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  1. "Forged papers, allowing cowards to hop to the most populated nation seance 2017!" "Forged papers, why learn to play when you can just convert to the nation that has a 3rd of the ports!" "Forged papers, everyone's doing it!" "Piss off your nation/clan? Forged papers!"
  2. So with the exception of clan owning a port, RVR is going back to what we had a year ago.... hmmm
  3. Adding PB diversity is one of the best things that can be done. I may have to start playing again.
  4. YES PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!! will also add some additional tactics to the game, when do you risk your sails for speed?
  5. Fix the revenge fleets by increasing the invisibility timer, invisible ships can't see other ships and increase invisible ships speed at all points of sailing. Add crafting xp for all production items (cannons) and labor hour intense items (carriages). Fix ROE to support two BR checks, players with more than 5 times targets BR should not have to hang in battle if not actively doing damage. RAIDS!!!!!! please add raids in via the old flag system. Make changes to fix the issues we had, ie. flags tied to the player, not an item. DO NOT BRING BACK FREE TOWN TP. It breaks t
  6. So I must be missing something here. I can't seem to connect to the global API. Can anyone link it? Thank you! NM Found it still on the US2. http://storage.googleapis.com/nacleanopenworldprodshards/ItemTemplates_cleanopenworldprodus2.json
  7. @admin, Awesome stuff, I'll work on updating the wiki. Anyway we can get a copy of the ship knowledge tree as well?
  8. Some of the best was taking on elite or whatever they where called, PVE battles. No drama, no name calling, just good clean fun. Old RVR, the fun of the smaller battles, someone pulled a flag and we all drop what we are doing to race and intercept. (PLEASE BRING THAT BACK IN THE FORM OF RAIDS!!!!!!) The people, some of you all are good chaps, yes the rest are assholes but hey, your fun too. When I first engaged Pagan Pete . I was a noob but that was one hell of a fun fight. Watching Vicious run from me in a PB. That was ROFL good fun. Getting chased by 4~ Spani
  9. Whats wrong with missions? The hard core PVPs can't stand that there is a non-PVP aspect to the game.
  10. Can't wait for the Admiralty store. But please don't go back to Lord protectors we had so few PBs due to that. Work to encourage players to balance the sides. I feel this needs to be a multi pronged approach. At the character creation screen, call out nations with the lowest weekly average population. This is to encourage new players to balance the population. Within the PBs, buff the nation with the lower total on line population. It doesn't have to be large but a small buff to the ships (rate of fire, speed) or the cap rate. Allow pirates to join PBs o
  11. US Captains, Tattered Flags is looking for you! New to the game and want to cut your teeth by sending some pirates to the bottom? Just coming back to the game and want to try your hand at some port battles? Just looking for some like minded PVPs that are thirsty for blood? Well check out tattered flags! The first NA Society is now actively recurring players of all skill sets and experience. We have only 3 requirements: No trolls, Pvp or RvR focused, and TS. If you can meet these minor challenges then you have much to gain by joining our fleet. http://tatter
  12. I just saw this, I guess I'm behind in my forum reading. Escape (BR screen camping and revenge gank escape) I know it is not popular due to past exploits. However my vote is to bring back invisibility. You exit the battle screen and you are invisible for 45 sec, you can not attack a player for 60 sec after the battle screen. This does not impact leaving or entering ports, just post battle screen. Waiting the extra 15 secs after in invisible insures no one gets a big nasty surprise. While also ensuring that capts are not dragged in to battles over and over. Log off before
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