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  1. Sviatoi Georgii Pobedonosets 21019 Nominal Guns 66 Nationality Russia Operator Baltic Sea Keel Laid Down 1778/07/09 Launched 1780/09/16 How acquired Purpose built Shipyard Kronshtadt Ship Class Aziia Class Constructor A. S. Katsanov Category Third Rate Ship Type Ship of the Line Broken Up 1808 Dimensions Dimension Measurement Type Metric Equivalent RWAS Length of Gundeck 160' 0" Imperial Feet
  2. Информация "Russian Support And Protection" ("RS4P") - добровольное объединение капитанов кораблей для поддержки в PvE, защиты от PvP налётов всех союзных кораблей в водах Нового Света и поддержки в ПБ (Портовых битвах). Клан оборонительного характера. Патрулирование территорий Сопровождение торговых и боевых судов Помощь, обучение и развитие в игре для новых игроков Как присоединиться Вступить может любой желающий вне зависимости от наигранных часов и времени онлайна. Сервера: War (PVP) Обращаться: На форуме В игре: Dreidecker
  3. This is my complete and reorganized Russian Ship Collection post, I looked through the forum to find every plan for Russian Ships that I could and posted them here. The plans are in order by number of guns, I will put links to any posts that I got plans from at the bottom of this list, enjoy! Mercury 1829, 20 guns Orel 1669, 22 guns Shtandart 1703, 24 (28) 1710 Russia 1729, 32 guns Saint Nicholas 1790, 44 guns Speshnyi 1801, 44 guns Saint Michael 1723, 54 guns Venera 1808, 48/56
  4. what are the russian clans, but ideally in pvp and eu as i guess its more active.
  5. Saint Nicholas Russian Frigate 34 guns Plans: Source article(in Finnish)/More diagrams and images: http://www.fregattinikolainsurkea.fi/411415125 In English:http://www.fregattinikolainsurkea.fi/426398867 Info(Probably this one):http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21081
  6. Ingermanland This ship was launched 1715, armed with 64 guns. It was also the first, such a big (about 50 m long) ship built to be flagship of Russian navy. The project of this ship was worked out, as most of the plans of ships built before it, by tsar Peter I. http://www.sailboatmodel.info/ingermanland_1715/index.php?langue=en http://www.shipmodel.ru/ingermanland.htm
  7. It's amazing what a little digging can do on Pinterest. Granted, there wasn't all that much to find within the timeline, but I have found (and shared) some items. That being said, I did find a plan of a Russian first rate that was built for service in the Baltic Fleet. She saw action against the Swedes at both The Battle of Kronstadt and The Battle of Vyborg Bay. 3decks link in the title below. Трёх Иерархов (Three Hierarchs) 1782 Additional images of the model here:
  8. 'Svyatoy Pavel' Built as a ship of the line at Nikolaev, Ukraine by the shipbuilders I. Afanasiev and I. Sokolov in 1794, for the Russian Imperial Navy. Launched under the name SVYATOY PAVEL, (Saint Paul). She carried a gilded figurehead of the Apostle Paul, her stern was decorated with a two-headed eagle, and above the stern windows of the upper gallery, and there was an embossed Sate Emblem. She carried no top on the bowsprit, but only jibs and staysails. Carried also staysails between the masts. She was the flagship of Vice-Admiral Fyodor F. Ushakov 1744-1817, based in
  9. 'Tretiy' or 'Third' L - 45.72m W - 9.14m Depth - 2.77m Armament 30x24lb Guns 28x3lb Swivel Guns Another 12lb Russian Frigate 'Perviy', 'First' Armament 26x12lb 6x6lb
  10. Frigate "Russia" 32-guns 1729 Could be a nice next rank ship after snow.
  11. Laid down in St. Petersburg in 18.7.1805. Designed by I. V. Kurepanov. Launched in 1.7.1808. Saw service in the Napoleonic Wars. Dimensions: Length of Gundeck 206' 0" Imperial Feet / 62.79 m Breadth 51' 5" Imperial Feet / 15.67 m Depth in Hold 23' 6" Imperial Feet / 7.16 m Displacement 4,184.4 Ton Armament: 120 guns 1808/07/01 Broadside Weight = 1350 Russian Artillery Pound (1471.5 lbs 667.44 kg) Lower Gun Deck 32 36-Pounders Middle Gun Deck 34 24-Pounder Upper Gun Deck 34 18
  12. Venera (1808) - a 48- / 56-gun frigate of the Russian Baltic Fleet http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81763.html Dimensions: 162' 6" x 42' x 13' 2" Armament: FC / QD - 18x 6pdr gun Upper Deck - 30x 24pdr gun (short) In 1810, she was converted into a 56-gun two-decker with an fully-armed spar deck. http://collections.rmg.co.uk/collections/objects/81764.html Armament Spar Deck - 28x 24pdr carronade Upper Deck - 28x 24pdr gun (short) Not the most beautiful frigate (slab-sided to say the least), but nonetheless a powerful ship and representative o
  13. Source: 3decks: Trekh Sviatitelei (translated as "Three Saints") was a Russian 74 gun two decker built in 1810 at the shipyard in St Petersburg. She had a relatively uneventful career and her only claim to fame, or rather infamy, was when she was sold to the Spanish, who, in desperate need for line ships after the events of the Napoleonic War, reached out to Russia for ships. She, along with her sister ship Neptunus, and three ships of the Selafail class of 74's were sold to Spain in what became known as the "Treaty of Madrid in 1817". According to the article, the Russian ships
  14. Zakharii i Elisavet/Захарий и Елисавет Russian First Rate 1745 100 guns Article: Info: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10522 Zakharii i Elisavet Russian 3rd Rate 1795 74 guns Info:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10663 Source(in Russian): http://alternathistory.com/g-satskii-delo-o-gladkopalubnykh-lineinykh-korablyakh-katasanova Every piece of info is welcome
  15. The Russian Frigate Shtandart Штандартъ was launched in 1703 at the Olonetsky shipyard, and was the first Flagship of The Imperial Russian Navy. She had 24 guns (later 28) and was personally captained by Tsar Peter 1 on her maiden voyage from Olonets to St. Petersburg in September 1703. In 1727, She was broken up. On September 4th 1999, an exact replica of Shtandart was launched from Petrovsky Shipyard in St Petersburg. Her Dimensions are Displacement 220 Tons Length 34.5 M (113 ft overall) 25.0 m (82.0 ft) (length deck center) Beam 6.9 m (23 ft) Height 33 m (108 ft) mainmast Dr
  16. Сообщество Корсары приветствует игроков Naval Action! Мы русскоязычное сообщество единомышленников, которое борется за первенство в online-играх c 2011 года. В первую очередь Корсары - это сплоченная команда игроков, которым доставляет удовольствие играть в компании друг друга. Мы самодостаточны и самостоятельны, учимся друг у друга, умеем слышать и понимать мысли согильдийцев и облегчать жизнь друг друга. Сообщество начало свою жизнь в AION, затем Archeage (сервер: Кипроза) и Black Desert Online (играли всего 2 месяца, не понравилась ни игра, ни локализатор). В наших рядах Вы найдете игроко
  17. Speshnyi/Спешный Russian 44-gun frigate 1801 Specifications Lenght of gundeck: 47.93742m Breadth:12.67968 m Depth in hold: 3.901440m Armament: Lower Gun Deck:28x Russian Short 24-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle:6x Russian 24-Pound Carronade Quarterdeck/Forecastle:16 xRussian 6-Pounder Source:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=21170 Ships of Speshnyi class: http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_class&id=299 Model of the Patrikii(Spesnhyi class)/Spanish Maria Isabel/Chilean O'Higgins/Argentinian Buenos Aire
  18. Slava Ekateriny/Слава Екатерины Russian 66-guns 1783 Info:http://threedecks.org/index.php?display_type=show_ship&id=10755
  19. Sviatoi Dmitrii Rostovskii, 100-gun, Russian first-rate Constructor A. Sutherland Laid down 11.4.1756 St Petersburg Launched 12.6.1758 Dimensions 180 ft. 11 in. x 49 ft. 6 in.x 29ft. 9 in. Armament LD 28x30-pounders MD 28x18-pounders UD 30x8-pounders iron/30x12-pounders brass FC & QD 14x6-pounders Alexander Sutherland's design was chosen from among plans submitted by Ivan S. Ramburg, Gavrila Okunev, Dmitriy Shcherbachev, and Potap Kachalov. Sutherland submitted two alternate plans and the final design incor
  20. Panteleymon Victoria 66 gun ship Panteleymon Victoria The construction of this ship began on the 22nd of March 1719 in St Petersburg under the direction of well known shipwright Blais Pangalo and she first sailed on the 27th of July 1721. The ship was named in honour of the Gangut (1714) and Grengam (1720) Battle victories. Between 1722 and 1727 the ship was part of the Baltic squadron and was involved in exploration of the gulf of Finland.
  21. Greetings, I decided to try and model my first ship Though I'm a bit confused by the cannon count which should be 66 guns. I'm following these blueprints and if im counting right there are 33 gun ports on each side. Now that means there are 66 guns already, but there are still 2 stern cannons i didnt add to the count, so then there are at least 68 guns. Also I can't seem to find any information if it has bow chasers. then the ship would have 70 guns in total? (in case there are 2 bow chasers). If anyone knows a picture or plan with its bow chasers visible that would help out
  22. Noticed lack of figurhead...are this one dont have any?
  23. Saint Nicholas / Святой Николай was a russian heavy frigate built in Nikolaev and launched in 1790. She participated in Russo-Turkish War (1787–92) and the War of the Second Coalition (against french forces in the Mediterranean, 1798-1800) General characteristics Class: 44-gun frigate Length of Gundeck: 45.72 metres Length of Keel: 13 metres Breadth: 4.572 metres Displacement: 1,840 tons Armament (1790): 50 guns Upper Gun Deck: 22 Russian 24-Pounder Upper Gun Deck: 4 Russian 1-Pood Edinorog Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 20 Russian 18-Pounder Quarterdeck/Forecastle: 4 Russian 8-P
  24. Russian 1st rate Name: 12 apostles "Devenstadt Apostolov - The Twelve Apostles" Russian Imperial Ship of the line The "Twelve Apostles" was a 120-gun 3 decked ship of the line built by the Russian shipwright Captain S. I. Chernyakovsky. It was launched on the 15th July 1841 and became part of Russia's Black Sea Fleet. Its lower deck had twenty eight 68-pounder guns designed by the Russian artillerist Lekhner. On the other two decks there were 36 and 24-pounder guns. Although the ship was titled "120-gun" the ship actually carried 130 guns. The crew of the ship consisted of about 1000 m
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