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  1. It´s been very laggy the last weeks. But now simply unplayable. Not only login-issues. Looting an enemy can take 30 secs or more. A bit much in a battle I think. Recrewing in open world took me almost a minute after a port-battle. The long time it takes to sort, split and outfit gear in port is annoying as well. We spend quite an amount of money on this game - which we love and apparently want to support - and might expect a functioning server. Please get that solved! Best wishes, Fleur
  2. after all the very, very good changes lately this is going in the wrong directions in my opinion :(. keep speeds more on reality´s side please!
  3. i think it´s not the british diana we have in game but the spanish
  4. yes please. let´s talk about truxillo! all together we can stir a nice bullshit-soup of that matter.
  5. many thanks for that splendid dlc gamelabs!
  6. i fully agree on the part of rigging damage to make masts fall! but a heavy roundball at almost sonic speed has a very high energy an does plenty of damage. muzzle-loaders are mostly way more precise than commonly expected. we have a couple of mates in our club that surprise me all the time how good they hit with them.
  7. You nailed it man! All those battles and all these people who only sail out in implacables, redoutables... are boring as hell. Mixed fleets is the most entertaining gameplay possible and I appreciate every change towards it.
  8. the concept is called being a "decent human being". try it! it can be much more satisfying than throwing shit on everybody.
  9. this is suggestive questioning in the worst possible way good sir! imho a worthless poll.
  10. Every ship is most welcome for me and surely for the majority of all players. Personnally I´d love to see and sail another nice Brig :)
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