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  1. "Forged papers, allowing cowards to hop to the most populated nation seance 2017!" "Forged papers, why learn to play when you can just convert to the nation that has a 3rd of the ports!" "Forged papers, everyone's doing it!" "Piss off your nation/clan? Forged papers!"
  2. So with the exception of clan owning a port, RVR is going back to what we had a year ago.... hmmm
  3. Adding PB diversity is one of the best things that can be done. I may have to start playing again.
  4. The forums auto replace the first bomb with hello kitty. No clue why they chose that
  5. Personally, I think it's all valid, however, I don't believe execution will be as easy. If players are not aware that a noob is being attacked, they won't reinforce the battle, the noob dies. If players are aware and rush to the noobs aid, it can take them a good 5-10 minutes to the battle and if they are running, another 5-10 for them to get shots on the enemy. In that 10-20 minutes, the noob will be dead. "Reinforcement Missions" IE noob got tagged inside the reinforcement zones, need to have a way for players to know where they are, sailing around for 10 minutes trying to f
  6. I have to say I'm impressed with the turn around time on this... I expected it to be a few months before we got to this point. GJ guys!
  7. I could see it being only rank 3, as long as there are guides in game to show you how to play. @Jeheilhas some good ones, just toss them in. As for the seal clubbing issue, I hate to say it but you are probably right. I'm sure some lowlife will get a kick out of owning noobs. Maybe set us a pvp as no lose of ships or hold. Just respawn in own when done. In short they get a "safe place" and to learn pvp.
  8. What about a noob instance, in short you start a noob and till you are level 4 or 5 you are in a small map with every other nations noob. You can't pvp with anything other then the top level players (4 or 5). Once you hit the cap you get an option to join the rest of us in the real world. No seal clubbing no other shit. You could add video guides on how to play.
  9. From a pvp prospect, even if he sinks, give him ship experience, give him some coin for his work, give him a mark or 2. Maybe add partial insurance for anything 5 rate and below. From a pve prospect, increase the loot received for attacking a AI ship close to the same level ship he has. Give him more loot for hard earned kills. Give him more coin and crafting xp for completing a trade mission. Give him epic evens that him and his fellow captain level friend can do for good level appropriate loot, guide them to these missions. Set mission loot based on distance from port, the further you
  10. That goes into the risk rewards, pvp players that lose a battle should get something for it. At the same time it's a balance of pve and pvp. Create content that the pve player wants and is willing to risk their ship to get. That will attract pvpers on both sides. You already said it would be a focus at some point. Maybe it's time to move it up the list?
  11. The pve ships are only around capitals, how is that moving the game to pure pve? You can still pvp away from the capitals.
  12. @Hodo, I hate to say it but there is no point. Those games are released, na is in early access. We are here... We should be here to test and help make the game better for all. However many players seem to think early access and paying their 40$ means they get access to tell the developers how they want the game to be made. They don't care if the game is a success or fun, they care more about winning the PBs or the PvP fight.
  13. I think that's the idea, however last time I looked at the api there is a lot of stuff that can be removed.
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