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  1. @Thonys I would like to join the GWC but cant find anything on the forums. Could you point me in the right direction to apply for that clan?
  2. I would like to join. I would prefer a Dutch clan but cant find any active ones. Do you know of any? If not, can I join this clan?
  3. Dont tell me I have to do the tutorial on both! Do you? @Aster
  4. @Angus MacDuff @Draymoor @Barbancourt @Macjimm Thanks for the replies! You convinced me to buy it. I LOVE naval/sailing games, and there are not a whole lot out there. See you around.
  5. So, Naval Action is on sale on steam. Who would recommend me buying this game? Or should I wait for the release?
  6. I dont know if this is the right place to react to your statement. But i do agree with you. It all comes down to them being the worlds super power from ~1800 to ~1945. You see the same thing happening with the United states Army and Navy, they are seen as military gods and the Russians are still regarded as mostly outdated in equipment, skill and docterine. The equivelant of the British vs French in the napoleonic era. Statements made back then, influenced by nationalism and the war effort, are still influencing us today. That is why it is very important to set aside nationalism when judging h
  7. @Malachi I already had a hard time wrapping my head around feet and inches. Thats something I never, really never, use. Got the basic shape done, thats it for me for this week, will do some more on monday.
  8. @Malachi That helped a lot, the lines now fit the plan. I still do have other distances then your example between the lines but the total is 116'9 so thats good right?
  9. @Malachi So I started yesterday with modeling, I followed your tutorial on preparing the plan. But I then just used the files you provided as the safest route. Got a question though, I am not sure what is happening so i attached a picture to make it clear.
  10. @Malachi That is one interesting and beautifull hull shape. I really like this one.
  11. @Malachi, I have to say that i like the snow-brig a lot. I think that one has my preference. I have been a bit busy the last couple of weeks so i have not been able to search the internet for plans. I will try to find some this week. But we shouldnt wait too long to start this awesome project.
  12. Did some modeling and even some sculpting today to see if my knowledge and abilities are still fine. So shall we start soon? https://skfb.ly/6uGoH
  13. Also, if someone has an especially good plan for a ship but no time or experience to join us you can drop it in here. I think thats fine. What do you think @Malachi?
  14. I found 2 plans on the "Nationaal archief" that i liked and fit the requirements set by @Malachi . Checked the plans for disortions by following the first part of this tutorial but they are both pretty distorted. I am fine with choosing a suggested plan by someone else. I do not really like the shape of the Heldin but i do like the Danish Triton. Lets see if there are more plan suggestions coming in.
  15. Indeed, i like this idea very much. However just as @LeBoiteux i havent done any 3D modeling in a year. I think i am able to do this though. Also this is an opportunity that i cant let slip, so i will join you! I was started modelling the "Windhond" but because of the lack of time and knowledge i stopped the project. Maybe this is a good ship plan? Nationaal Archief "Windhond"
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