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  1. Put this in the Tribunal section of the forum.
  2. That's not really "abuse"... Oh and please shrink your signature.
  3. I'd make the case that recognition should also be given to those who manned the forums and answered new peoples' questions. (Most are mods now, ie. Henry, I guess that is recognition enough, but it was rather thankless work done by them answering the same questions over and over or linking threads.)
  4. Don't feel bad, I got declined and I've been here since 2013. Some call me abrasive Maybe my journeys have reformed me, we will see, you grow in every opportunity in life, whether you realize it or not.
  5. Very tame .. a slight argument gets attention fast.
  6. Fair enough. If you have a local computer store they will often charge a 50$ fee to assemble, which, if you can find a store that does it, will save you money still compared to buying a prebuilt. Also where are you from? If your from the US or Canada I can give you some prebuilt ideas.
  7. Why is building out of the question? Are you afraid to do it, cause if so, it is a lot easier than it looks/sounds/tends to be told. And its so much cheaper.
  8. This isn't how it works. It makes your load more not less. Decreasing FPS, not increasing it.
  9. If you can change your focal point to see the distant ships without looking through a blur. Otherwise it will only be used for screenshots and trailers, and I think that time could be better used.
  10. You don't need to stay in battle to get credit for the damage. The only perk of sailing upwind is the win stat (why you would care for that in a Alpha is beyond me) and the meager damage from 1 boat.
  11. Whats your rank in CSGO breh?
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