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  1. Beautiful ship. One of the first of my country new age ship building stile. LOVE THIS.
  2. Thanks for links. I think it is one of the greates strategists on navy field.
  3. Thank you. Oh Yes.....Watched this movie.... Actualy the good historycal film. I like there production. Watched in scenes and seen lots of small detales of ship env. and battle strat. formations. Natural.
  4. This topic was created to get know of the history, about one of the greatest sailors of the seas. Michiel De Ruyter. Will glat to see links, docs, pictures, and historyc facts etc. PS. Post was created on santimental feelings. Thats why historycal facts, drawings, pictures, plans, fun-art and other are welcome. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Michiel_de_Ruyter https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Anglo-Dutch_Wars
  5. Hello everyone who loves sail ships and naval history. Sharing my curent project renders. Some fun modelling. Soft used: 3DsMax. 3Dcoat. Photo Shop. Will update new renders with curent progress, if you like. Waiting for comments, likes (or dislikes) and some advice.
  6. Unfortunately it is out of range. But I find this great forum when download the game. Just few days. And was need an opinion and some advice. And its not made for the game also, yes. It was started like a modeling exersise. And grown for the animation. In the future I hope. Hope this two reasons is not so big violation. And you dont punish me for that . Promise in next time model will be in time range, but dont promise to make it for the game. But If I can, I like to participate in game addition and improvement. Also like an artist and designer. Im new here. Looking in the future friends
  7. Oh, man....Thank you. Thats cool like you do. I think next time Ill do it same way for main pre-map. Realy easy way to do planking. But any way for free hand drawing (or smart mat) of dirt etc. in 3Dcoat, I think Ill ned huge map. And also of course I was must to work with UV more. To do horisontal edges stright. So it will be much less work to do. But Its done how its done. Amasing Panthere, man.
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