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  1. Don’t know why they would ever remove it, many games have a lobby duel room where u Don’t lose anything but are still able to practice to get better and learn from the veterans.
  2. Ewww that system was horrible also, they could just make life much easier and get more people out there having fun, kinda like POTBS just not as much off branches on items that over complicate it.
  3. I think is crafting quantities, labor etc was reduced and the actual original ships costing less then maybe we would see more of the original ships getting used more, i gather the crafters having time to pvp and farm instead of mundane time consuming back and forth hauling will make them enjoy the game more, even mods and books should be cheaper and easier to come by, we want people out there having fun in this game not spending 100’s of hours grinding and getting their hard worked stuff getting trashed by DLC seasoned ships, the greed to push DLC and allowing people 24 hours to re-redeem didn
  4. You have already taken it too far with the original build including Dane, Swede and even the US really, should have kept it simple and had just the main GB, France, Spain, Dutch then a pirate pop outta neutral ports with some build restrictions on rate ships as that isnt accurate for them to have SOL, but in all honesty the game population is no where near big enough to support the amount of nations we have, maybe if u had 20k players and a pop balance feature then it might be better but where the game is at is u have big nations and other nations having alliances with those nation making them
  5. i got to 21 in queue then it counted back up
  6. I think the correct term is Wanted Noob Protector, well around capital zone to protect the vulnerable anyway 100BR should have smaller Fleets chase them off to so the 15 to 20 hour players dont get scared off all together from this game
  7. Yeah a battle log would be awesome to reflect on the statistics, the mystery is more amusing then anything, i got home from work after a sluggish start to the morning and was like where my baby, the song (Player - baby come back springs to mind) while trying to piece together the mystery
  8. OK im putting this is as abit of a laugh and also to solve a mystery, so as per the title i had enough brewskis to completely forget lastnight and just logged on and noticed my Indef is missing, classic dude wheres my car situation, i honestly have no idea on what i did with it, its was a Blue Indef with Cag/ WO with an RnG cartegana Refit, last seen around yucatan maybe, if anyone has seen her let me know what happened lastnight :P
  9. Why release now, how about some serious work into the crafting/ economy to make this game function better. its still hasn't got a key element to make this game sustainable to a fresh player base, if that's actually constructed well then maybe this game might have a hope in the future, i've been here since 2014 and after 5 years its been a big disappointment that the crafting/ economy still isn't a great working feature in this game and because of this that the rest of the game lacks purpose other then ship combat and port battles with no real meaning to the greater game.
  10. Development of infrasturcture should require bricks lumber etc to build and maintain, kinda like Port Royale series where a prosperous city and developing needed building materials to develop, food for thought.
  11. We used to have a smaller map just in the Lesser Antillies, there was certainly plenty of player presence around but no room for new players to grind and become familiar with the map without the constant threat of being smashed. What the game lacks is a proper working economy that doesn't require so much of a time sink for many to get involved with, players should have easy access to customization/ upgrades at cheap costs to change their ship characteristics, the cheaper they are and easy to obtain the more likely players will go out and PvP because they feel competitive, if they lose then
  12. I have played this game on and off since 2014 and it feels like it hasn't made proper solid breakthroughs, Economy and proper economics and building should have been a big focus in support of a PvE experience, everyone knows that a proper PvE and Economy is what makes a better PvP player base, focusing on PvP is where this game fell apart as its didnt have the rest of the infrastructure to support that niche PvP aspect of the game and that's why the gave never really flourished to is potential, most of the population love to create and build empires and wealth, more time needs to be focused on
  13. Rather then an Exceptional vessel or some random lotto/ overpowered PvP incentive it should be done like Economical bonuses, like increased extraction of resources, or those resources that are harder to obtain can be gathered in regions rather then single ports etc, the game lacks a real economic system to tie the PvP to the OW and lack of Real PvE that would improve the overall quality of this game, you have alook at many MMO's and they all have massive PvE content then the PvP thrives from the extensive roots created by the PvE community that supply the PvP players to go and enjoy their expe
  14. Personally i don't like the Knowledge slots and the whole rare book idea, Upgrades and Slots should be done more like POTBS had, 6 perma slots (2 x Sail Upgrades, 2 x Hull and 2 x Cannon) then 3 general slots that couldn't stack so we could customize and build the ships to the way it suited our needs, the upgrades we kept in the hull and lost with the ship if boarded or sunk, the upgrades were easy to craft and there were plenty around that it created a proper supply and demand system that stimulated the economy, there were no rare or hard to get mods and they were all obtainable through the c
  15. I said this when the 3 new nations were first introduced and thought that the developers had seriously lost the plot and continue to show their lack of understanding on what needs to happen to get this game back on track, 4 nations and a rogue pirate group would have been a good starting point and left the game like that till atleast you had a stable few thousand playing constantly during all timezones but that will never happen with the poor decisions being made and the lack of work being done to the areas of the game that need the most attention, POTBS is still far more enjoyable then this g
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