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  1. I wonder why the person decided to impersonate me, instead of any of the other moderators? This just proves that I'm the favorite.
  2. I think what Liq is suggesting is that after 15 minutes, his Indiaman likely did reappear on the OW.
  3. Things mods know: Big ticket items being worked on. Things mods are asked: When is X happening?
  4. This is literally just trying to get parting shots in. How you cannot see this as adding to the problem is beyond me.
  5. A quick source to name and shame:
  6. At least for the US, during the Quasi-War with France, warships were used to transport hard currency. The Captain transporting it would get a bounty, and at least one cash-strapped Captain basically ignored operational goals in favor of lining his pockets. (It didn't work.)
  7. On account of the sextant perk being made available initially - would it be possible to remove coordinates from bug reports on the user end? Further, can the trader's tool no longer give distances to ports? Or at the very least round it off to 10, 25, 50, 100, 250, 500km?
  8. I can't help but to notice the Constitution Classic has become the Constitution, and the old Constitution has become the United States.
  9. The PvP missions offer a reward type with it's own icon.
  10. Also, the PvP store does not utilize the PvP rewards. Currently, it utilizes doubloons.
  11. I see that there is at least one new flag in the Admiralty Store that is not in the Flags DLC. Will those be shifted to the Flags DLC as well?
  12. Actually, it literally does. Hence why I quoted you the definition. If you pursue down this path, I will be showing you the door. As for understanding that people are mad, but asking them not to act mad... Isn't that how polite society works?
  13. While I appreciate that you asked politely - no. I'm not looking for an argument, I'm laying it out how people need to comport themselves. Do so within the confines of decency, and all is good. Stray outside those confines, and you can look from the outside in while everyone discusses it without you.
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