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  1. "Easy" stuff from the outside sometimes require a lot of work actually. Talking out of experience
  2. What do you mean? I suggested giving new players this perk. You want some fancy mechanics around the navigation but tbh I rather have devs spend their devtime on more important stuff and live with the gps we have now.
  3. Was the game like it is now? Pretty sure it wasnt. I'm talking about the experience I had looking over the shoulder of my brother when he started playing without coords and stuff. You are talking about your experience. Would you have quit the game if you would have GPS on the map as a perk with the option to turn it off later to gain a advantage in battles? What will a new guy do when he is lost at sea? He cant tow back to port he cant surrender or something He has 2 options: Sail straight SW for possible hours Delete char and restart How high are the chances this new player will ragequit the game?
  4. When I started the game we had coords on the map with our position and a grid. Now we have nothing. As a new player living in europe or asia the first thing you do is probably search the port where you are out of the 200 or more ports because they dont think about it inside the port. They first think about it when exiting.
  5. if/then would be awesome so we can colorcode every single nation. Is there a option to make hostility a different color too?
  6. You and me and other players are very different. I'm looking at this from the point of view that its allways better to make something harder at a later stage, when the player is more experienced and not give the option to make it easier later. A player who is lost and has no idea how to get back will rather quit the game than a player who discovers later why he has navigation on the map
  7. So much truth in such a small sentence. I made ma point several times in different threads and communication channels already and wont repeat anymore
  8. I'm living in such harsh conditions in havoc that words like this keep me going for months. Thank you!
  9. There was no RvR patch, thats the thing why even havoc isn't online atm go and cry in your corner
  10. HAVOC is on a break until the next year and the next RvR related patch. We wish everyone some nice holidays!
  11. Most players are in a break. A RvR break cause of not patched mechanics after eco patch aswell as the holidays break. The portbattle in Nassau showed who is on a break in HAVOC. We have like 1-3 online normally now, at the PB we had 16 online. A RvR patch would get us back in the new year Anyway, even if pop doesnt grow now the important thing is release. Right now there is not much stuff to test
  12. in most situations in real life you get prepared for exams and not for real life stuff. I still remember when I looked over the shoulder of my brother who started the game and the lack of navigation was a problem for him. I bet it wouldnt be a problem later but the big blob of new stuff was too mcuh for him and he stopped playing rather fast
  13. Any chance new players can get the sextant perk as default when they create a new character? It makes life for them easier and when they think they could need the 2 points for something else they can try navigating the hard way. I guess most new players dont even know about officer perks for the first hours of the game and a default setup could help making new players life easier.
  14. 90% of the streamers in NA just get streamsniped and then stop. There is no space for average streamers in NA