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  1. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    Updated the post so far, just wondering if anyone can tell me the crew size for the Pirate Frigate, is it the same as the normal Frigate? Also have the crew sizes stayed the same and the ranks do they also give the same amount of crew as they used to? (Have not played for a little while )
  2. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    I was reading through and saw this, I have seen the updated one as well! Many thanks
  3. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    Thanks Dutch!
  4. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    I would say at the least being Master & Commander before taking the vessel out to sea.
  5. Dom

    Different sounds for different calibre of gun

    I have to say it would be a very nice feature.
  6. Dom

    Ship & Gun Class

    Update, Pavel added.
  7. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    Updated the thread, Yacht crew change and Pavel Added!
  8. Yeah there are some nice looking changes, also some that are a sound a but arcade like but we will have to see
  9. Dom

    New ROE discussion

    Yeah this is not such a good suggestion in my opinion, I came to play this game because of its realism as well of all its other features. I think the majority of people who want to play this game as more of a realistic game will hate it if this is implemented, I know I will.
  10. Dom

    Warning - boarding changes!

    Yeah it will be great to have a new boarding system, cant wait to check it out!
  11. Dom

    Ship & Gun Class

    Thanks again for that Inigo.
  12. Dom

    Ship Crew Sizes & OW Ranks

    Hey frank, thanks for the info! They may have changed the number of crew for this rank.
  13. Dom

    Ganking Petition

    I think this is exactly what a lot of us have been thinking, thanks for speaking out Richard!
  14. Dom

    Crew and Rank

    Yeah I also like this idea!
  15. Dom

    Recent mini Patch

    Yes I do agree with this, the bots are especially a problem when large fleet engagements occur etc.