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  1. frontline is finally how it should have been at the beginning to be honest. Fireships I agree. Looking foward how it will be changed.
  2. Friendly fire will ignire them though But sounds good for a start. Let's see how things change with this
  3. one of the fireship meta battles
  4. Would not be a problem if battleratings of portbattles would be changed. Or the BR of ships significantly improved.
  5. Noone will know if we like it or not if you dont either leak information to the public or show it on servers. Demasting was not that bad realisticly aswell because they could still shoot and did not have "weak HP sides" we have ingame atm. Also, when changing this stuff also think about new players fighting AI and not only about vets.
  6. In my oppinion: Short-Term Hotfix: - Deactivate the ability to turn off survival for ships that have no fireship-fitting as a perm upgrade - Remove fireship 1-3 from the game Long Term mechanic should focus more on fire and not on the explosion itself see @Anolytics post
  7. Fireships back in the days also didn't sail together in line with the fleet, exchanged full broadsides with the enemy and then explode with 1000 ppl on board. Fireships are now obvious aswell because they generate 1-3 fires every broadside they receive. They are also faster than fighting ships. You cant realy focus fireships as you might think because they will get close enough most of the time to do damage and compared to the BR they need they will do a lot of damage. Maybe this will even lead to more mixed fleets in PBs
  8. It makes sense that all crew dies on exploding ships. It does not make sense that all ships in a 400m radius die from fireships. Some crew on sailwork is alright but I doubt people braced on the deck or below deck would die from a 17ton tnt explosion >100m away that mostly goes up since the powder is stored below the waterline. The current gameplay of thick thickness and multirepair does not allow splitting up and it does not allow long range battles in RvR (big battles with a lot of people) because you can not kill anyone on range playing 1st rates. They just turn away and repair to 100% again and nothing happens. Like I said already in the old days of 1 repair and no chain-dmg-falloff this would have been okay-ish. But with the current implementation it is just not a fun mechanic. Suggested changes: - Deactivate the ability to turn off survival for ships that have no fireship-fitting as a perm upgrade - Remove fireship 1-3 from the game After that fireships are still strong but (probably) not as OP as they are now. Soon we will reach a point where both sides have 25 AI capped fireships and it is just a matter of who survives with more ships in the end of a PB
  9. You have no idea about RvR in the first place And 100m spacing still kills 3-4 ships. trading 1 for 3-4 still works good
  10. Even if this would be the reality. In reality there would be not 1000 ppl sitting on this ship that will explode. Also this is a game that should be fun, there are also other mechanics not in the game that are there in real life for reasons
  11. That Christian in front got destroyed by the fireship in the back in this moment. This is 400-500m All Sails intact but 900 ppl died. It is just not fun to have big battles like this. The video: (And sekiro is right in the end)
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