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  1. after all the very, very good changes lately this is going in the wrong directions in my opinion :(. keep speeds more on reality´s side please!
  2. i think it´s not the british diana we have in game but the spanish
  3. yes please. let´s talk about truxillo! all together we can stir a nice bullshit-soup of that matter.
  4. this is suggestive questioning in the worst possible way good sir! imho a worthless poll.
  5. Every ship is most welcome for me and surely for the majority of all players. Personnally I´d love to see and sail another nice Brig :)
  6. so you call georg fromm - whom I called a "Kotzbrocken" once for a reason, but he is absolutely correct in this case - a racist because he asks for leaving the game unspoiled by politics?
  7. didn't your enemy broadside while in boarding? we cannot see anything on the hidden ship in that screenshot. you claimed the enemy redout exploded and no one shot her while you also say player one needed to be pushed away from boarding! so your opponent knew what he was doing and surely tried to shoot his left guns as much as possible. why shouldn't he in this situation? surrounded by foes. and then the friendly ship exploded...
  8. I see it's a little detective-quest for us! 😊 An apparently healthy Wapen sails away while a "smooth" battle lasting about 12 minutes - pirates all escaped by then - went south. My idea is: The redoutable surprise-boarded player one and broadsides during boarding. Player two tries to approach and push player one. Meanwhile player one caught fire in boarding and exploded in the instant player two arrives with full sails to push one away. All crews die, hence three white flags, while player three - perfectly healthy - sails away in the background doing nothing. Plausible?
  9. Why didn't one team-mate capture your ship if it was that precious?
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