would be just fine to me. many people love to grind, that's ok. being forced to grind because the mods are absolutely necessary, that's not (imo). so if there are to be mods, cosmetic or very light boosts (or ideally just variation with very subtle pros and cons) are definitely the way to go, the grind then isn't an issue at all, you can skip it.
  9. no, i understand, and it makes perfect sense to do so ... once upgrades with such dramatic effects exist. my gripe is that this model has become so pervasive. anyway, this was a general reflection and a bit off topic, sorry
  10. dunno ... does anybody else sense the tragedy in these words? there was a time where not every challenge and competition in games was about minimaxing gear. then, sadly, games became too popular ...
  11. the masts are also tightly attached to the hull with ropes, it's the force of this whole structure what holds them in place, as long as no large enough continuous area of support is lost and the base is probably the strongest point. it is much easier to blow up a few anchor points and that could actually break the mast without a even a direct hit. plus the mast itself is thinner higher up. really, if you want to demast, shooting at the hull is not the best idea.
  12. this way it's interesting too as it turns capitals into choke points of regions, which is the whole point of fortification i guess. capitals will need to be strong because they're the first line of defense of the region and will be very disputed.
  13. i think this definitely pushes solo players away from the economy and the whole political aspect. you had it difficult before, now a solo player doesn't have even access to rare woods, not enough to sustain himself anyway. actually, the rattvisan comes in very handy here (and no, it's not at all op and yes, the price tag is an outrage but i want this game to go on). i'm not saying this is good or bad. as a solo player i've been long considering joining a clan and this might be just the factor to push me over. not that life isn't possible without, it indeed is, and it's good, but to participate in all that stuff you definitely have to be in. the twist of clans having to decide on their level of selfishness is an interesting one. i'm very curious to see what happens.
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