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  1. Time to fully unbox my Indiaman so I can fight my way back- sounds like fun. Can’t wait to try it out.
  2. Hethwill- I usually respect your posts but this statement is completely wrong. If you saw a NPC Wasa by St Aug - it was a unicorn for sure- occasionally you see a 3rd rate maybe as far north as Ays- but not Cabo or st augs. You have to sail all the way to Cago biscayno through enemy territory for any larger ships or missions. I don’t see the harm in letting different rate NPC’s sail the coast. Isn’t more people sailing around in a larger variety of ships a good thing? Maybe the devs shuffle the rates in each territory once in a while?
  3. Well said admin- and this version of the game is the best one so far. We have tried many different ideas over the past few years and led us to this point. One great improvement that could be made- would be to open up more missions for different rate ships. As a US player it’s almost impossible to unbox larger rate ships when we have no bigger than 5th rate missions and not many NPC’s to hunt either. If I am playing solo it’s not practicable to sail my expensive, unboxed 1st rate out of a Freeport to get XP. Or to go solo deep into enemy territory- this is where you are unbalanced and leaning on group only play. I do not think it would harm the game to give us a wider variety of missions or to occasionally sail a 1-4 rate ship up the coast. Even if it was only a few ships per day or 1 or2 Missions per day- it would make the game more fun.
  4. Move the spawn point to where the player first saw the battle marker or their location when the 2 minute timer runs out.
  5. If they are too scared to sail their good ships - who cares? That’s their fault and It’s better for the rest of us.
  6. Well- I thought the aggressive NPC’s were going to be introduced to help balance the nations. Maybe tax rates or labor hours should be affected as well to encourage switching to less populous nations.
  7. I will say that I agree- that 1.25% speed buff is not worth 250 CM’s- I thought that maybe the price was a mistake- or there was a hidden benefit. Does the API contain any other info? Art of cargo and speed trim both have better speed buffs for a lot less cost.
  8. Devs- I understand your philosophy about not having foreign NPC's in our sovereign waters- but come on, throw us a bone. There is too much quiet time with not much going on where it would be nice to see a NPC go by that we could attack. Also, would you ever consider rotating they type of NPC's that inhabit different parts of the map? It really feels like a disadvantage that the US only gets small NPC's on their coast- how about mixing them up every few months? More stuff to shoot at means more fun- please think about it.
  9. Where did you lose it? We can all pitch in and help you look.
  10. Delivery missions are fine the way they are its a good way to generate content by having players moving around the map. The only suggestion would be to add some higher reward delivery missions that take you clear across the map or some timed missions where you had to go somewhere and pick something up and make it back to your capitol in a certain amount of time. Or possibly a delivery that caused you to touch at multiple ports. You could generate some story line around it. Another idea, would be to have the delivery be to another ship at sea that was in a general location and you had to find him- like delivering dispatches to the admiral. Thank you Devs for all your good work.
  11. I had always spurned the use of the sextant perk as unnecessary- but now that I have it, I might not want to give it up.
  12. It was a mistake to reduce the weight of repairs- it should get changed back to how it was before. There needs to be a downside to having “unlimited” repairs- at the very least the weight of excessive repairs should slow your ship down. All that extra canvas and masts and spars have to weigh something.
  13. Another example of how the BR roe is an annoying mess. Let’s vote on what the length of a simple join timer should be - and go back to that.
  14. When approaching an OW battle- how do you know if it’s open because the initial 1.5 minute timer hasn’t run out or if it’s because of the BR difference? The situation has presented multiple times when attempting to join a battle with friends and not all of us make it in- usually one guy gets stuck outside- makes it a little frustrating and takes away from the fun that he just has to sit there and wait. Could we at least see the join timer in the OW? Also, it’s been discussed endlessly- but with the BR system of ROE the addition of super port bonus ships rarely reflects the true “evenness “ of the battle. I rarely hear of anyone that likes the BR roe and players still complain constantly in game about it. The standard MO right now where you get attacked by a small fast ship and griefed for 5-10 minutes until the enemies heavy ship can join, is just tiresome.A standard timer was simpler and more fun.
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