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  1. Naval Action legends failed. There are many way better arenagames on the market and I don't see a single reason why the development of recent years should be scrapped to make some single guys happy. You are fighting a losing battle here, I don't even know why you put that much effort into it.
  2. was And the reason why the open world arrived was a voting if I know that right. You are living in the past
  3. The magic in NA lies in its assymetric battles and the victories you gain while in a worse position aswell in the grand campaign in terms of RvR. You are forced into our playstyle because you play a game that doesn't fit your gamestyle from what I read from you. You already get more XP for sinking bigger ships, you gain a lot by solo pvping if you are good already. I could argue for more XP for doing only damage and no assists/kills but the rest not. If your enemies are too fast for you you have the wrong ship. If your enemy is able to run from you while in engagement and close you are playing it wrong If you look for a arenagame you are playing the wrong game.
  4. Im rather not a superpower than ship stone to a empty PB the whole night
  5. I just see it as a victory that russia was forced to use its ressources on a port like nassau instead of something else. That's why im happy about it. The fact that they sailed it over from vera cruz shows that they were scared which is nice too Also calling us a 2nd rate clan doesnt work with the fact you thought you have to build the fort. We looked foward to the portbattle and are sad ofcourse it didnt happen but it was a fun night. Anyway lets stop spamming this topic and look foward for todays battle of russia vs prussia
  6. Nothing wrong with the defensives and big respect for the motivation to sail it there from vera cruz for the defence of Nassau. I think everyone who knows portbuildings respects that achievement
  7. Too much talking from people that dont even show up on lineship pve event
  8. I want a powerpoint please on the development of the dutch nation. Deadline=tomorrow.
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