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  1. Sparkydog

    Hostility Reset every 7 days instead of 1

    Why not allowing hostility grind up to 50% outside of PB window time- but the final 50% must be done during the window. This would allow more players of the nation to be involved and generate hot zones around the map for longer periods of time. Hostility could still be rest once per day.
  2. Sparkydog

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    The point of my above post was to say I still find many NPC traders loaded with dubs at the end of the day, right before reset. I do this in a well trafficked area that would seem to disprove the idea that dubs get loaded once per day and NPCs are emptier later in the day.
  3. Sparkydog

    Are Doubloons only loaded once per day?

    I usually play late at night in US before server reset and never had problems finding doubloons. My experience shows that about 1 out of 3 NPC traders has a decent cargo of dubs. I think it’s more a function of location then time.
  4. Sparkydog

    An Experience with the Patrol Zone

    This would be historically accurate- during this era a class 5 frigate would never engage a 1st rate. One broadside would more than likely completely dismast the frigate. However, for gameplay sake- maybe we only go halfway there and not turn the damage all the way up? It would be nice to test a small change first.
  5. Devs, thanks for fixing annoying tile blinking and delay when moving items around in warehouse. The other annoying item is when you buy/sell stuff in the shop -it scrolls back to the top of the list-- can you fix that next please? It would be nicer if it didn't scroll and stayed put instead, so you can buy/sell multiple items more quickly. Keep up the good work- the small improvements are helping.
  6. i couldn't agree more Mr Buckle Up--- if you play during a low pop time, like overnight- there is often very little PVP and if there are also no NPC's- it results in a very boring game. Who cares if players stay by their capitals and hunt NPC's-- just let them. Its better than not having any players at all.
  7. Can we put some more NPC's back into the ocean please? The game is boring when the sea is so empty. Removing content is not a profitable idea.
  8. Sparkydog

    Open Letter to the Devs

    Hemp- I couldn't agree more with your open letter- well done sir. Devs - time to do something. Get rid of doubloon charge to TP, it's annoying and only affects new players. Increase enemy NPC In our national waters, maybe put them just outside the green zone? Reduce slightly the doubloon cost to build 3rd and 4th rates, these are some of the most fun ships to sail. Small changes Devs- small.
  9. Wow- very interesting book sir. Thank you for linking it here. In a cursory examination it does mention that the Gadsden flag was the personal standard of the commodore and was flown from the Alfred on the maintopmast head. So while I can not yet find evidence of it being flown as the ensign - it was definitely flown on a US warship.
  10. Esek Hopkins was the commander-in-chief of the US Navy in 1775. The flag that Hopkins used as his personal standard on his flagship the Alfred, is the one we would now recognize. It's likely that John Paul Jones, as the first lieutenant on the Alfred, ran it up the gaff.
  11. On behalf of the US, we would respectfully request the Gadsden flag for our navy.
  12. Again- I'm just trying to offer a viewpoint that I think gets overlooked too often. I don't want to play on the PVE server - even if I have only an hour to play, I want it to be able to contribute to my PVP game- so when I do have a while to pvP, I have cash and reps and ships and upgrades. If I get jumped on my own coast so be it- that's an exciting part of the game. Likewise, I do have ports in the Bahamas, but maybe I don't want to sail a 6-7th rate. I like sailing my Connie and Trinc and prefer to spend time in them. I'm not a peace loving snowflake, If I'm on for a quick fix and I get chased or ganked or somebody jumps my npc fight- so be it. Why wouldn't we want more players sailing around more often and for longer? To get people out of their home waters and out of green zones you need to offer incentives to do so--'not penalize or bore people for staying in them. We need more players in the OW - I think we took two steps forward and one step back with this latest update. Just one sailors opinion.
  13. I don't take this the wrong way- but I'm offering some honest feedback. Some days I just want to get on quick and shoot cannons. With the new NPC arrangement- sometimes I can sail the length of the US coast and not have anything to shoot at. The whole coast is empty. That's when the game gets boring.i like the new missions but not sure what was wrong with the old ones either.
  14. Give us back regular missions that I can do when I'm only on for an hour. I don't want to sail deep into enemy waters each time and get sucked into a 1.5 hour battle. Sometimes I have to go to work or go to bed or my wife is yelling at me.
  15. No Gadsden flag for the US?? really?