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  1. i threw up a little having to listen to that music
  2. Wish there would have been some event to celebrate the end of Early Access / celebrate the launch of the Game but lets hope the release brings in plenty of players!
  3. You are right i only saw it afterwards
  4. With the upcoming release i think its time to clean up and maybe reorganise the Forum a little bit. At the moment we have the Guilds, Clans and Trading companies forum which includes a subforum for the Carribean Server Guild Recruitment which i find very confusing and new players that want to have a look which clans are recruiting might miss the subforum alltogether. Also tons of 4 year old posts with no relevance might be a good time to clean it up/archive the old stuff. - C.v.L.
  5. Attention meine Herren! the Teutonic Order is looking to expand its Roster. We are a English speaking Clan playing mostly in the EU Timezone (UTC 0 - UTC+2). Our Main focus is PvP and RvR but we also do PvE and Trading to fund our Expenses. We aim to be a small but efficient Clan with high discipline in PvP Engagements. We do use Discord to communicate. What you can expect from us: A friendly and respectful atmosphere Regular RvR-Portbattles Regular expeditions in the Patrolzone /into hostile Waters Assistance in learning the game mechanics A Clan that is participates in the national initiatives What we expect from you: Discord and a microphone Dont be a Rager/Flamer/Egoist The willingness to improve If we caught your interest feel free to contact me Ingame (Carl von Lichtenfels) or in Discord (Carl von Lichtenfels#6984) or one of our Members. - Carl von Lichtenfels
  6. [TO] Teutonic Order / International / English speaking / PVP and RVR Oriented but also PVE and Trading to fund our PVP / Applicants must use discord, be aged 18+ and respectful - contact Carl von Lichtenfels ingame or Carl von Lichtenfels#6984 in Discord
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