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  1. Joined this forum on August 2nd 2013, full of hope and dreams. But, it is hard to write a positive review for a game that was ruined so early on. The game was once "overall positive" on Steam, back when people, similar to this post, asked people to write good reviews for the game. In the end the truth shone through. You complain about population so here are the best "I told you so's" that I can remember from back in the day (2014-2016). Oh the glory days of forum arguments and first testing basic battles and later the open world. 1) We told them they had a niche game, a sailing game of high historical accuracy. We pointed to other similar titles, even more casual titles which had TINY player bases, but dedicated player bases. We told them that the game population would never be steady in the 3000+ range. They said it would be, they said the map would be "filled with players." Turns out they have about 400 dedicated players. 2) We begged them to not isolate casual and even semi-casual players by following the requests of the few. The few being the hardcore naval captains who, ironically, mainly do not play the game anymore. Instead they pandered to them, they indulged them with a giant empty map, slow sailing, boring grinds against idiotic NPC's, or once rebalanced, NPC's that did not miss which killed new/casual people. 3) We warned them about listening to Youtube personalities who picked up the game when it was fresh (and the playerbase was large). They pandered to them only to be abandoned by them when they realized no one wanted to watch Naval Action anymore. You don't see them around anymore *roll eyes*. 4) We asked them to take in the countless people who had been loyal to other sailing games for years, instead they drove them off with historical accuracy and broken grandiose promises. 5) We asked them to finish the UI, to polish the simple stuff to increase marketability. They said the mechanics would sell the game, yet here we sit with daily peaks of 400 players. 6) We told them it wasn't ready, that the world was too empty, the grind too much, for a release to the masses on steam. Once you burn someone they don't tend to come back. Low and behold the population of 4000+ soon died down to 2000, 1000, 800, 400, 200 until they "launched." They said it was fine. We told them all of this back in 2014, when this game was no more than an idea, one video of a ship sailing, and the number of active people on the forums could be counted in the 10's. I guess this is the "I told you so" post. So if Admin is reading this, and if he remembers me, I told you so This post will no doubt be deleted, like the majority of the criticism they should have listened to back in the day. It's their loss in the end.
  2. Put this in the Tribunal section of the forum.
  3. That's not really "abuse"... Oh and please shrink your signature.
  4. You make amazing counter arguments and fully flesh out your position. 10/10
  5. +1 - The whole combat timer is a bit gimmicky, distance might work better and is, at the very least, worth a try. That is indeed the point of alpha testing is it not.
  6. Spooky scary storms. Makes your snow into a submarine
  7. I'd make the case that recognition should also be given to those who manned the forums and answered new peoples' questions. (Most are mods now, ie. Henry, I guess that is recognition enough, but it was rather thankless work done by them answering the same questions over and over or linking threads.)
  8. Don't feel bad, I got declined and I've been here since 2013. Some call me abrasive Maybe my journeys have reformed me, we will see, you grow in every opportunity in life, whether you realize it or not.
  9. Many months and years ago there was the whole 'no progression' being thrown around a lot....
  10. Very tame .. a slight argument gets attention fast.
  11. Chain feels very under powered at the moment. Sinking is so much easier than chaining their sails.
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