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  1. Could you please not announce these resets months in advance? It kills the game. Last patch before the port reset everybody was waiting for the port reset and hardly anybody was playing actively. Now the same will probably happen.
  2. How do you mean there are no consequences? You will be flagged as carrying contraband and can be attacked. It can be risky.
  3. If you can't afford to lose the cash; try to only trade labour hours with members of big or well-known clans. This way you can take it up with their officers if you get scammed, who will probably help you out.
  4. 1. The XP grind. I am sure it's the number one complaint on steam reviews as well. This doesn't mean it needs to be made easier or faster. There's fun grinds (like WoW) where time just flies and not fun grinds (like Korean MMO's). 2. No ships delivery system of sorts between outposts. You have to either resort to quasi-exploits to teleport ships or AFK sail the same old route for 40 minutes. No fun. 3. I assume this is subject to change (like the things above) but the map GPS (coordinates) really took the fun and sense of accomplishment out of navigating the map on your own.
  5. Thanks for informing me that, what I just laughed at, isn't funny. Really needed your all-seeing wisdom on humour, or else I would have never known!
  6. In Ctrl+H screenshots (remove UI), group flags are still visible. Would like to see those removed as well.
  7. Enable "Enable all communications with enemy nations" by default. Nothing more annoying trying to talk to a guy who hasn't enabled it.
  8. Reminder there is still not a single Dutch ship in game while there are 3-4 Russian/Danish ones; a historically totally insignificant seafaring nation, like Germany. Come at me.
  9. 300-year-old Dutch frigate Huis te Warmelo has been discovered in the Gulf of Finland near Helsinki. The ship sank in 1715 and it lies in an upright position at a depth of 64 meters. According to the discoverers, the ship is very well preserved, and its wooden hull is in shockingly good condition. For example, all of the ship's cannons are still standing on the deck. The ship apparently belonged to the West Frisian Admiralty, and it was built in Medemblik. A Dutch warship from this era has never before been found in such good condition. The wreck was first detected years ago during
  10. Please get rid of the mustard yellow!
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