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  1. Wanted to say thanks to GameLabs for keeping their word. Logged in this morning to find the DLC was added to my account. Thanks again! Though brief question: If I redeem it, can I redeem it again later on (after a cool down) or if I start a new save? As in it's a part of my account permanently.
  2. Thank you for the heads up. Not on here almost ever so I don't know what's been said and what hasn't been. Thank you for linking that.
  3. Title say it all. I've been a part of this game since the Sea Trials which predate the open world the game now has as a stable feature. However with the announcement of the removal of the Trincomalee DLC (a ship that used to be part of the base game and I even had one prior to a server wipe), I went to double check if the ship was indeed added to my account and it has not been. So I'd like to ask if someone at support could please add the ship DLC to my account as the steam announcement states should have happened. Steam announcement can be found here: https://store.steam
  4. While on the topic of controlling fleets, can you (while in a Fleet Mission) command the AI Fleet ships? Meaning not ones within your own personal fleet? Ones that spawn with the mission.
  5. The more you know I guess. Never knew that menu even existed. Thanks!
  6. There was a point (at least to my knowledge/memory) that you could leave a battle and your Fleet would Auto-Follow you out, and their Durability points would not be affected. Maybe I just haven't used fleet in a while then. Wasn't aware you had to order then to leave though. Any idea how this is done?
  7. So I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature (if it's a new feature then it's not been made very apparent as I spoke with several people in the US Nation chat box and no one knew what was going wrong), but apparently when you leave a battle, the Fleet Ships that you have sailing with you lose a Durability point. I realize this was causing it until I spawned outside of battle (after leaving the battle) and my Fleet ship was no longer in my UI that normally shows up on the left hand side of the game screen. I double checked and triple checked, and after still not seeing it I went to th
  8. Thanks for the heads up! I was confused why my max crew amount was lower then what was listed here on this thread. Much appreciated for the link!
  9. Can the amount of crew per-rank please be updated? First Leutenant here and I am showing as not having enough crew for a Renommee.
  10. So I have run into a possible bug. I have made about 6-8 ships (trader vessals to be exact) surrender and about of those 6-8, two of them were available for me in the post-battle menu (after I choose "Leave Battle") to right click and send to port. Then other 6 or so were not available in the same context. I don't know if this is a bug or what, but after the two that I could send to port I kept trying the same thing. Yet it didn't happen after them. Does anyone else know what's going on? I have dropped the crew count for all off the ships in this situation to 2 or fewer and then I can
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