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  1. From 14 hours ago... it will be provided next week.
  2. With ships having to be done internally, and this game focusing very heavily on the deck-level experience, physically moving about the deck and manipulating objects... I have to ask - is there any consideration towards implementing VR?
  3. I'm hoping they're permanent modules - lose the ship, lose the ability, and one more choice people have to make.
  4. This is a bit much. As Henry is such an excellent fellow, I'm sure he would be happy if you donated your well wishes to an appropriate charity.
  5. Poor sailing is not a tribunal offense. Intentionally getting in the way is. Without evidence, intent cannot be discerned.
  6. While people can argue about whether or not you should want to refund a DLC, that's ultimately up to you. The appropriate information for that can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/steam_refunds/
  7. I'll say much the same in the official announcement thread whenever that gets posted: I don't recommend it. You will often have to make decisions against your clanmates and friends. If you do, you set yourself up as a pariah. If you don't, you're showing bias. If there's a perception of wrongdoing, it's mod abuse. If people just want to give you a headache, it's mod abuse. Whatever "big benefit" people imagine that there is to being a moderator - it isn't what you expect. There's no special abilities granted, no easy path for equipment, nothing except a green target and perpetual d
  8. Off topic and trolling temporarily hidden until anything of value can be left present. Stay on topic.
  9. I can't help but to reflect on where we've been together. It's been about five years since the first Sea Trials started. An Open World was launched, dozens of ships added, new factions, new friends, new foes, custom maps, various iterations of the economy, and of course the constant search for the sweet spot between arcade and simulator. Many of us, myself included, have gotten thousands of hours of enjoyment out of the game. I hope the data and insight we have offered was useful, even if at times the delivery was frustrating. Here's hoping to a good launch, new frie
  10. Locked for review. Anolytic - while your gesture is magnanimous, it is not for you to be the final arbiter.
  11. If you link them, I'll merge them all into one topic, but I doubt anyone is going to hunt them down to try to get the full picture.
  12. I wonder why the person decided to impersonate me, instead of any of the other moderators? This just proves that I'm the favorite.
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