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  1. Ohoy Captains... a Hallo from RDNN, from DAnmark-Norge.
  2. Join RDNN, write too Ostfrieuius or Arnuld from Jomsborg. we have many Dutch ppl in RDNN.
  3. We are still open for recruitment boys and girls.
  4. Ahoy Captains... We are still open for recruitment.
  5. Ahoy Captains... Come and have a great time with RDNN on the PVE-server.
  6. Ahoy Captain... If you need someone too sail with, then we are a crazy bunch off idiots. Not the Admiral off curse ,-)
  7. Ahoy Captains... We are looking forward too
  8. Ahoy Captains... ItsĀ“s time join RDNN. Come and sail with us.