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  1. @adminThis may have been mentioned before.... Porting into another town takes the most important currency in the game, daballoons. If you have maxed out the number of ships you can have in your docks then you spend twice as much daballons than a person who hasn't maxed out there ships if your trying to move the ship. 10 to teleport to the ship and unload repairs, (now you can't teleport the ship because your on it to unload it), 10 to teleport out of town so that you can get off your ship(can't buy cutter since you are maxed out on your ships), 10 to teleport back and move the ship, 10 to teleport to where you sent the ship. (this all assumes that you only have one ship in that port) It doesn't happen often that you only have one ship in a port while having maxed out your ships but it does happen. I suggest that the teleporting of ships mechanic be changed so that you can teleport the ship while still on it as your main.
  2. I have seen this as well of course. Problem is you can't really take a screen shot of it can you?
  3. With the number of chat bans KoC has already been rewarded with, I'm sure those post pics have been addressed. Either way I don't really see an accusation against Christendom. All he says is he wouldn't be surprised to see Christendom do this. This is a judgment of character and not a specific accusation.
  4. All I see is troll crap going on here. You all try to get each other banned at every turn. What childish behavior. If KoC broke a rule. So, what. I didn't see one US player in that chat telling King to go away. I saw a conversation. No one seemed all that butt hurt about anything except maybe the VCO guys. Wouldn't it be better if you just dropped your pride and actually tried to fight a battle for once? You had what, 15+ ships out tonight and you didn't even try to tag four of our guys. We tagged you and you ran away. I know you weren't afraid but gosh guys why not fight? Is forum fighting the only kind you know how to do? This is one of the main reasons I took the opportunity to separate myself from you all. If you look in those chats you see him encouraging the other US population. From my experience with him, he is being honest about it. We come up there because we can find fights. When sitting in front of KPR we may get lucky to find a lone player to grab but the US will actually build a fleet and try to drive us off. And we all know they don't come out until the BR is nearly twice ours but they come out and they have good attitudes about it as well. They have improved as he said. The fights are getting harder to win and we have had to come up with heavier ships. Good on them. VCO? absent! Even though your group is probably the most experienced players in the US nation atm. All you know how to do is forum pvp and try to get people banned. Grow up! Move on and make a name for yourself in the game instead of on here. Those rules you post by the way, were written in response to Sorry's crap. After a battle they would come into the US chat with a minimum of 5 guys and just be assholes. It was for that behavior those rules were created. KoC may or may not have violated them as they are written but he hasn't even come close to the spirit behind why they were written.
  5. Johny Reb

    Bad AI (And frequent disconnects)

    My first thought is, "who cares about the AI" if this game remains match play against AI I will just go do missions in Open World. But the AI in both games are guilty of one thing and that is head on avoidance. Every time I find myself nose to nose with an AI ship it mimics my attempt to avoid a collision, nearly always, resulting in a foul up of some kind.
  6. Johny Reb

    Combat feedback topic

    I read a lot of complaints about the cutter. I still like it though. I love the addition of topsail control. Some believe it shouldn't be the first ship given to noobs but I disagree. You have to start somewhere and it is a fantastically dynamic ship. Maybe you could aid the noobs by making it a little more accurate. Otherwise, it is fast maneuverable, requires leading a ship even at close range, exact use of focuses, angling, and is low to the water making it hard to hit. Sure, even I don't want to sail it for long but it only took me a few battles to get to the brig. Even the tier 1 ships in WoW only takes a battle or two to get out of.
  7. Johny Reb

    Combat feedback topic

    I had this exact bug the second day I played. I found out it was due to my steam nickname. I wanted to use a different name and changed my steam nickname before launching. I never could get passed the loading screen for battle. I went back to steam and changed my nickname back and it worked normally.
  8. First, thanks for not banning me and for letting me get my frustrations out. You may believe that you have not insulted us but last night I read the responses, I talked with my clan and others in the US nation, and I watched the global chat. Trust me, we are insulted. I only have words to go by admin. Adding either the USA or the constitution only shows respect to that nations history. It has nothing to do with respect towards the player base in game. That must come through words or neutrality. I wish you could understand that because it would make it go better between you and the community and you and me. In part, we feel insulted because you made your decision and blamed us entirely for failure of the game and for people leaving. You claimed we are erroneously framing whats going on in a negative way and then frame us in that same way. You claimed that it was untrue for US players to say we are being "forced" out and then frame it yourself by saying we are the ones forcing people out. Neither is true. At worst, we are being coerced off the server and the Euros are choosing not to play. No one is forcing anyone to do anything but you blame us for it all. Second you don't acknowledge the greater problem that all nations were doing this. Only the US was in the wrong in the words you wrote. We have no other way to interpret that but bias and insult. You then imply that the US players haven't done anything to help the situation even though we were the ones that hosted the "all nation meeting" on the issue and tried to start a dialog, proposed MANY ideas to help the issue, and have tried multiple times to create player driven agreements. You "frame" us as being impossible to work with which is insulting and then later say we could end it all by switching alliances which wouldn't solve our issue of playing during our prime time. That is bias. You insulted us by what you didn't say as well. You never acknowledged our problems with work flips, didn't acknowledge our need to find content, didn't acknowledge the problems associated with a global server as it relates to us. You didn't because your words say that you think everything is our fault. The Euros are simply victims in all this. We are the problem and we must be stopped. Now, it may be that you didn't mean to communicate to the community in this way, although I think you did or maybe you realize now that you were not diplomatic enough in how you "framed" your original and following comments. I would suggest you start over by gathering your moderators together to help you craft a respectful response to the whole community and apologize to the US player base for your insensitivity to their struggles. We can start anew then and I for one would be more than willing to accept that apology because I believe in forgiveness and I want to see this game survive and thrive as much as you do.
  9. Johny Reb

    Remove alliances - community view

    What two nations would that be? Are you talking about pvp2? On pvp1 the Brits are the biggest but not that big due to population and the US is one of the smallest. Either way its something we could try. We know that no alliances didn't work well. The rogue clans were a constant thorn in the side and created to many unwinnable civil wars within a nation and split nations rather than nations acting like one against their enemies. For anyone involved in the enjoyable "negotiations" behind the scene it was entirely frustrating and felt like the game was broken. Going back to that isn't the answer so why don't we try the middle ground. 2 nation alliances mean 3 alliance blocks. If the two largest nations ally together then the other two will gang up on them and work together creating a virtual 2 alliance groups scenario again. If everyone fights everyone else again then the nations will also build alliance groups that eventually create 2 alliance blocks again which is what was happening before the alliance patch. The reason for so much diplomatic maneuvering was because the game was so new and the nations were finding their place. The only thing unique to that era was the rogue clans that everyone thought was bad and the need for a nations leadership to convince the general population to agree to the decisions made. Going back to something we all hated should not even be on the table. We can find a better way I think.
  10. Johny Reb

    Remove alliances - community view

    Why does it always have to be on or off with these guys? Start with limiting alliances to two nations and see how that goes.
  11. Hey folks, if you don't see a scathing reply to the admin between this post and my first one then pm me if you want to read what I said. I guarantee it didn't last long on the thread.
  12. I have always said, if you look closely at my posts, that if the devs wanted to split the servers in order to solve the night flip complaints than that is their choice. It is a reasonable way to solve the issue even if I saw other options as being better. The Admin, in his normal and horrible way of interacting with players though, could not just make that command decision. He had to do it by insulting the entire US player base I have had enough with this guy who does more to ruin his own game and piss off players with his attitude, little girlish fragile sensitivities, and his demand that we open all private messages with, "Hello Admin" or we somehow are insulting him, not to mention the demand that we defend HIS game when he gets things wrong. Admin, you have gone from calling us "Assholes" when we used an "exploit" during early access to, and for the last few months allowing your RUS friends to use them with impunity, doing nothing until LV finally posted a video of it. I dare say you will never call them "assholes.", but you have no problems calling US players that and you have no problem insulting us now for other things. Now you blame us for something they have been doing to us since the fine wood patch and they still continue today. How dare you blame us for something you created. You claim we never gave alternatives and that we never tried to compromise. Do you even READ the forums. There is only one group that has chanted "split the servers" and given no other options but your blind soul can't see that. And how dare you lie in the process. You specifically said that the EU server was not for Euros but that it was simply a designation for the location of the server. Now, for your gain, you claim it to be something else. Change it if you want but to use that in order to insult the entire US player base and blaming us for something that you created and was being capitalized by the other side for months now is disrespectful and discriminatory. We are all used to Russian bias in games but you take it to a new level when you discriminate AGAINST a large portion of your player base. Now lets look at player loss which you have said didn't matter. That you could test the game with 50 people and that after release you expect to have 1000 players. All these players until recently left because you spend SOOOO much time on the damage model and soooooo little time on content but now you have to insult us and blame us for running off players when you 1. said player base didn't matter right now, and 2. Chased off so many players yourself because you are so bad at designing a game. You care so much about what you claim we have been doing but didn't give a damn when they logged out out to sea, used US alts to make and deliver war supplies, duped ships and mods but its the US that has ruined the game???? You know, I've been trying hard to give you the benefit of the doubt, knowing that, in spite of all the horrible decisions you have made that you would actually make some decent ones in the future. (Make no mistake people, I'm not upset at the decision to split the servers. I am upset at the bias and how he has talked down to the US player base and the complete disrespect he has shown to that group of players) . BTW, where did all our money go. It obviously isn't being used to develop the game. I think maybe PAYPAL was right at the beginning. I should never of stood up for you then.
  13. I'm saying goodbye to everyone here on the forums. Some of you I have argued with passionately and although we have disagreed I still have respect for some of you nonetheless. We all have opinions and its impossible to get scores of people together from different countries and different time zones and different world views, to agree on things. I have always respected the opinions of those that wanted to split the server as the best way to solve an issue as long as they acknowledged that the problem went both ways and they did it with respect to the fact that I need to play the game as well. I'm saying Goodbye, because what I am about to say is going to get me banned and I don't care anymore. I will have my say on Steam. I have held off on reviews to give the game time to develop. Well that time has ended and the review won't be pleasant. If my prediction is correct than This thread will probably set records for the most players forum banned and warned since 2014. That says something about the management of this game and the decisions being made and the way that they are communicated.
  14. Johny Reb

    night flips

    That is a downside to this game. It is hard to find nice fights. It happens but not very often. Of course, for me, the time zones is an issue there as well. I go out late at night my time and the only ones up at that time our your traders that are getting up before work to do some quick runs. What I miss is the arranged battles in PotBS. It was quite common for us to do that in the red zones but here when you offer the same thing the opposite side is more likely gonna stick with the gank.
  15. Johny Reb

    night flips

    If 25 people showed with intentions of going in then I would agree. It is not a troll flip.