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  1. a successfully defended port-battle could give the owner a flag. or maybe preventing the enemy planting a flag in your own port.
  2. Do you want to know what you really should wash out?
  3. will there be some days where you don't turn stuff upside-down? It's not alpha-testing anymore, is it?
  4. This isn't about fairness my friend. The entire roe/br/mission- & reward mechanics enforce being rough and a bully. It's just comfortable saying people behave unethically because they're people. We have a professional developer here. So we can expect professional mechanics, right?
  5. Unfortunately your game-mechanics to this day never really enforced ethical behaviour. That´s why you lost faith in ethics and call the changes now "pragmatic working solutions".
  6. Every ship is most welcome for me and surely for the majority of all players. Personnally I´d love to see and sail another nice Brig :)
  7. try different ship builds mate. two determined frigate captains with a proper build will either sink your speedoutable or make you run away frustrated. the fir-nerf - above all in mast thickness - is one of the best changes in game.
  8. on PVE you choose the challenge, on PVP the challenge choses you. ship build always matters.
  9. this isn´t a dumb argument at all. what´s unbalancing is giving some stuff too great an edge over others. for this reason I do strongly appreciate small differences of quality to not render "minor" materials useless!
  10. no one is forced to take seasoned woods over standard ones. if the difference isn't worth it for you, feel free to sail standard only.
  11. all true and interesting! I appreciate that frigates finally can have masts that don't fall immediately. for the longer fights: we couldn't sink each other yesterday with Vickys in the PZ. If you don't believe me, Reverse might have a havier word than I do. He was there as well and might give his opinion on that matter too. Else: I love the variety of woods!
  12. to be fair, it should be nation-wide. else we´ll have like in the past, clans that "clean" their friends-lists and swap ports to enemy nations.
  13. Better 100 and lower? So we can use some fine Cerberuses to go in :).
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