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  1. So Russia decided its time to kill the rest of Prussian Pop? No better Enemies around then one of the smallest Nations? All this will achieve the Game dying faster, have a good day.
  2. Another Idea: Succesor of the 1819 Warflag that we have in the DLC, Prussian Warflag
  3. Province of Western Prussia: Flag: Alternative Version of the Flag: Crest: Big Crest:
  4. Some Ideas for Prussian Flags: Province of Eastern Prussia: Crest: Big Crest:
  5. Making them more expensive wouldnt help at all strong Nations will still have a full fleet of them, only way to make it more "even" would be way smaller BR on Ports that are not 55Points or Cener of the Map/Strategic Positions and/or a System like max 3 1st Rates 5 2nd Rates in one PB. The Way it is right now you just fill up with First Rates no variation needed.
  6. Kids that post this shit naturally left nation after the first lost battle, they are called EAGLE now in denmark
  7. Yes and BF did not craft ships in Vera Cruz either and REDS wasnt at Penzacola all phantoms. We all know that you could never take on BF even if you wanted to so you stay in the same Nation and benefit.
  8. The Problem ist all those non Russians just hiding behind BF's and russian Players Strenght, REDS alone could never get shit done alone - better join Zerg. And yes Prussia is dead, nice argument that they are not after 80% of Players left cause they have some Ports on the Map.
  9. Pretty sure they are not, after Prussia beat Spain in 2 PB's the Russians forced the Spanish to fight ("Take Prussian Ports or we will take yours", Spanish in Ships Produced in Vera Cruz) they attack Spain now to get rid of the Prussian Ports up there.
  10. Last defence of the Prussians Portbattle Penzacola Some of their Screeners after the PB waiting for the escaped PB Fleet
  11. Its one thing to win a War but crushing a Nation completly will do this Game no good, i know some people disagree with that but the fact is alot of players quit before even experiencing the Game to its full content. I salute the dutch for being reasonable in that extent and hope the same applies to Russia and to lesser extrend Spain and Brits. I really dont understand this whole mentality to kick people while they are down. Its a Game we all want to do PvP. -C.v.L.
  12. Yes lets all join the same Nation and build the best ships and then we.... oh right there is nobody left to fight
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