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  1. I don't like the aggressive npc's on the OS. We had that before years ago and it was annoying. The exception would be if you create legendary npc's that are more rare. You know, famous pirates and such.
  2. This game definitely needs more. It still feels incomplete and unpolished. The need is for a tweak on the port battles to avoid the stagnant map and the second is to do as Aster suggests or something similar that will give people something to do once they reach max level. There needs to be a pvp endgame and a pve endgame. The pvp endgame is in place with needed adjustments but the pve endgame is non existent.
  3. I wold love to help you guys but I'm not sure we are in the same timezone. My clan operates late at night during American time zones.
  4. It feels like we are sailing the North Atlantic
  5. Hi Ink,

    I hear your the guy to go to for reparations for lost items that the game caused.

    I wrote an F11 as well. It happened around 6:15 server.

    I was in a pvp fight and we were losing. Partner down I fled. I was able to leave but clicking on the exit button crashed the game. I thought I would spawn on the OS as this is what has happened to me in the past but this time i respawed in the battle and being sunk of course.

    I would like to petition for the ship back as it was a blue 4/5 with bovenwinds, copper, naval hull. (Cant remember the last one.)

    I appreciate your consideration. I know its just a DLC ship but it takes awhile to get lucky. Again thanks.

    My in game name is Sid the Infected and I'm French

  6. I have seen this as well of course. Problem is you can't really take a screen shot of it can you?
  7. With the number of chat bans KoC has already been rewarded with, I'm sure those post pics have been addressed. Either way I don't really see an accusation against Christendom. All he says is he wouldn't be surprised to see Christendom do this. This is a judgment of character and not a specific accusation.
  8. That is a downside to this game. It is hard to find nice fights. It happens but not very often. Of course, for me, the time zones is an issue there as well. I go out late at night my time and the only ones up at that time our your traders that are getting up before work to do some quick runs. What I miss is the arranged battles in PotBS. It was quite common for us to do that in the red zones but here when you offer the same thing the opposite side is more likely gonna stick with the gank.
  9. If 25 people showed with intentions of going in then I would agree. It is not a troll flip.
  10. are you saying that their team got screened out or that only 4-6 Frenchies showed up? If only 4-6 guys showed up then I think its reasonable to see it as a troll flip, not that I care if it was or wasn't.
  11. If I ever quit, it will not be be because of how other players play the game and how that may make my life hard in it. I will quit because of the management of the game by the devs who can't seem to set their alarm clocks to work on the game or are spending most their time on some other project meaning this game likely has no future. #setyouralarmclocksdevs
  12. Respectfully, You must play a little closer attention to what has been said in the many arguments above. The US has not complained about day flips other than to point out the hypocrisy that has been shown over "night flips". We have been called abusers, exploiters etc because we schedule PBs at our time which is inconvenient to Euros while they schedule PBs at their time which is inconvenient to the US. Its just shear hypocrisy and that is what you find the US complaining about. Just remember that at one time there was only one server. There was no NA server. When multiple servers were bu
  13. You have a point there in that when there was 2k players we had a lot more in the US nation but they were still not Euros other than two german clans and one Polish that never joined but talked about it. I don't think it was anything to do with what could be found there or not. I think it had everything to do with the nationalism we find in the game. Almost everyone wants to play their own nation except for pirates which are multinational. Even the Brits didn't have a truly multinational nation. Most of their players came from Britain or former British territories like the Aussies and the US,
  14. That is an issue and an unfortunate one. Our clan originally waffled over which nation to join. We were afraid the US would be a zerg nation which it is on pvp2 but on pvp1 it has obviously not been the case. We struggled initially as well because we were surprised how little Euros wanted to play the US. The Germans and Aussies were the only ones that seemed to want to give it a go but not enough to make a difference during the day so we were required to wake up early in the morning. It was difficult but satisfying when it happened and we were able to take their port in during their timers.
  15. I don't know about the Brits or the Dutch but the US NEVER set port timers outside of our prime time.
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