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  1. I really enjoyed the last fight vs Grims. Well played from both side o7.
  2. Honestly i hardly think that this is going to proof something. Edited: comment was referred to the first 2 pics before you added the 3rd. o7
  3. Andrea is a completely male name, the rest of the world construe the greek incorrectly .
  4. Developers and moderators always available. All share the same passion exchanging opinions respecting others. This is a fantastic community, and is certainly the forum healthier than I've ever attended.
  5. I come from Rome, the beautiful eternal city
  6. It will also be a good suggestion , and we appreciate the interest , but it's useless if there is already a topic that shows the status of servers ( as also happens in other forums such Il2BoS etc.) Just open it and check , we testers we never had problems with this. regards
  7. There is the quick search bar , you don't need a lot of time. after all I think that BungeeLemming explained perfectly.
  8. Those that create thousands of topics ' why can not I log in " or" when will the server be up ' ' do not read well the forum . Many people open useless topic without first carefully look in the forum. In any forum the rule is simple: Before starting a new thread , please try searching the forums for an answer. it's not difficult to understand search before posting
  9. Chat functionality: You can chat in the battle lobby using the new text window, as well as during a battle using the “Enter” key http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/1859-feedback-for-v101-21112014/
  10. Hurra! hurrahhh! I can't wait to test the new patch
  11. France Companies: Compagnie Française des Indes Orientales Compagnie Française de Saint Domingue
  12. Guys, please do not write in uppercase because it amounts to scream. Be nice
  13. Awesome! I have great expectations about it
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