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  1. How do you get the 566 crew figure when the book states 415? Though the 415 was 10th december 1665, so possibly that was not its entire fighting complement. Edit: I think the later (1694) Zeven Provinciën would suit the game better, unfortunately there is very little known about her and she didn't have an illustrious career like her predecessor did. The picture of the engraving in the book looks pretty, though. The ship in that seems a little bit straighter, I like that. I'm not a big fan of the old style high afts. There was also a Zeven Provinciën of 74 guns fr
  2. Armada is just Spanish for 'fleet' I think. There were many Armadas in the historical sense and I wouldn't be surprised if 'lead ship of the Armada' just meant she was the flagship of any fleet she found herself in.
  3. But didn't the French modify her to be used as an effective merchantman? That would've been the configuration the pirates captured it in. I guess her frigate roots may have led her to have a bit thicker planking than your run of the mill merchantman.
  4. She was a merchantman and Blackbeard made modifications to the ship. Don't really know what she looked like. Imo no need to include her in the game as a 'fixed configuration'. Implementation of modifications would allow pirate players in possession of a merchantman to convert and modify her, bascially make your own Queen Anne's Revenge to your own specifications. Much more fun than having a generic copy-pasta ship as the pirate player's goal.
  5. Redoutable from 1791 was a Temeraire class 74 and I'll eat my own testicles if the Temeraire 74's won't make it into the game. So don't worry. It will be in.
  6. Unfortunately for us Dutch, the main period on which Naval Action seems to focus comes after our 'Golden Age', but there's still plenty of Dutch stuff in the 18th century. We all know and love the 74 as the ultimate linesoldier of 18th century fleet battles and as such these ships should be well represented in game, several types should be available for all the major factions. The Rijksmuseum in Amsterdam has this large, very detailed model of the 74gun ship "Vrijheid". This ship will fit in the game's timeperiod beautifully and could be an important staple of Dutch fleets. We didn't buil
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