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  1. This is what I really loath: People gank, win and have not one grain of grace. Calling people hasshole even winning. It´s time to have a general ignore-function in battle-instance. Don´t wanna read offensive words from hello kittyheads anymore! Maybe they enjoy their mad behaviour. I find it disgusting.
  2. uhm punished? divine justice? most pathetic my friend. best thing is havoc fighting a neutral truxillo. but hey, that´s how they come to their crafting-ports
  3. cry? i´m a captain of the royal navy damn it! if one of them scratches my tits of steel i´m gonna rip their lousy balls off and put them in my next grape shot for god´s sake.
  4. Very nice. I enjoy this whole story very much too and will never forget you weaklings crying and asking for tribunal 😱🥳😝
  5. Very good! Can you please start crying and whining then again?
  6. in your eyes capped 1st rates are useless. so let people have fun in them if there's no harm
  7. Hermione, leopard, rättvisan. Good ships but not outclassing the others.
  8. not in the least! leopard is an outstandingly well modelled ship and a joy to sail! good to have her in game. what's wrong with her in your eyes?
  9. very good summary! i agree and woud love to craft ship-parts for instance like it has been a while ago. the complexity could be much higher and enjoyable! but with the system we got right now i strongly tend to advertise for availability. otherwise it´ll be always only a rather little exclusive group with huge quantities of the good stuff murdering the rest and boasting about it. good balance is needed. that´s btw my thought of the dynamic battle-rating. a seasoned wood, well upgraded trinco with good cannons e.g. compared to a sabicu/crew space etc. is so much better - and please no "but it is skill that matters dumbarse!!" - that the br simply mustn´t be the same! the much inferior ship has to have a chance to get reinforcement. oops, i got off-topic now :)
  10. it´ll be good for the gameplay to have all ship-rates as dlcs. more availability, more action,... i cannot see any argument against it, expcept some people fearing for their exclusive, crafted, high-bonus ships.
  11. it´s not the noobs that linger in enemy waters with basic-cutters! but hey, just see it the way you like...
  12. Good job and many thanks! I still think dynamic ship br, influenced by built & upgrades, would do the game very good 😉. A lot of work to figure it out properly. But very important for balance.
  13. killing a basic cutter should give a "kill". propably the basic one could also look slightly different than the hms alert?
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