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  1. So I'd have to demast it first then slow down myself? Just a guess.
  2. Thank you for the heads up! Another question though not about this, how do you capture ships in PvE? I never get the "x" option until after I've defeated them. Or is that the only way? Many of the ships I want aren't available to buy so capturing seems like it will be the only way I can get them.
  3. So I had a Tow Permit in PvE but I took a break from the game for a good long while and so I don't know how I got it before. In the past there was a Tow feature that didn't need a permit as well as a Teleport feature too. Yet I can't for the life of me figure out how to get more Tow Permits. Is there a way? If so then how?
  4. Wanted to say thanks to GameLabs for keeping their word. Logged in this morning to find the DLC was added to my account. Thanks again! Though brief question: If I redeem it, can I redeem it again later on (after a cool down) or if I start a new save? As in it's a part of my account permanently.
  5. Thank you for the heads up. Not on here almost ever so I don't know what's been said and what hasn't been. Thank you for linking that.
  6. Title say it all. I've been a part of this game since the Sea Trials which predate the open world the game now has as a stable feature. However with the announcement of the removal of the Trincomalee DLC (a ship that used to be part of the base game and I even had one prior to a server wipe), I went to double check if the ship was indeed added to my account and it has not been. So I'd like to ask if someone at support could please add the ship DLC to my account as the steam announcement states should have happened. Steam announcement can be found here: https://store.steampowered.com/newshub/app/311310/view/2734200255921201884
  7. While on the topic of controlling fleets, can you (while in a Fleet Mission) command the AI Fleet ships? Meaning not ones within your own personal fleet? Ones that spawn with the mission.
  8. The more you know I guess. Never knew that menu even existed. Thanks!
  9. There was a point (at least to my knowledge/memory) that you could leave a battle and your Fleet would Auto-Follow you out, and their Durability points would not be affected. Maybe I just haven't used fleet in a while then. Wasn't aware you had to order then to leave though. Any idea how this is done?
  10. So I don't know if this is a bug or a new feature (if it's a new feature then it's not been made very apparent as I spoke with several people in the US Nation chat box and no one knew what was going wrong), but apparently when you leave a battle, the Fleet Ships that you have sailing with you lose a Durability point. I realize this was causing it until I spawned outside of battle (after leaving the battle) and my Fleet ship was no longer in my UI that normally shows up on the left hand side of the game screen. I double checked and triple checked, and after still not seeing it I went to the closest port to find that the ship was in fact gone. So unless players are now being punished for leaving battle (in hopes to save their ships), then this seems like a really big bug to me. I last played NA last Sunday, so I don't know it the Devs can see the game logs anymore from that day, but I stopped playing right after this happened (due to frustration) and haven't played again since. Anyone have any insight on this? Is it a bug? Or is this now in fact a feature? To which I say is a pretty low joke if I ever have known one.
  11. I was taking on water, yes. I understand that it is (now) in place to prevent others players from leaving a battle, but I was playing on the PvE server. In a Fleet Order, on my own. How does having this sort of "rule" make any sense in a PvE situation? PvP I can understand so you don't have deserters, but PvE is against AI and not Players. May I remind everyone that Computers are far more advanced (some players are really good, but an AI can still kick their butt). The AI is still being tweaked (or so it seems) and thus their level of difficulty is in flux. So preventing a player on the PvE server from leaving a battle (that almost all the time you are out numbered and the AI team has far more superior ships then your team does), and still only providing them with 1 repair and expect them to stay (because of the new set of rules that relate to the time), are asking for the impossible. Player vs Player makes sense with the new way the Leave Timer works, so why punish PvE players with this when the AI fleet teams are almost always stacked against you? I've been in several Fleet battles that I had 2 ships (including my own) and the other team had four. One of those instances was when I sunk. Two Privateers, a Snow and a Rattlesnake. I had my ship and a Pickle. So tell me how that is fair and how you expect the players to win when you screw them over like that? Again, the leave time change makes sense for PvP, but should not have been altered in PvE where all you battle against is AI's. Which are usually programmed to base their movements around your actions and also can also be far more accurate then a player can ever be.
  12. So this has happened twice so far, first time I got lucky and was able to sink the other ship in time, but this second time I wasn't so fortunate. Right now the Battle "Leave Timer" is bugged. There are times where it will reset when you stop landing hits (or stop having hits land on you) and it started over from (I think) 2 minutes. This is what it's normal behavior is, but there have been twice so far that is didn't reset and was bugged. Meaning it just continually said "Cannot Leave" and just stayed that way, this also means you are locked in a battle and are either forced to win or forced to sink and lose. This is really game breaking and can cost you a ship and a lot of gold. This second time I sent in a Bug Report, but I'd like to ask that my ship have the Durability point it lost restored as this was not the fault of the player, but the fault of the game itself. The first time this happened it was right after the May 19th update, as I remember UI in game had been changed/Updated and also the Rattlesnake had been added. I'd also like to add that when you lose a Durability point, you can no longer sell a ship. I was talking to some other players about it and they also could no longer sell a ship one the Durability had dropped below 5 (the default Durability that any new ship comes with). To be honest this is rather frustrating that this even happened. The Leave Timer never had issues before this update, so something with the May 19th update broke the time and can be deadly. I submitted my second bug report (on this issue) at about 7:05-7:10pm Mountain Standard time, in case any of the Game Lab Devs are reading this. Honestly all I'd like is the Timer to be fixed and my durability point restored and I would be happy. Because right now, I am not interested in playing a game where a patch is now punishing players and they have no control over it. Alpha or not, this sort of bug will push anyone who experiences it away and also breaks the game itself.
  13. Thanks for the heads up! I was confused why my max crew amount was lower then what was listed here on this thread. Much appreciated for the link!
  14. Well I haven't done anything recently that has deemed my worthy of getting them. Hence my confusion.
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