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  1. Very much h looking forward to this game. There is another Sea Legends game. Will you change/adapt name to distinguish them on internet searches? Will you use Steam?
  2. more loot to plunder, me hardies !! argghhhh
  3. Hethwill,

    where aare your guides Steam Naval Action? under what heading? I can't find them. I want to see them for current but more so for your thoughts when the we go through the various wipes.

    Thank you

    1. Hethwill


      Started on the Youtube channel but stopped due to wipe

      At the same time I am compiling a e-paper document so it is ready for the game release, due to the many changes that will still happen.

      Mostly the guides and manual will be aimed at newcomers.

  4. where is previous message that describes how to get into the testbed?

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