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  1. This game definitely needs more. It still feels incomplete and unpolished. The need is for a tweak on the port battles to avoid the stagnant map and the second is to do as Aster suggests or something similar that will give people something to do once they reach max level. There needs to be a pvp endgame and a pve endgame. The pvp endgame is in place with needed adjustments but the pve endgame is non existent.
  2. I wold love to help you guys but I'm not sure we are in the same timezone. My clan operates late at night during American time zones.
  3. It feels like we are sailing the North Atlantic
  4. Hi Ink,

    I hear your the guy to go to for reparations for lost items that the game caused.

    I wrote an F11 as well. It happened around 6:15 server.

    I was in a pvp fight and we were losing. Partner down I fled. I was able to leave but clicking on the exit button crashed the game. I thought I would spawn on the OS as this is what has happened to me in the past but this time i respawed in the battle and being sunk of course.

    I would like to petition for the ship back as it was a blue 4/5 with bovenwinds, copper, naval hull. (Cant remember the last one.)

    I appreciate your consideration. I know its just a DLC ship but it takes awhile to get lucky. Again thanks.

    My in game name is Sid the Infected and I'm French

  5. I have seen this as well of course. Problem is you can't really take a screen shot of it can you?
  6. With the number of chat bans KoC has already been rewarded with, I'm sure those post pics have been addressed. Either way I don't really see an accusation against Christendom. All he says is he wouldn't be surprised to see Christendom do this. This is a judgment of character and not a specific accusation.
  7. My role playing side is sad to see you all take the black but my practical side thinks its a good move for you considering your small group pvp only focus of your clan. The pirates need a boost as well atm. Cya around. We should arrange some small fights from time to time.
  8. i like to see that this has been worked on without our knowledge. It looks promising. At least more interesting. I look forward to see a video of this working instead of just a screenshot. I'm also excited to see what else is being worked on that we don't know about.
  9. I don't think this is a good idea. On the surface it sounds great but the unintended consequences troubles me. The main problem is the freeports and how enemies use them to avoid risk to themselves, something I consider a panzy way of playing the game. Most pvp happens close to a nations home port. The ports around the Capital should be some of the easiest to defend not the ones in constant contention, imo. The port humpers have an advantage in generating your proposed permanent pvp hostility. They sit at dock and wait for easy prey to get close and then pounce. If anyone comes at th
  10. I would answer by saying immediately although you may be limited to hunting traders and small prey. My alt is a pvp only toon and I did my first three levels in a cutter. I also leveled relatively quickly considering how hard it was to find fights late at night when I would play the toon. Once in a rattler you are a valuable member of any pvp group.
  11. I think these bounties need to be updated. Are they all still in effect? I havn't seen infiniteamount in a long time and Tommy Shelby is now a Swede.
  12. Change pirate to US and you can understand why we didn't oppose you during the second war.
  13. My in game name is Thomas Pain. I am one of the diplomats for the American nation although their are others.

  14. I tried logging into pvp1 server today. I can get to my character screen but nothing happens from there. My clan is all online and I seem to be the only one suffering from this at this time. Is there something I can do? Can I reinstall without any ill effects? My in-game name is Thomas Pain Edit: My game is working now. The only thing that changed is my location. I was in Washington DC when it refused to load. Now I'm back home and it worked fine.
  15. I promised not to get into a troll war and I won't but just so people know.... On Febuary 29th I got a promotion at work. I was in school for that promotion for nearly six weeks. That was during the time of the first pirate/usa clash. Now that I am done I am commuting to work half way across the country and living primarily at the airport (I work for the airlines) My commutes happen on my days off. This month I am sitting reserve at the airport primarily with no quality internet and can only play when home. I am home exactly 4 days this month. Actually 3 because I picked up an extra day an
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