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  1. Thank you for such quick and summary end. Although reluctant to be headless, the thought of my accuser being the same gives me solace. Tip of the cap, Holden
  2. If my Tribunal could commence soon it would be most beneficial (trying to plan my weekend) The particulars of the charges are: - Ignorant sailing in a Prince (me) - Desmoines (French account) being boarded and sunk by darkjoker thank you
  3. For the crimes of battlefield ignorance and being an anglophone in the French nation, I submit myself to judgement for the above infractions. Desmoines (France Account) was right to not only make my aware of the fact I was bad at positioning, and the fact that I let my teammate down- despite our ships rating. darkjoker boarding and defeating Desmoines (French Account) I believe was not my fault- i tried in my own 'noob' way to help. I await my tribunal
  4. Desmoines said I will have my account suspended, and now I will accept the judgement.
  5. Ignorance is not an excuse. I was ignorant to the battle situation. Of course, I did not do it on purpose.
  6. In response to accusations of treason I submit myself for tribunal. My accusers have not made a post for this and I deserve justice. The following are the facts: Battle Took Place: 16/7/2019 In Front of Fort Royal - I joined a battle to help (Prince) - I got in way of an allied ship (Trinc - Desmoines) - darkjoker defeated Desmoines Please suspend my account, Signed, Traitor Holden
  7. I had a similar problem last night, and I had t same thing happen 12 hours before. I was travelling in OW, so I lucked out. But this has happened a few times before...
  8. Maybe its time our dear dev's look into getting some North American server admins? (if that is indeed the problem)
  9. It seems that for anyone that was connected while the server crashed can't connect to any servers ATM. Patience.
  10. It seems the server crashed.
  11. Have to remind myself NA is still in alpha. It'll be ok...
  12. Weird crash during a battle. Then a 'Lost Connection'. Now i can't connect to the server, or any others because it says I'm still connected to PvP Eu One
  13. Holden

    Your review

    For lovers of the genre, and historical gamers I would surely recommend the current game. There are many gamers clamoring for this type of gameplay just like I have been. For the more casual player who might get turned off by some of the basic and raw features of the game, I would tell them to'hold off a few months'. Just to ensure that a newbies first impressions are enough to entice them to stick around, and have the best shot at having a solid returning player base.
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