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  1. Unable to log into global game. multiple reboots. download speed 65 Mbps. unable to start new topic in forum. will not allow me to start a new topic. another US player can't login to global either that i know of we both got in
  2. more loot to plunder, me hardies !! argghhhh
  3. I do not have the choice for the testbed server under properties in my Steam Naval action page. How do I get the Testebed server option in my Steam account for NAVAL Action properties?
  4. I had and Indie in a fleet master and commander rank and had 6 ships against me 5th and 6th rank. I can't take that on alone. I can't do solo missions either because it only will allow me to do a lieutenant which is too low for for a Indie, even though I am a rear admiral. Why can't I do a master commander solo mission? DO I have to lvl up my solo missions in smaller boats to be able to use my indie in a solo? captnblackie is NA name
  5. i logged out an dback in and money was there every time I have a combat mission and come back to my port all the goods are gone. I have to log out and in about 12xs a day. Can this be fixed? what am I doing that causes this thank you
  6. yes but it never did this before where there was a deviation from the listed price on the trader tool. Have you seen it deviated from posted price. if it does differ and it is low what are you supposed to do? go port hopping looking for a random price with a boat load of goods.
  7. The shop is always empty after a combat mission. I have to reboot each time I return. I reported this pre hotfix 3 and it is still happening. I had to reboot after a ship of mine sold too in order to show the price. Can you please fix this.
  8. I bought carolina tobacco in St Mary's for 338 because trader tool said it was 441 in Brunswick. I've done this route several times. I sold it at Brunswick without looking at price. It only gave me 202 per unit . I lost 12,000. when i rebooted the price was even lower in Brunswick 186 If trader tool is not accurate then then trading will become worthless because of unreliable price. Price can change in real world but you should announce it first because I will not trade to loose money.
  9. I just received a notice of a trader brig of min selling at Brunswick to mcmanis I was not credited with the money. I put in an F11 and the sgathering information blinked but did not say sent.
  10. Buyer beware. the Perks permit Reset for 50 PVE id good only 1x!!. 50 pve is a major grind to reset only once!! wish i knew that so I could have balanced out my perks.
  11. I am cp 50. I was in my outpost at Brunswick. I went to Admiralty store to exchange 40 PVE for Trader Brig Blueprint. Admiralty store took my 40 PVE, BUT DID NOT give me trader brig blueprint. I checked in my crafting under Ships but no trader brig blueprint. I logged off. still no Trader Brig Blueprint. Where is it? Do I need a shipyard to purchase a blueprint? Has anyone else use admiralty store to get a blueprint was there a problem. I logged an F11.
  12. Ship transfer after NPC capture worked in PVE yesterday. But not on global today after capture of NPC ship.
  13. No goods in St. Mary's or Brunswick. Unable to take command of captured ship or contents only able to exit after capture
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