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Found 14 results

  1. Hello Devs, hello Community. I adore the soundtrack this game comes shipped with. I suggest that, if at all possible, once the game comes out on steam you should make the Soundtrack available on steam aswell! Sadly, the only way to listen to the music right now Is to Open the game and let it run (Unless the music is in the game files somewhere, but Im not very keen on digging through my hard drive). Seriously though, the soundtrack is amazing and I hope it never goes away
  2. Background music|Музыка для фона Music for epic batte|Музыка для эпичных боев And music for relax|И музыка для полного релакса all music from this channel - good I will fill as I find good music
  3. Ребят, а какую вы слушаете тематическую музыку игра в Naval Action? Буду благодарен, если посоветуете хорошие сборнички Ну и естественно поделюсь некоторыми своими сборниками, которыми пользуюсь на стриме:
  4. Why is there no theme music when you enter the game? Something to get you immediately in the mood to play. Simple suggestion. There should be. This doesn't seem hard, why doesn't the game have this now?
  5. How about some background music options for when you are in port or sailing OW? Could be just part of the game on the client side, and play from your own machine, with some in-game controls. I know you can play your own, but a collection selected from design might be nice.
  6. I find myself re-watching the trailer for Ultimate General: Civil War just because I find the music strangely moving. Who wrote it?
  7. Doubtless they are singing about the SOL debate..
  8. As the title suggests, I am wondering if there is a published soundtrack for Ultimate General: Civil War? I absolutely love the music of the game. While there's not enough music to fill a full album, I would love to have what music is here on my iPod! Is there anyway to make that happen?
  9. Hi Here are my wishlist: functional lighthouses in important landmarks (capes, points, little islands) with a banner with its name (like in ports) Improve important ports with several docks Darker nights improve weather and wind system maybe using wind and jetstream areas in open seas. Ships should suffer damage when stuck into shallows or great thunderstorms make a better looking map and include navigation tools like compass, plotter, protractor, pencil etc. and take out autocoordinates system (only with a new "navigator perk" make a real fishing ship (only fish and salt cargo allowed) Allow open seas trading Allow using more outposts Allow more buildings Allow delivery contracts between players (ex. Please deliver "XXX products" to La Habana (I'll pay XXX Gold) Give XP for patrolling ports (new misión ) Include a soundtrack (sailor songs, habaneras, tavern songs etc) Ships should need supplies to be able to sail like food, water, gunpowder, ammunitions, It would be great if you need troop (marines) transport ships to be able to take a port. (maybe using war supplies) Make new IA fleets including merchants and light scorts (frigate class ships) Develop flares in OW (Red=help, Blue = Hello) Allow fake flags for pirates and smugglers (only reveal real nation when very close) Allow to see who is in a port Feel free to comment
  10. I've always been a patron of classical music, and have been listening to it since my early childhood. As I would play with my parent's model ships, I would love listening to something good. Hence, I usually listen to these Youtube playlists when ganking around in Naval Action! *fear not! I am not promoting my own channel, or trying to advertise! 1: Musical Evenings with the Captain Philharmonia Virtuosi A total classic, I've had the CD since my early childhood. Composed of 26 short and light quartet pieces of the era of Jack Aubrey's exploits, the CD was apparently inspired by the books! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLIKlc8N9oCaF3rhmFAFelFySazTorJNBF 2: Mozart Everywhere Mozart, playlist by Smalin Mozart is just great; a perfect mix between repetition and creative melodies and harmonies, classic for the era and fun to listen to. I hang around this playlist every once in a while! https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PL5D2AC63011922F95 3: AC5 Black Flag Music It may not be everyone's favorite game around here (considering its glaring innacuracies), but its piratey music can be pretty great for pirates! Can't find a playlist, but i'm sure a YT search can uncover good stuff. 4: Classical Music for Relaxation Multiple composers, playlist by ClassicalMusicOnly Who doesn't like some classic Classical? Some truly divine and relaxing pieces will sooth your nerves after you lose your Trincomalee to a band of basic cutters, or see that the bloody French took your home in Mosquito Cay https://www.youtube.com/playlist?list=PLBB2DDD64CC993989 Got any recommendations anyone?
  11. Morning Gents, Just sitting here listening to Beethoven's 9th. And pondering the possibility of this game having a "Music Tuner" of sorts. Once this game is more in its "sandbox" stages. Sailing the mighty and vast sea's will take some time I imagine. So how nice would it be to have some periodic music to cruise too?
  12. So before I begin. These songs were originally put together for Crusader Kings II by Dorimi. So 95% of the props go to him for putting together such an awesome collection of songs, and I am in no way attempting to take credit for this. I am however, taking credit for distributing this wonderful collection of songs to the Naval Action community. Plus I have no idea where my original post went for this I posted a year ago... I find playing these songs in a playlist in the background in order adds so much to this game. Even during the fights, no matter what song you're on it just seems to fit, and makes the game that much more enjoyable. Note: If you're looking for more historical Real-Songs-Of-That-Time this isn't for you. 77 Songs for Naval Action Here's a few examples of songs you can expect. Across The Ocean After The Fall A Historical Love Chevaliers Merchant Prince No Sacrifice No Victory
  13. I'll start off with some of the classics.
  14. Having searched the forum and watched the videos on youtube I felt obliged to open a thread about the game's sound aspects. From what I've gathered there seems to be the rather typical game-dev focus on graphics, animation and visual effects over the importance of sound. I would like to stress the importance of good sfx, voice acting and music to make the action come alive - at a much lower cost than e.g. added particle effect layers... Sound, especially voice commands and shouts, the ambiance of a wooden ship reacting to weather and wear and an adaptive soundscape will do miracles for the imagination and immersion. Players initially won't need animated crew under deck with physical dismemberment mode set to "on" if they can hear the effect of a broadside. Simple as that. Right now it seems that the majority of the on-board sound consists of walla's (muted voices coughing or talking incomprehensibly), bosun's whistles, bells and gun's going of. http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Walla Simply put: that's just not enough and it's not what combat would have sounded like. Where are the in-language commands being yelled? The calls for assistance, the orders, the screams of the wounded? To underline my point listen and compare these two - without watching: Naval Action Combat: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0hCOVm14aDQ - sounds like a handful of sounds looped endlessly, and I believe that's what it really is that I am hearing...Master And Commander Combat (from min 2:00 onward): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=f06_CkYvIik - clearly distinguishable commands, shouts, orders, screams, yells and cheers. Of course I am not proposing to come up with an audio budget to rival Master And Commander, but just using some of the acoustic elements will make this game come a long way in player immersion. Required Sounds: Yells, Cheers, screams (indistinguishable) single and group Orders: nautical, combat, encouraging, disciplinary (in nation's language) indiv. Shouts: similar to Orders but more emotional (in nation's language) indiv. Proven source for professional multilingual recordings at a budget: http://www.voices.com/
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