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  1. i get the whole carro thing, and i even find it cool, but this should be top priority. this isn't ea anymore, if longs are ineffective you should consider this a game breaking bug.
  2. @admin, it's been a while you wrote a post making so much sense. glad to have you back. take my money!
  3. again ... 😴 it is different because what you call wind just isn't, it is actually just a speed multiplier obtained by collecting a pickup you placed on the map. you could as well call it turbo charged ships in the age of sail and it would make the same sense, it has nothing to do with sailing in the wind no matter how many yachting classes you took. 🤪
  4. yes, dlc are a huge help, and i guess that's exactly the reason why ships can be grinded to op levels and these are scarce, so you can pay for a shortcut at least until mid-game. personally i'm quite sick of this tendency in games in general but i've become quite adept at playing around this. that said, i'll check in more crafting ports more often, just in case ... 🤞
  5. from the perspective of a solo player, fwiw: (hey, i'm still a full 1/500 of the playerbase!) i used to craft my own ships, 1s rates and all, but since port bonuses and wood lock-out that obviously went out of the window. the ship market i see like always: loads of crappy ships for relatively cheap, and very few fine ones with impossible prices. as has been for years, really, the market has never been a reliable source of ships. i only do pve and pvp combat and with the rate reals come in there is no way i'm going to spend 2m on a ship which i will probably sink before a week passes. so the only use i have for ship market is to occasionally buy a trader or some cheap version of a ship i like just to get knowledge up with it. i also suspect (warning, speculation ahead) that since crafting is now a clan thing, ships are provided to clan members completely bypassing the market, which just makes economic sense. so you guys might be terrified by inflation but from my perspective it doesn't matter, the ship market is as useless as it has always been. now without crafting i just stick to dlc ships and what i can cap. the good side of crap/repeatable ships is that you don't worry about loosing them. if you ask me, ships are still far too valuable. fear of loss is still a barrier for happy pvping. funny how devs keep tweaking the map and roe to foster more pvp and messing around with numbers to try to revive a non-existent economy while completely missing the point. i still enjoy the game, though. my 0.00000002 doblones.
  6. what i don't get is what all this has to do with placing speed booster pickups on the sea. is this a placeholder mechanic? if you want to implement realistic wind then that's damn good news, go for it, but why waste time on this? other than prompting players to not sail in straight lines (?) what does it contribute to the goal? note i'm just talking about realism. if you want speed boosters in the game for gameplay sake then by all means do it, it can even be fun, but the whole talk about realistic wind in connection to this is just bizarre.
  7. well, beginners will miss the joke but after a few fights it should be fairly easy to tell an npc apart from a player (if he isn't faking, that is). otoh this makes exploiting the dumb ai against unrealistic odds more risky, because it just takes one of these drones to get creative on you to mess everything up. i understand this is controversial, specially with such huge pve grind being enforced, but i can't say i dislike it either. troll mechanic but still fun. 🤣
  8. there's a subtle difference: the gush propels you in the direction of the stream. it doesn't give you 85% more wind in every direction. that's a completely different thing so, no, reality doesn't work like that at all. 🤔 this is just a 'booster spawn' and can give a pursuer a huge advantage. hunting and ganking will tend to happen around boost spawns, and camping is to be somewhat expected, right? well, not saying it can't be a lot of fun but it definitely is not a good sailing representation, in my humblest opinion.
  9. sad news. that's a goodbye.
  10. i tend to use sneak behind, if it gets hairy a few quick stun arrows can calm down things instantly in an area if it doesn't get too messy. if the whole settlement (and possibly some patrol) turns on me i dash away, switch to regular arrows and use any cover to kill a few off to thin the numbers and get some distance, then revert back to stealth and flank them and either pick off groups left isolated, or return to the settlement and start sneaking on backs again. on big groups a small killing spree speeds things up quite a bit and the final intimidations bring usually karma back to "employee of the month" level. stunning them with predators around is nice too but the king of skills for me is concentration. it's very cool to use and gives a huge edge, even makes it possible to fight a group in full gallop which is quite thrilling ... until your horse drops dead, that is.
  11. i agree it would make sense for TAB to center the map on the player. then you could TAB out of the "put items" camp, and TAB back to your position. i loot almost nothing so it doesn't really bother me much, but it is annoying. your "floating population" tactic made me curious about the patrols, though. could you eventually call them back and send them to a frontier camp to attack? i've never used patrols, never saw the need as i tend to have camps enough and good buffer around camps, and if not i'm there to defend it until it has. and enemy patrols very rarely enter my territory, i've only seen that once and they just had a walk and then went away.
  12. interrogation is just a way to get clues for objectives, as such it should have some difficulty to it and forcing you to single out a victim fits neatly. then again why shouldn't you, after stunning 15 guys (insert chuck norris meme here), wake one up and give him a shakedown? if it is so easy to stun them in the first place that's a different problem. otoh, with camps and forts of up to 40 guys, and even lots of them, you really need to have some chuck norris factor there. so i'm a bit torn here. tbh, i'm not really a fan of the whole interrogation/intimidation thing. interrogation, well ... missions are optional atm anyway. but intimidation? so you just yell at 15 guys after knocking them down and they ... just ... leave? forever? i'm going to believe they will board a ship next day and cross the atlantic back to the shithole they left for probably a very good reason? and i get good karma for that? come on! but fortunately the game doesn't really force you to do any of this and there are several ways to get things done. so why not? interrogating a stunned guy could fit nicely into the action in some circumstances and it's up to anyone to make up his/her own story and not to abuse it.
  13. ok, fixed itself after a while. timeout i guess. can be closed!
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