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  1. Just an idea- but during the age of sail- men did not like to sail on ships made of teak- due to the increased chance of infection from teak splinters during battles-And the higher mortality rates. It would be interesting to have teak ships negatively affect crew morale.
  2. When Buying/selling things in port shop- lock the scrolled position in place instead of starting back at top of list and scrolling down again.
  3. Wind direction indicator when in port. So I don’t have to pop out to check then back in.
  4. me too- i got kicked and can't rejoin- my internet is fine.
  5. anybody having connection issues?
  6. Why not just another check box after you board the enemy- that says something like “ransom is accepted” that releases the ship back into the OW with minimum crew onboard. So the trader has to negotiate the ransom and submit to being boarded.
  7. You can take an exact bearing by drawing the line with your compass on the map. You can therefore very specifically communicate your position to anybody. If a noob gets tagged and doesn’t know where he is- it’s because he’s a noob.
  8. just change it for the British nation- for US it’s spelled correctly. Spelling wars- I like it.
  9. Why not have a Chinese topmast pennant that could be added to any nations ships. We could preserve-somewhat- the historical aspect of sailing in the Carribean during this loose time frame of late 18th -early 19th century. Since Poland is a dead nation- why not make that a pennant and sure --Canada too.
  10. yes- I am also unable to log in now- wait time is showing 28 minutes.
  11. What about in battle with a player? Does the battle pick up where it left off?
  12. its been a while since it happened. What happens when you are in battle and maintenance starts and shuts it down? Do you restart in OW or in battle?
  13. yes- problems all day- I heard in TS of players not being able to log in and waiting queue of 75 players +. I'm stuck in loading screen right now. When I was playing earlier today- there was quite a good bit of lag as well-- more than usual. Have DEVS commented yet?
  14. Of course you can find some NPC's somewhere on the map at all times- my point was that you increase NPC's when population is at 200 and decrease NPC levels when population is at 700. Not sure if its easy to do or not.
  15. There are times of the day when the population is low and its hard to find a player to fight- would it be possible to increase NPC traffic at these times to give us something to fight against? Maybe even mix up NPC ship classes more than usual? If I log in the last few hours before server reset- sometimes I can't find any NPC's or players-- and I either log off or fall asleep. To have things to do during slow periods might aid in player retention or encourage players to log in at off times for a different experience. I am not sure if this would be difficult to program or not.
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