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  1. Dimensions (imperial) length 148' 3'' breadth 38' 7' draugth aft 17' draugth forward 15' 9'' distance of the meta center to true midpoint 2' 10'' (waterline) heigth of middle gunport above the waterline 6' 6'' length-to-breadth ratio 3,84 Armarment danish service 26 18-pounders 4 12-pound howitzers 14 6-pounders Crew 380 british service 26 24-pounders (Gover) 14 32-pound carronades 2 9-pounders Crew 264 Launched 1793, captured by the RN in 1807. Coverted to troopship in 1811. Capable of 10.6 knots close-hauled and 13 knots running free, although rather leewardly (performance of sister-ship Iris). Good, easy sea-boat. British captains trimmed her by the head, which is quite unusual and the danish design draughts indicate that was not the case in danish service (draft was almost 2 feet deeper overall in british service). Lovely french lines, fast, a cool figure-head and 4 bow chase ports...what´s not to like?
  2. hello everyone, Thought I'd drop my progress of this french frigate here, there is still a lot to be done but here's where I'm at so far. Atm the hull + rigging and masts is 90k triangles. Here are some screenshots from the ship in marmoset toolbag, it's a program showing how a 3d model would look in a game engine so no fancy vray renders hehe. I also made some cannons and swivels which are on the ship, here are some renders of them. cannon: swivel: I still need to add some rigging and one more mast piece and dont mind the stern either I'm gonna make it less boring and add some sculpts to it, also gonna try making a figurehead. I hope you guys like it, could use some feedback on the textures too btw.
  3. After extensive research i felt ready to start modelling the Bucentaure class 2nd rate French ship. Since information about this type is very scarse despite being one of the backbones of french navy in the era next to Temeraire and Ocean classes, luckyly enough after reading and googling about every Tonnant and Bucentaure class ship for information i was able to find some referencess including captured tonnant plans, bucentaure lines plans from a french book by Jean Boudriot and excellent Bucentaure class model "Friedland" in the french naval museum with photos from their site and in the books as well, and paintings of the classes from the era i started laying the lines for this magnificent ship. So here is the first screanshot very early in progress. I will post updates as i work through it. Hope youll like it
  4. I've been working on a new ship and thought I'd share it with you guys, it's a 12 gun Swedish privateer and boy is it a beauty. It's the ship in this post : http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/4142-swedish-privateer-ship-12-guns-with-plans/ Here is where I'm at atm and I'll finish it in the next couple of days. The colors are just a prototype and so is the wood texture, this isn't unwrapped yet. it's just there to give a basic idea of how the ship would look colored. to do list: -bow -stern windows -rudder -gratings -some details on the side I hope you guys like what I made so far and I'll keep you updated!
  5. Hi everyone, I stumbled on this forum thread by chance and im amazed by all the work & plans everyone is posting here. Im a game design student and we are creating a small gaming environment for the current module. Thats why I am looking for plans for the captains quarter/cabin. Were plans like these ever made or was the cabin derived from the general ship plans? What Im looking for would be cross sections and floorplan of just the captains quarters but so far ive only found build plans for whole ships Thanks in advance!
  6. Hi, Not sure if there is anywhere specific to post work on 3D models but here goes. I've been playing Naval Action for a little bit now and felt it was time to try and get back into 3D modelling after an 8 year break. The first plan I found in these forums was the French Frigate Arethuse so decided to give that a go to ease myself back in. Not sure what model resolution the game takes (or if it would ever be worthy) but this 'test' run will probably be of average resolution. Should be an interesting learning curve using Blender (after coming from Maya). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/French_frigate_Aréthuse_(1792) Early start. The first 2 were just using the picture plans as is. I had no idea how the rear was made so after this start had a look at a load of reference material and website where people were building models. Pictures 3, 4, and 5 show progress after taking the plans and creating vertical reference image slices along the hull. I was surprisingly close in shape for most of it but was quite out at the front. Oh and ignore the gun holes in the hull, they will be filled in for now - I just wondered how it might look so far More progress when I get the time Simon
  7. Yacht 'Golden' This ship has many names as follows "GroBe Yacht", "New Yacht", "Great Yacht", "Golden Yacht", or "Doro Yacht". The found the following info about it on the web. Quote: The Great Yacht which is also called New Yacht or Gold Yacht was built by G. Peckelhering in 1678 - 1679 in Kolberg per sample of sea yacht of prince William III. The length of Great Yacht was 70 feet (according to another source - 72 feet). The width was 21 feet and the draft - 5 feet. The Yacht had eight cannon ports. The crew consisted of 12 persons; during wartime it increased to 50 persons. The Yacht was a good sailboat. Since 1680 it was based in Pillau, in 1693 it navigated to Amsterdam, in 1694 it made a voyage from Emden to London conveying the Branderburg ambassador T. von Dankelmann. At the end of the 1690s and up to 1700 it was in Berlin, then again in Emden till in 1721 it became worthless. --------------------------------------------------- * Type of craft - Yacht * Length along the waterline - 21.18 meters from end of rudder to keel * Breadth - 6.5 meters * Draught - 1.5 meters * Armament - 8 @ 6 pounds
  8. What 6th/5th rate ship do people want in the game that's currently not being worked on by the developers or another Player. I'm going to dust off my Maya and start a new project for fun ( looking to do a ship with plenty of references)
  9. With the lack of Dutch ships in the game, I decided to attempt one myself that could potentially be useful. Don't expect wonders (in terms of speed and pretty renders) coming from me, it's all hobby work, but I'll try my best at it I'm working off of this scan of the ships Leeuwenhorst (named after an area in the former province of Holland, now Zuid Holland) and Edam (named after a small fishing village). There's little I could find about these ships, so this drawing is all I can work from. I chose to make this ship, because for one the size (4th rate) and secondly the typical Dutch stern that was apparently common design pre-Batavian Republic (when France conquered the Dutch republic in 1795). Similar designs can be found on the 3rd rate Stadt En Lande, and the frigate Eendracht, for example. Here's a first concept:
  10. Plan/Contemporay Paintings/Models: Dimensions/History WIP pics note from Bungee: This thread is altered since Malachi has abandoned the Bellona Class until he has further information about the Player vote. On the last page you will find his latest progress of his 18pd frigate
  11. I've sat the Arethusa model to the side for now and want to go back and do some more hull modelling. As the Arethusa plans weren't too clear (to a novice in ship design/layout) I decided to find a ship with more detailed plans - the HMS Southampton (1757). https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/HMS_Southampton_(1757) Plans: http://richardsmodelboats.webs.com/32gunfrigate.htm Looks like it has been done a number of times in 3D but this is more an exercise to learn more about ships of the time and to get my modelling skills back up to an acceptable level. Very early days, laying down the hull so to speak
  12. Hi guys, I'm making a Gunboat in 3D. What do you think? http://imgur.com/a/v12H7 http://imgur.com/a/8LSyC http://imgur.com/a/bN3dj http://imgur.com/a/04oyc http://imgur.com/a/S1XsB
  13. I've had some projects slow down and I miss modeling so it's time to dust off Maya, etc. and play with some fine lines. This effort is also backed by some excellent reference material I found today at a local antique store (I left a copy of The Anatomy of Nelson's Ships behind though, they just wanted too much)...
  14. Le Phenix V03 Sigh. Seems these forums don't allow embedding of sketchfab thingies. Shame
  15. Hello everyone who loves sail ships and naval history. Sharing my curent project renders. Some fun modelling. Soft used: 3DsMax. 3Dcoat. Photo Shop. Will update new renders with curent progress, if you like. Waiting for comments, likes (or dislikes) and some advice.
  16. Since there aren't 4th rates yet I decided to model this beautiful spanish ship Some of you might also know it from Potbs where it was a popular pvp ship. Armament: Gundeck : 26 x 18lb Upperdeck : 24 x 12lb Topdeck : 12 x 8lb Just started working on this one but I thought I'd make a post and show the progress like I did with the panteleymon hehe.
  17. Something to keep me occupied until we get an official statement regarding user created content: And to keep you occupied as well, we´ll play a little 'guess the ship´s name` As there´s not much to see at the moment, a small hint: she carried 12-pounders during her rather long carreer.
  18. Greetings, I decided to try and model my first ship Though I'm a bit confused by the cannon count which should be 66 guns. I'm following these blueprints and if im counting right there are 33 gun ports on each side. Now that means there are 66 guns already, but there are still 2 stern cannons i didnt add to the count, so then there are at least 68 guns. Also I can't seem to find any information if it has bow chasers. then the ship would have 70 guns in total? (in case there are 2 bow chasers). If anyone knows a picture or plan with its bow chasers visible that would help out a lot (if it has them hehe). Here is my progress so far, if you see anything I'm doing wrong please let me know hehe. Dont mind the stern to mid area, there needs to be another deck and a lot more details. Hope you guys know more about this Thanks a lot! Freddykrueger
  19. OK so I am going to attempt to start modeling this ship, I won't lie I don't know much about naval history or much about the ship itself, I have some HD plans and Ragnar hairy trousers to help me with his knowledge of ships of this time and will try my best to make a model to this games high standards. I was wondering if anyone had or knows of reference pictures of this ship, there is a model that has had loads of pictures uploaded to Google, but it seems to be the 1790 model and not the one I have plans for, again I am a naval history noob, if there is any websites that have pictures of loads of ships could you link them? Many thanks Harry Edit: I have just found the La Sirene in the List of ships presented so far thread, not that ship, this is a much smaller Frigate here are the Plans, the top is La Sirene, the bottom is the HMS Unicorn. The main reference pictures I have are these, http://www.modelships.de/La_Sirene/La_Sirene_eng.htm which are all nice, and it seems to be the same ship, however, the model only has 12 gun ports the plans I have for the La Sirene has 13 gun ports, it seems the model is missing the last gun on each row.
  20. 86 Guns, French Le Phenix It's obviously still a WIP, there's still some tough details to polish or add, there is some sculpting to be done and obviously there is the rigging to hurt through. I consider it a passion project and a practice mostly, so I'm not fussed about poly range and I go as high as I feel I have to to keep the detail I want in there. Might or might not get retopo in, depending if we get the targeted ranges posted. Maybe. Will see. Still, a lot of the detail I want to end up on either normal maps or just completely scrapped and done by textures (like the holes for windows, which are really only for the looks now and not needed at all...) Also, definitely, 500% too much chamfer. I cannot help it. I like to chamfer. Darn, I like to chamfer my chamfer. With chamfer.
  21. I can make a good 3D model of a ship for this game. I don't even particularly care if I get paid a lot or not. However, I won't actually start making a 3D model of a ship unless there is an agreement and plan for the 3D model of my ship to actually be used. It is a lot of work to make one of these ships. So far I have heard nothing but rumors that making a 3D model is possible, and that sooner or later there will be an announcement about how 3rd party 3D art guys like me can go about making a ship for the game. Yet, nothing has been said. I'm still not making any 3D models. Is there a plan?
  22. I would like to have a pack of textures for the wooden hulls, ropes, and the rest from the Naval Action guys, that way I can make a ship and not have to worry about them having to texture the whole thing. I could use my own textures, but I prefer to use something pre-existing to keep the quality up, and possibly help out the game designers to keep textures kept in memory down to a reasonable level. I believe it helps to use the same textures as much as possible.
  23. New ship will be added to the game in the near future (ETA 1 month) It is a light frigate equipped with 28 cannons. 26 on the broadsides and 2 chasers. This is a first ship that will close the gap between snow and brig and heavy corvette. Most likely rattlesnake will be a runner up so it will provide additional coverage of the gap. Here is how she looks (more will come once they upload) Lets discuss the performance, speed turnings and it's potential role
  24. HMS Amazon Building Amazon thread: http://blenderartists.org/forum/showthread.php?285256-18th-Century-Frigate
  25. Hi I am new to the NA community and am keen to model a ship. I have over 15 years 3d modeling experience. Some in Naval / Defence simulation. More modern than NA you understand I would prefer to model something that is in demand / requested by admin. Smaller class / size would be good to get started as remodeling I understand that tech specs are not released so far. Not withstanding my desire to start with something small I would also be interested in modeling something bigger like Cooks Endeavour (there will be more exploration in future releases?) or "First Fleet" ships ( I live in Australia) Also reading Patrick Obrians Aubrey Maturin series so keen on modeling anything from that. Also is there any forum or facility for sharing resources such as textures and techniques. I would be interested in seeing some other complete models to understand poly limits, texture sizes and setup. These are then imported to Unity correct ( I also have some experience in this). So any suggestions on boats appreciated or shoud i just look to the polls. Thanks
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