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  1. SKurj

    Forged papaers don't give new name.

    Just pointing out a downside, perhaps if this is acceptable, there should be a seperate cost to ingame name change and not included with the forged paper.
  2. SKurj

    Forged papaers don't give new name.

    You see what I am getting at though....
  3. SKurj

    Forged papaers don't give new name.

    yeah for $20 you should be able to rob your clan bank and then hide behind a new name, great idea.
  4. SKurj

    Perk reset

    why not perk reset goes up with player rank, for the first 2 ranks have it fixed at 10 cm, and increasing from there, with finally at rear admiral its up to 100 cm (max)
  5. SKurj

    Perk Reset Permit

    when you can earn 20+ cm's in one battle...? If anything raise the cost and allow lower level/newer players to be able to do it for free until they reach flag capt or x hours in game.
  6. SKurj

    Please for the love of god please fix loot mechanics....

    This isn't going to go away. Sure the better players have this figured out, but the new player may not even realize he can loot ships, let alone be able to maneuver into place in time. And then there are the encounters with OW fleets - where all the good loot comes from - one player vs many, boarding and looting 4-5 ships in one engagement? likely not, only way to loot is sink and maneuver while under fire alongside if possible... Or it ends up like a chess match.... where you have to plan the battle around looting...
  7. SKurj


    eh those 3 items can't be sold at a profit within the brit safezone though... you non-brits are welcome to come get some though.
  8. SKurj

    Bring Ship I.D. back

    I'd say the ship information be displayed based on range... by the time the ship is within 1km you should be able to tell ship and fleet composition, while at the limit of detection you should just see ship info as "Sail on the horizon"
  9. SKurj

    F11 Coordinates removal

    i don't use f11 now and navigate just fine with tools provided.
  10. Fishing perk does nothing for the bottles
  11. SKurj

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Not likely when you can only tow one ship/day. Lets say you login and the action is near your other outpost where you have no ships... do you sail the hour+ to get there or do you logout and do something else?
  12. This can be exploited from both sides.... If lets say hostility is being raised at a GB port by Russians, and a dutch hops in as GB to sacrifice himself to allow the russians to gain hostility... I`d go so far as to say the only way to counter exploits here is to not allow other nations in at all And further to that even the simple point that they would be taking one of the limited number of player slots.
  13. The way to do this would be to either pay for X number of days up front, or.. have a system where the port withdraws from a clan store daily. So you just need to make sure you have enough funds in the store to permit you to stock up as often as you like.
  14. SKurj

    Let's see how 400 players look in NA world

    Fair enough, but anyone building 1st rates to sell or even use is not building them from oak or fir, unless they are preying on new players who don't know better. All of the 'preferred' woods come from outside the safezones. I spent most of my ingame time running materials like white oak and live oak to KPR, with over 95% of my in game time spent outside the safezones. Alotta the people wanting to prey on traders don't realize we are out there but if you want easy player traders to prey on, you better be prepared to put in the time to find us. Sorry but login for 30 minutes in the hope of catching one ain't gonna cut it.