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  1. Now that you already asked which port-battles I´d love to see, here´s the answer: mixed fleets, not just L´Oceans and Santisimas. But also a lot of 3rd rates, some frigates and mortar-brigs.
  2. have you been in the battle?? it was one fireship. not a fleet of them. and it got the enemy fleet pants down. nothing else
  3. personally i feel we have too much other meta to worry about. it´s funny to see that those players who just became victim to a "perfectly delivered!" fireship cry for game changes, while 15kts 3rd rates are ok for them.
  4. well, she exploded in the middle of a group. perfectely delivered. this time we had that luck. next time somebody else.
  5. That´d be nice indeed! Maybe some more ropes on some ships as well. Compared to an Essex the Belle Poule´s rigging looks a bit empty for instance.
  6. I´d keep battles open for anybody for 5-10 minutes without that funny br-rules. and no option to close!
  7. Off-topic but: Thank you for the Yacht dear dev-team!
  8. All true! Could you imagine to include missions dedicated for and not against ship-types? like do 10 pvp kills in a lynx and get a nice reward. personally i just love to see as many different ships as possible on the waters. i mean, you did all the outstanding work on the models! now make them being used more. PS more beautiful vessels? awesome
  9. The fast pace or endless chase is indeed a problem. Closely related to the repair meta we have. repair one or two times maximum per battle would be much better for the gameplay. more tactically. that´s something I´d love to experience. do you really risk a full blast of chains coming towards you? or better keep some distance.... the arcade-like magic repairs are most unimmersive and unrealistic. a pity for this great game!
  10. great news! does that mean full repairs and necromancy won't be possible anymore? cause of historic outcome and such.... 😁
  11. Honestly I like to try some weird combinations you´d never do in crafting. Nothing for the meta-perfectionists of course
  12. Your response tells us a lot about yourself and adds literally nothing to the important topic! In other words: just being a dick.
  13. Good, you do this work! Keep on completing it :). The exams shouldn´t be described as crucial as you do it right now. The game can be joyfully played without them. My advice for new plaers is always to stick with the small ships for a loooong time :). Learn them properly! With the manual usage of the sails! The small-ship-chapter is missing still a lot. To me Requin and Niagara aren´t interesting at all for the new players. But using Lynx, Cutter, Privateer and Pickle, or Snow and Mercury, Navy-Brig among the square-riggers is priority. If players learn to use them efficently they will be ready for the bigger frigates. Far too often I see poorly handled frigates just eaten away by a skilled veteran. Personally I did all newbie-mistakes a lot. Got back to the small vessels again and started to learn! Most efficient learning of course took place in fights together with other mates. Learn to play a role with your ship. The Mercury for instance won´t kill the enemy Trinc alone, but she might be the one keeping her in battle, raking her, making her do mistakes, slow her down and, and and. But all that only works if the player knows what his ship is able to peform, has knowledge about positioning in battles, and the usage of wind and sails! Best wishes and thanks for your work, Gene
  14. And I pretend to play Naval Action, in spite of regular "irony" (and even insults) from capital gankers: "Aquillas, when will you come in fight in a real ship?". Aquillas, you do something these golden gankers would never risk in their vain. Keep on sailing the underdog-ships effectively! I love that attitude!
  15. It´s not a waste of time. The developer put a lot of work in all the ship models, so they all need a place in this game. the mono-meta-ship-shit is just boring. Using the "bad" ships shoud be somehow more rewarding than going the easy way.
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