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  1. this new Battle Join Timer just screwed up my day..so.. Battles Join Timer need to adept to its place of origin ! ...In front of a Town they should be short to prevent exploit and gank ...Far in open Sea they could last longer, so help or another ganker can join (you will argue about this ) I like the concept of the P-Zone, where after 10 min of fighting, the situation can always turn for or against you I dislike the actual Timer mechanics, and like to find some good adjustments with your help Maybe Join Timer can related to BR Size or Ratio. Or some economic aspects like... you paid well taxes so your side get better Timer Or for the other side you earned some intel(missions ?) on the area and get your faction some bonus on timer any ideas on your mind ?
  2. Today i had a situation, that an allied player asked me in OW to help with an attack on an enemy player. So, ok i said yes an looked forward to a Fight. My Ship is slow (8.64kn). My ally was in sight an started the fight, and i saw the swords poping up an after a moment both ships disappear into battle. I had to go against the wind and did not reach Battle in time before it was closed. That Situation is a little bit dissapointing, actual seeing a Battle starts but unable to reach it ever. What about to extend the Battle Timer by paying Doubloons ? 'clicking' the sword and donate some for some more seconds for just you to join (additional time only for YOU)(maybe repeatable1-3 times) and/or/additional the guy insight of the Battle can pay aswell to extend it for all players outside What you think ? In my situation i just needed 20-40 seconds more to join
  3. i wonder if by map reduction, we can achieve a better gameplay so the average 500 online players see each other more often as an example, here an snapshot of the map
  4. I am missing some fency Keyboard Shortcuts. What would Naval Action need most ? Feel free to use my poll please reply if u miss a poll option 😛
  5. is there any chance to add some Fleets Ships to NPC Traders ? All Players do the same ! i added a poll to evaluate, what kind of Ships should be added to NPC Traders
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