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  1. .... getting a port flipped is a little success/victory itself then and not a rather boring but well orchestrated pve-thingy.
  2. the cooldown could be longer indeed to prevent exhaustion. else i still think that nations with a large population and many, many ports should simply be ready to get attacked or threatened quite often at various places. it´s kind of realistic in overstretched empires and gives a little more balance. making hostiltiy cost doubloons or else is for sure the worst idea. the weaker economies will be choked even more than now. i´d wish to have an idea for the hostility itself. flipping in a single action, without the attacked nation being able to react isn´t that good. maybe it could happen in 2-3 steps. one step per day. so a nation knows there is going to happen some attack and can reinforce that particular area. good pvp-action might develope there.
  3. and what are the arguments for a mega-buff??
  4. adjust sailing profile and sail hit-box. propably make her a 5th rate
  5. yet you have the strength and will to attack another two danish ports. two of the few we only have. so you are the one major aggressor for us.
  6. ah yes godwin of course. but you´re right. i regret the comparison. while goebbels was indeed pure evil our sauron is just a twisting spokesman for your cause.
  7. well, as to be seen above your propaganda-sauron was crying for admin immediately because he cannot stand the heat. i just feel the urge from time to time to show how much i like your clans. the true masters of double-standards.
  8. you do not get i, do yout? while being the biggest aggressor in this game you have the infamy to write of russo-danish aggressors!
  9. yes sir, this hypocrisy paired with the typical chest-thumping makes me a little angry
  10. stop shitting if you don´t like the shit! and shove your false pity up somewhere else :).
  11. hostility is just fine like it is. bigger nations- or better said bully-nations - should live with get multiflipped as often as possible. they piss off the small ones, so let them be prepared for many port-battles. worst thing would be a payment to rise hostility!
  12. this is very, very bad! guess we can safely assume it´s been used over and over in the past
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