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  1. With ships having to be done internally, and this game focusing very heavily on the deck-level experience, physically moving about the deck and manipulating objects... I have to ask - is there any consideration towards implementing VR?
  2. I'm hoping they're permanent modules - lose the ship, lose the ability, and one more choice people have to make.
  3. That was an alternative thought I had, but the math came up cleanly for 35 points at 3 ea. Besides, people get too in the weeds about who gets what bonuses and what bonuses are overpowered compared to others... seemed sanest to keep them all the same.
  4. The only factions without Nation Capitals are Russia, Prussia, and Poland. They are notable as being "impossible" (facts on the ground not withstanding).
  5. The reason I shy away from random is that if someone randomly gets something really good, they'll be unwilling to sail it away from their port. Repeatable is replaceable.
  6. Some time ago, I raised the issue of Hegemony, and what might be done to address it. Presently, I am hearing the same concerns - so I thought I might raise the issue again with perhaps a small suggestion to alleviate the strains of hegemony. One of the big concerns is that port bonuses are a huge part of what makes a ship potent in the current patch. I do not think that port bonuses are going away - and I think it would be a bad idea to do so. I believe they have been brought to a good place, however, the big concern is what happens after a faction loses its major port bonus port - instead of a slight difference in capabilities, that difference becomes much more stark. Capital Ports and their respective regions were so created so that standard factions would always have a fallback point to rebuild from. I argue that in the spirit of that idea, Nation Capitals should have some inherent port bonuses. An easy way to do this would be to treat them as de facto 35 point ports, and give them each of the shipbuilding bonuses (Hull, Sail, Mast, Crew, Gunnery) at level 3. What this accomplishes is sets a floor for how far down standard factions can be pushed, while still leaving room for growth if they conquer ports with more points available. This does not ensure they will have access to all the woods - those would need to be attained through other means, further encouraging conquest beyond protected waters.
  7. Moderators are volunteers, hold their own views, and also play the game. While it may seem like we are always in agreement with the staff, that's likely just because we can disagree without trolling. Thread locked.
  8. This is a bit much. As Henry is such an excellent fellow, I'm sure he would be happy if you donated your well wishes to an appropriate charity.
  9. Poor sailing is not a tribunal offense. Intentionally getting in the way is. Without evidence, intent cannot be discerned.
  10. While people can argue about whether or not you should want to refund a DLC, that's ultimately up to you. The appropriate information for that can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
  11. I'll say much the same in the official announcement thread whenever that gets posted: I don't recommend it. You will often have to make decisions against your clanmates and friends. If you do, you set yourself up as a pariah. If you don't, you're showing bias. If there's a perception of wrongdoing, it's mod abuse. If people just want to give you a headache, it's mod abuse. Whatever "big benefit" people imagine that there is to being a moderator - it isn't what you expect. There's no special abilities granted, no easy path for equipment, nothing except a green target and perpetual disappointment in your fellow players.
  12. Off topic and trolling temporarily hidden until anything of value can be left present. Stay on topic.
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