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  1. We are still recruiting Captains.
  2. Dear Captains, we need your help. Come and join us.
  3. My criteria, or i was just pointing out that they need to put more DK ships into the game. Since Danmark-Norge was a pretty strong navy, i definitely think that more Danish ships would be involved. But yes it is going on the Caribbean but it could just as well have happened in any part of the world. 

    Have a great day Captain Pepepotamo. 


    RDNN prøve.jpg

  4. A list of ships from the Danish Navy from 1700 to 1807 Tre Kroner 74 guns Oldenborg 47 guns?/48 guns Slesvig 52 guns - Renamed Kurprinds Prins Jørgen 52 guns Delmenhorst 46 guns - Scuttled as part of Provesteen battery, 1713 Gyldenløve 36 guns - Rearmed to 56 guns, captured by Britain but released, 1694 Prinds Georg 80 guns - Scuttled as part of Trekroner battery, 1713 Charlotta Amalia 54 guns - Scuttled as part of Trekroner battery, 1713 Christianus V 86 guns Anna Sofia 60 guns Churprinds 76 guns Nelleblad?
  5. Up we go, we still need Captains
  6. Let´s have some fun in this game. come and join us.
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