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  1. I had always spurned the use of the sextant perk as unnecessary- but now that I have it, I might not want to give it up.
  2. It was a mistake to reduce the weight of repairs- it should get changed back to how it was before. There needs to be a downside to having “unlimited” repairs- at the very least the weight of excessive repairs should slow your ship down. All that extra canvas and masts and spars have to weigh something.
  3. Another example of how the BR roe is an annoying mess. Let’s vote on what the length of a simple join timer should be - and go back to that.
  4. When approaching an OW battle- how do you know if it’s open because the initial 1.5 minute timer hasn’t run out or if it’s because of the BR difference? The situation has presented multiple times when attempting to join a battle with friends and not all of us make it in- usually one guy gets stuck outside- makes it a little frustrating and takes away from the fun that he just has to sit there and wait. Could we at least see the join timer in the OW? Also, it’s been discussed endlessly- but with the BR system of ROE the addition of super port bonus ships rarely reflects the true “evenness “ of the battle. I rarely hear of anyone that likes the BR roe and players still complain constantly in game about it. The standard MO right now where you get attacked by a small fast ship and griefed for 5-10 minutes until the enemies heavy ship can join, is just tiresome.A standard timer was simpler and more fun.
  5. When we bring a warship as one of our fleet, does it have the same capabilities and behaviors as a NPC ship on its own?
  6. While I agree that combat should pay more than it does now- I disagree that it should be the main source of income. There needs to be some trading or economic activity that supports your combat. By making all aspects of the game interdependent provides balance, the need for teamwork, and different roles for different kinds of players. In the past we seem to have made the patches/fixes/updates too much that swing the pendulum too far the other way. Please don’t turn the volume up to 11 maybe 7 is good enough.
  7. Tonight before server reset (5/1 @ 5:08) a French Alt in the US nation opened multiple hostility missions for San Mateo for the only purpose of allowing French clan WO to enter instead and run up hostility and set PB at Mateo. This is an exploit and is using an alt to run up hostility in contrast with the stated rules and allowable uses of alts. Please investigate the player who opened the the hostility missions for a foreign nation. The PB should also be cancelled.
  8. Devs- your silence is deafening. You have admitted their was an exploit used on St. Mary's by acknowledging the bug and hotfixing it- how will this be corrected?
  9. If you are a captain of a sinking ship-it seems like it would be a good idea to grapple a nearby enemy and lash yourself to him. Ideally you would cap him and live vs going down with your ship? Then you cut away the sinking ship and sail off to the nearest port tavern and celebrate.
  10. Isn’t having a 20 minute join timer diminishing the importance of wind even more while exaggerating the effect of OW time compression? I think we must choose the lesser of two weevils.
  11. Is the shooting of the NPC ships changed or as strong when we add them as our fleet Ships? Did our fleet ships behavior change or is it the same as before this patch?
  12. this game will live or die based on its ability to balance historical accuracy with fun and playability- we have been close so many times to making this a great game and somehow always manage to over-correct and take a step back. Maybe listening to the vocal minority led us down the wrong path- who knows. If there would have been small changes over time it would have been better-- but Devs were always insistent on trying something completely different. i will continue to support this game and play until something better comes along (it will). Will this ever be released or is this a gaming experiment to make ultimate admirals a better game? Only time will tell-
  13. total BS that you can lock the rest of the nation out of a battle right in front of their capitol port. New ROE is the worst decision ever by the Devs-- getting locked out of the battle while you watch the enemy join is the opposite of immersion. Total fail. Why make this game more like the arena game, that spectacularly failed, is a reason I can't understand. BR limits and trying to balance the battle is a game killing idea.
  14. ROE is trash-- locked out of a battle and watching enemies join -- is the opposite of immersion. Why would you not be able to pile into a battle right in front of your capitol port? this is by far the worst decision yet by the Devs.
  15. BR limits and balancing is not an immersive experience--i cant join the battle but I have to sit and watch enemy join? How is that in any way realistic? Just set a timer to join and be done with it- trying to make "fair" battles is not the way we like to play this game-- if you have newer players, which we claim we want to help, their only possible advantage is to have numbers. Just set a timer and be done-- 2:30 is too short and 20 minutes is too long- make it 3 or 4 minutes and we can learn to play by those rules. Stop over-correcting things. please.
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