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  1. yes- problems all day- I heard in TS of players not being able to log in and waiting queue of 75 players +. I'm stuck in loading screen right now. When I was playing earlier today- there was quite a good bit of lag as well-- more than usual. Have DEVS commented yet?
  2. Of course you can find some NPC's somewhere on the map at all times- my point was that you increase NPC's when population is at 200 and decrease NPC levels when population is at 700. Not sure if its easy to do or not.
  3. There are times of the day when the population is low and its hard to find a player to fight- would it be possible to increase NPC traffic at these times to give us something to fight against? Maybe even mix up NPC ship classes more than usual? If I log in the last few hours before server reset- sometimes I can't find any NPC's or players-- and I either log off or fall asleep. To have things to do during slow periods might aid in player retention or encourage players to log in at off times for a different experience. I am not sure if this would be difficult to program or not.
  4. To be able to completely destroy individual nations would be a bad idea. It would cause many players to stop playing or quit completely- remember when the US got one ported at CT a while back on the PVP 2 server? That was probably the low point of the game for many players and it nearly wrecked the game. A better idea would be to add certain incentives for players to switch to weaker nations. We would have to work around Alts exploiting it - but maybe weaker nations defenses could be strengthened by buffing forts - adding additional towers, guns etc. Or there could be a bonus to the weaker nations ships or guns when inside the port battle? Many are worried about the Russian zerg but for the most part I think its being self regulated by the players themselves so it doesn't wreck the game? - I guess time will tell.
  5. I have deleted contracts before just for the reason Sir Texas mentioned above. We can only have 10 contracts out and I was buying reps, never filled,- had no OP there, needed room for more contracts in a different port and just deleted the unfilled ones. You lose the money but save a long sail just to cancel. It would be better if the "cancel" label was just changed back to the "claim" label, the way it used to be- I believe.
  6. Time to fully unbox my Indiaman so I can fight my way back- sounds like fun. Can’t wait to try it out.
  7. Hethwill- I usually respect your posts but this statement is completely wrong. If you saw a NPC Wasa by St Aug - it was a unicorn for sure- occasionally you see a 3rd rate maybe as far north as Ays- but not Cabo or st augs. You have to sail all the way to Cago biscayno through enemy territory for any larger ships or missions. I don’t see the harm in letting different rate NPC’s sail the coast. Isn’t more people sailing around in a larger variety of ships a good thing? Maybe the devs shuffle the rates in each territory once in a while?
  8. Well said admin- and this version of the game is the best one so far. We have tried many different ideas over the past few years and led us to this point. One great improvement that could be made- would be to open up more missions for different rate ships. As a US player it’s almost impossible to unbox larger rate ships when we have no bigger than 5th rate missions and not many NPC’s to hunt either. If I am playing solo it’s not practicable to sail my expensive, unboxed 1st rate out of a Freeport to get XP. Or to go solo deep into enemy territory- this is where you are unbalanced and leaning on group only play. I do not think it would harm the game to give us a wider variety of missions or to occasionally sail a 1-4 rate ship up the coast. Even if it was only a few ships per day or 1 or2 Missions per day- it would make the game more fun.
  9. Move the spawn point to where the player first saw the battle marker or their location when the 2 minute timer runs out.
  10. If they are too scared to sail their good ships - who cares? That’s their fault and It’s better for the rest of us.
  11. Well- I thought the aggressive NPC’s were going to be introduced to help balance the nations. Maybe tax rates or labor hours should be affected as well to encourage switching to less populous nations.
  12. I will say that I agree- that 1.25% speed buff is not worth 250 CM’s- I thought that maybe the price was a mistake- or there was a hidden benefit. Does the API contain any other info? Art of cargo and speed trim both have better speed buffs for a lot less cost.
  13. Devs- I understand your philosophy about not having foreign NPC's in our sovereign waters- but come on, throw us a bone. There is too much quiet time with not much going on where it would be nice to see a NPC go by that we could attack. Also, would you ever consider rotating they type of NPC's that inhabit different parts of the map? It really feels like a disadvantage that the US only gets small NPC's on their coast- how about mixing them up every few months? More stuff to shoot at means more fun- please think about it.
  14. Where did you lose it? We can all pitch in and help you look.
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