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Found 3 results

  1. Idea: Norfolk wants @Jeheil [YouTube] back using again in NA...!!! SHORT Version at the bottom of the POST @admin My last idea for the time being thank God. POST Materials Wipe and Currency rollout... Idea: Pull the old Junkies back into NA Tempt the Older player back to re-try NA-OW. This to build up veteran player numbers, with New Players not really the target right now with all the changes a foot. Drag those ex-junkie’s out of rehab Background... I’m holding off coming back because I’ve so much to learn again. It’s not worth it with the major changes due. I like writing spreadsheets, I hate rewriting them. Just since Christmas so many mechanics have changed within the game. @Sir Texas Sir just takes the p/ss out of me now... With this in mind, someone who’s spent 1,000 or more hours then left, will find it ever harder to come back as the game morphs into different areas making NA difficult to get back into. Am sure you all loved @Jeheil YouTube stuff. How would he find coming back, or someone who's been away for a year? Nightmare... POST partial materials wipe and then the new Currency introduction, how will this game look to @Jeheil? Probably daunting but not impossible. He needs to be given an incentive or a quick hit to get him using again. So how do we get our reformed Junkie using? First and foremost, what would be a reformed Junkie? Let’s say 750 hours Gameplay with an in-game absence for six months or more. Not someone with 250 hours and a year away from the game. That’s the STEAM troll kids. Not sure if this even possible. STEAM is the conduit, GamesLabs [GL] sends the target Junkies an invitation from @admin. With gifts of bling to help soften the blow (excuse the pun again) back into NA. STEAM counts the individual PC hours logged in game and last played date. This you might not like... The bling gifts offered need to be time sensitive, with a short-ish expiry but the bling offered needs to be BLING. He is practically forced to login or the gifts expires. Is the entire DLC pack with the Herc & LeR bling enough or just too much? Now, some whiney b/tch will say these vets are getting rewarded for staying away. Sort of true, but think what I’m trying to achieve here OR could you think of another type of incentive? Or don’t try to get them back... They left, fcuk ‘em. The old customer and the new customer will need to be managed slightly differently but I think post Currency is a good time to go for the vets... Finally, … @admin would get a nice side effect here. These vets would do the tutorials on their own without a push. They’d be fresh eyes, asking questions we may not of thought of and yet not a noobie. I’m not sure this is one of the better ideas, but am interested to hear what you all think... Thanks for reading guys, and I promise that’s the last one for a while Norfolk nChance [ELITE] SHORT VERSION Going to the Opera to listen to Mozart’s “Magic Flute” played in A minor will have every Pedo clambering for a ticket. Likewise, we need to get our old Junkies clambering back into using again. Target them with a few bits of bling to help soften the blow (excuse the pun) back into Naval Action. This left any later will make it harder for a veteran to return as the mechanic as moved to far away... Now please go read the rest of the POST.
  2. @admin I’ve a request/problem I hope you can solve the Genius we all know you are am sure you can do it. [PvP Global] Bensalem, The Church of the Poison Mind [Club] would like to erect a white stone church/cathedral a top of the cliff face. A night the moonlight would light up the Church creating a beacon (and a spectacular sight) to guide the lost souls into our Sanctuary. The Cult is willing to have an increase on our daily tax rate or provide and or the stone blocks for construction. It’s a small request that will show a unique in game feature to attract tourist to our Parish. https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/877496267598363981/1525BCDA8039EDD832E600E83ADBDDF0E9D5052E/ The Church would like to thank both you @admin and @Ink for all your efforts pushing the game forward. Kind Regards Norfolk nSoul
  3. “…Hello, my name is Norfolk nChance ……and I’m an addict….” The Patch 10.00 roll out was I think Wed 24th May So, 10 days POST the big wipe. I was looking through the STEAM discussion threads, don’t roll your eyes there are jerks on this forum as well, author included. Anyway, there are some really pissed off teenagers here. Then I look deeper, and its wider than that. It’s not just the “this game is crap, should be on sale crowd…” no no… this is “Not going in the fun direction…”, “Making Money WTF…” “PvP is now dead….”. With lots of feedback, not just the usual spam troll rubbish… Somethings happened here… so I go the forum… I suddenly find were the STEAM kids got their potty mouths from… Vocal, real pissed off at the grind. WTF Admin… The economics are broke… Trader buff, reduce cannons, PvE Economy is broken… Then I was able to condense all posts starting the 24th May to today on the two forums basically down into six words. Yes, from pages and pages of threads to hundreds of posts. Just six little words… “Player no money, cannons too High…” We are talking broad strokes here, but you see it, don’t you? It came to me from a short but brilliant POST from [Victor] in the forum called STAGFLATION. Go read it. I mulled with piece for some time because it rang totally true but not quite. He seemed to have captured the “Six Little Words”. I’m not an armchair Admiral, but a real life economist. This I do for a living, and the one thing missing in the post is TIME. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Stagflation Read “Causes”, first sentence then look back at the “six little words” above. Ring any bells. The depression of internal demand of Goods due to the fact people don’t have enough money to buy them. Think about that East German Girl, in 1990 watching the wall come down becoming ONE Germany again. In her mind Disneyland, Paris, Clothes, Coca Cola… however want them all she likes she’s no money to pay for them. This is you in NA right now… My clan [ELITE], we haven’t been pulling out all the stops, but really just getting used to playing with each other again. A Bit of trading, some missions and well the odd Gank now and again. Nothing hardcore. Our cash pile is growing, we are working to a plan. I want the same L’O just as you and the other things. It will take time for me to get. There is actually no depression at all. The economy is 10 days old ONLY. It (the economy) just hasn’t started to get rolling momentum yet. But it is rolling all the same. The Junkie What we are witness to in Naval Action is player depression from needing something that he’s being used to having and replacing easily for the past year. This is what we are looking at. If I said remember when you first started … you seriously can’t, that world is tinted by rose glass that clouds our view. We need to asked a Brand-new player that understands numbers. What do you see, feel, hate, like… And this [Victor] knocks it clean out of the park… “harming the players progression (and fun) after the big patch” Fun Factor is not an economic term, but ask most adults in 2008 fun might not be the first word that springs to mind. What was left in 2009 was for most adult’s depression. This is how we are looking at Naval Action now. RIGHT NOW. The Brand-New Player doesn’t suffer from our past addiction. He’s in a new and exciting world to explore. His “Fun Factor” I’d guess might be higher right now than us old sea dogs. We have 500 to 3,000 hours of XP living in a world that’s just 10 days old. Let me just say the again… Just 10 days old… So, seriously is the Naval Action in stagflation or are we coming off them addiction blues? The Dealer If you’ve worked out who the junkie is, then you must know who’s his dealer. So, our beloved Genius, he tries to soften the blow (excuse the pun) of doing cold turkey. How, by giving us XP Rank Craft plus three ships and a get out of France free pass. He tells you in no uncertain terms… “Do Not Redeem your Redeemable’s unless you are absolutely sure you want to remain in that nation” So, have you snorted your XP yet, Smoked the Surprise Joint or injected an Indefatigable…? The Economy is ONLY 10 days OLD. WHY? Well, answer me this truthfully when you snorted, smoked or injected… you didn’t get that same high you were expecting right? The whole mechanic has change… you know this…? However, when a junkie doesn’t quite get his fix, what do you think happens to his Craving…? http://www.thefreedictionary.com/craving Go back and just look at the mass and mess of threads on the forum and STEAM discussion pages. You see it yet..? Rehab Think about looking at a 10day Universe for all that NA experience you have. It might seem like a good idea, but it comes tarnished. Just before the wipe, I took my ALT onto the testbed. I wanted to do a complete cold newbie start. Following [Powderhorn] excellent “New Player” experience guide. It was very hard, but fun. It was like being re-introduced to an old lover. Missions hotfixed overnight turning from Pickle to Lynx opposition to Rattlesnake Brig and SNOW lmao but not up in arms…. But I truly didn’t feel the grind. It was fresh. Getting into the first paid guns on the BASIC Cutter, felt like a great achievement. But still not grind. Trading, I wrote down prices circled Fort-Royal Ports trading away… It didn’t feel the same as what YOU or I feel now… In fact, I will admit I had more fun being a returned newbie than right now how to build my best Connie. On the ship tree… spreadsheets in the age of sail or what? Task to Complete If you can, go to either of the other two servers you don’t use. Log in and reset the PC and pick a Nation so far left field it might as well be France. Spend the next 5 days ONLY starting from scratch. However, within that time under no circumstance can you go back onto your main server. Then tell me, no tell Admin how it felt. My Suggestion The Next Wipe Admin, stop messing about and do a COMPLETE and FULL wipe. RANK, CRAFT, everything. Give [Balls of Steel] his Yacht on product launch only…. “….My name is Norfolk nChance ……and I’m an addict….”
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