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  1. Could you please not announce these resets months in advance? It kills the game. Last patch before the port reset everybody was waiting for the port reset and hardly anybody was playing actively. Now the same will probably happen.
  2. dynd

    why complain about trading?

    Your argument pretty much comes down to "easier = better". Hyperinflation isn't going to be fun.
  3. dynd

    Smugglers Tag do we still need this?

    How do you mean there are no consequences? You will be flagged as carrying contraband and can be attacked. It can be risky.
  4. dynd

    Naval Action Craft

    Is this the place for pitching suggestions? Anyway. How about a tab (or maybe map integration, if possible) where players can submit recent ship sightings. Much like what many nation chats already look like right now (see image for example). This would be a great tool for traders knowing what regions to be careful in, and for PVP'ers to know where to find a fight. I am confident it would be quite popular. I would certainly keep my eyes on it myself and contribute to the sightings.
  5. If you can't afford to lose the cash; try to only trade labour hours with members of big or well-known clans. This way you can take it up with their officers if you get scammed, who will probably help you out.
  6. Not a single one of the new (national) resources seems to be remotely profitable. I am quite an experienced trader, am I missing something here?
  7. dynd

    Not fun?

    1. The XP grind. I am sure it's the number one complaint on steam reviews as well. This doesn't mean it needs to be made easier or faster. There's fun grinds (like WoW) where time just flies and not fun grinds (like Korean MMO's). 2. No ships delivery system of sorts between outposts. You have to either resort to quasi-exploits to teleport ships or AFK sail the same old route for 40 minutes. No fun. 3. I assume this is subject to change (like the things above) but the map GPS (coordinates) really took the fun and sense of accomplishment out of navigating the map on your own.
  8. dynd

    Port trade economies need a redesign

    Making AI traders dynamic to trader activity will just increase inflation. Nothing gained at all. It's a far too simple a solution to a subject so complex as a huge economy. In my idea only a fully player run free market can be (auto-)balanced, and I am not even a Libertarian. The port consumption is obviously completely broken at the moment and scaling wouldn't eliminate this in any way. Maybe putting more emphasis on player consumption would take some of the load but that's easier said than done. More flexibility with (more) contracts would increase trade volumes without any artificial constructs, a good first step perhaps.
  9. dynd

    Delft (?) Dutch, 54-gun, 1782

    I LOVE that white/green paint scheme in last pic.
  10. Thanks for informing me that, what I just laughed at, isn't funny. Really needed your all-seeing wisdom on humour, or else I would have never known!
  11. dynd

    Little things you'd like to see

    I am sure this will be part of the UI update.
  12. dynd

    Little things you'd like to see

    In Ctrl+H screenshots (remove UI), group flags are still visible. Would like to see those removed as well.
  13. It's modern art, 2 deep 4 you.
  14. Swiss guard paint on Consti, to clarify IKEA post on last page.
  15. dynd

    Little things you'd like to see

    Enable "Enable all communications with enemy nations" by default. Nothing more annoying trying to talk to a guy who hasn't enabled it.