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  1. Updated the post so far, just wondering if anyone can tell me the crew size for the Pirate Frigate, is it the same as the normal Frigate? Also have the crew sizes stayed the same and the ranks do they also give the same amount of crew as they used to? (Have not played for a little while )
  2. I was reading through and saw this, I have seen the updated one as well! Many thanks
  3. I would say at the least being Master & Commander before taking the vessel out to sea.
  4. Updated the thread, Yacht crew change and Pavel Added!
  5. Thanks again for that Inigo.
  6. Hey frank, thanks for the info! They may have changed the number of crew for this rank.
  7. Thanks for the info guys and thanks for adding the ships to the post, I was desperately trying to find someone who had the ships.
  8. Thanks for this update, I will be adding the Santi in as well.
  9. Very good point, I have also experienced this. I happened to be very damaged and used boarding as a last option to save my ship and very nearly sank because of the AI being able to fire broadsides while being boarded. May I add a crew being boarded are hardly going to be able to get back on the guns and start firing!
  10. Hey Konali, Thanks again for an update, it is much appreciated!
  11. Hey, no problem. But before you buy a bunch of cannons, you only need to purchase 1 cannon to fill a deck (both sides included).
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