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  1. rediii

    New port UI causing massive lags

    Same with adding friendly clans. It is horrible to use that
  2. rediii

    API player data

    swinging dicks is a lot of fun
  3. Do we get realistic reloadtimes aswell then? (timecompressed) What would this be ingame? 10 seconds? Less?
  4. Offtopic: Nighttimers are a cheap way to avoid pvp aswell. Ontopic: Screening is needed so a small group of 20 people can't dominate the whole server. The need of screeningroups involves more players than only a portbattlegroup and creates much more pvp and a better experience (if you have the minimum of needed people which the server doesnt have atm) Screening is needed for the same reason why OW battles cant be BR based. People have to overcome a very skilled group of people by having more people on their side. And another fun fact: The majority likes screening (guess why lol) that means more people are happy with the mechanic
  5. rediii

    Wasa can't be slower than the Bellona

    problem of the wasa is the holdsize+very weak masts
  6. @admin demasting seems to be a big issue on testbed atm
  7. If changes make it to liveserver please consider making all lineships somewhat even, make them only a bit stronger with every rate you go up but with a high increasing cost of each
  8. how about just disable the stabilizer we have atm? So battle sails are usefull on range due to more stable gunplatform (atm if you leftclick you can get 50° more heel and the broadside is still perfect)
  9. Also if battles dont last long ships have to be accessible more easily (same with reps btw)
  10. Has to be tested, since doubles do more damage in first volley and damage is so insane atm it might be the other way around. Or it might turn out balanced
  11. dont discuss with a inactive mostly solo (but very good) player in a feedback thread now. Back to topic, if you increase damage decrease accuracy by 300%
  12. @admin if you make damage that high you should realy think about decreasing accuracy dramaticly so fights dont take place from 400m and more.
  13. Lines will be the way to go if a blob cant sail straight for the enemy anymore. The range this fight starts at will be high though. Longs will dominate
  14. if you pull out fast enough and the 2nd hides him From the point of fleetbattles more damage without stern/bowtanking means battles will be fought on a bigger range