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  1. Top quality, guaranteed best price as well. Interesting times we find ourselves in, lets see who return to the sea.
  2. The one downside of ship plans embedded with a graphical overlay like the plan above is that is becomes difficult to ascertain the exact curve of a ship. I stumbled across this high-res ship plan that strikes a remarkable resemblance. NL-HaNA, Marine Bouwtekeningen Schepen, 4.MST, inv.nr. 71
  3. Im curious to your statement that a regular contingent of crew could go up to 500 men, excluding marines. Which period are you referring to?
  4. It was said initially that premiums wouldn't exceed 4th rates. So hoping isn't really a factor in this..
  5. nothing pre 1700 will ever get in, lets stay real. A shame i have not been able to identify this vessel as of yet.
  6. You are right in your conclusion that this plays a more prominent role in PvP than it does in PvE. You are also correct in your understanding of what having the wind means. In order to properly explain what having the wind means in an engagement, one has to understand that it gives certain advantages to each side. However, in general, it is considered more of an advantage to the player upwind. If players are presumably using longs in pvp as its the dominant weapon isn't their range the same (I'm aware pen is not)? If so when they turn to shoot, as long as I can meet their turn c
  7. Such plans do exist. Anything in particular you are interrsted in, Period/ship type?
  8. Yes, regarding build qualitity. and i will share them one of these days.
  9. i find this an interesting topic and ill gladly participate in the next few days to set argue the dutch position on this list. Yet in the meantime i would like to set a you a challenge by asking you to post your thoughts. How do you personally see this top 10 list being filled?
  10. im seriously curious to what config we will see her sail with. considering a 90-gun version is optional.
  11. out of curiosity, what armament was carried when the reports where written? If, and im asking since i dont know, those speeds where recorded with 24/18, would it not be the perfect balance to reduce her manouverabilities/sailing characteristics when someone opting for a heavier loadout (32/24)? Faster and lighter armament, slower and heavier armament. Sounds exactly right for 4th configuration in my ears atleast..
  12. Impressive, my lord supreme. Keep it up!
  13. Very curious to what this will yield, im keeping my eye on this
  14. In addition to Malachi's post about the Proserpina 3D hull model': https://skfb.ly/UIAI
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