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  1. I really enjoyed the last fight vs Grims. Well played from both side o7.
  2. Honestly i hardly think that this is going to proof something. Edited: comment was referred to the first 2 pics before you added the 3rd. o7
  3. I come from Rome, the beautiful eternal city
  4. Chat functionality: You can chat in the battle lobby using the new text window, as well as during a battle using the “Enter” key http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1859-feedback-for-v101-21112014/
  5. France Companies: Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales Compagnie Française de Saint Domingue
  6. Yes maturin , of course the color of black powder when it burns should be more white
  7. I think the quality is fundamental rather than the quantity ( smoke that go with the wind, trails , etc ) For example, this video shows how the smoke should be, how it moves violently at the time of the shooting and how it dissolves look at 2:50 I know this is a small charge but himself explains what I mean
  8. No problem sir, have a nice weekend you too!
  9. Or it would be nice to see the crew that shoots with muskets when ships are close as in Napoleon Total War.
  10. Beautiful .. These documentaries confirms even more how the war is beautiful in video games, but horrible in reality. Thank you!
  11. in this video you can hear also how the sound changes from different angles
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