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  1. Game is dying is the best meme as long as NA lives atm
  2. Russia took NO Russia tried several times taking SJ You want out crafting port. We all know that. And north is jumping around threatening anyone who doesnt play his game.
  3. You read a forumpost in the internet ofcourse its true
  4. Denmark is more or less in a civil war, let's say we want to end this war quickly and stop them having casualties in their own ranks
  5. tl;dr you constantly threat spanish to take their craftingport and wanted to take maracaibo, maybe even more. But feel free to comment
  6. Due to the recent screening event of DNP and no possible relationships with DNP BOCAR and DANVE sweden talked with the moderate clans of denmark. Sweden will therefore take all the DNP BOCAR and DANVE ports of denmark and give them to other clans. Let the shitstorm begin.
  7. Show your shipknowledge in open world. Maybe even change it
  8. Automatic claiming of patrol mission at maintenance remove 10k doubloon cap in money chest? Don't know why the cap is needed at the moment automatic accepting and claiming of leadership events with a message which rank you achieved when automaticly claimed I doubt anyone disagrees with that or wouldnt like it Will think about more stuff more when I have more time ... but I guess new player stuff, exploration missions and other means of getting seasoned logs than pve would be something that pops into my head instantly. Oh and find a way to use victorymarks for please. They are just stockpiling everywhere.
  9. Cabo rojo? Oder fort dauphin? Fort dauphin wurde gekämpft. Russland hat nur nicht angegriffen Cabo rojo lag an deinen Mitspielern. Einfach mal nicht zum nachbarport im battle fahren sondern auf punkte spielen. Der timer liegt auch an deinen mitspielern. Abgesehen davon spielst du in russland. Natürlich rennen alle weg wenn die immer zahlenmäßig unterlegen sind. Preußen wäre vllt mal ne erfahrung für dich, gerade weil dort gerade viele was neues aufbauen wollen
  10. I wouldnt trust anti virus software for checking custom written software. For example uploading a textfile is nothing antivirus moans about but it would still leak your accountdata (not saying it does that ofcourse)
  11. The thing is that big ships are the preferred choice though. Who wins? 4 ocean 3600 BR vs 9 Wasa 4 oceans vs 7 Bellonas 4 ocean 3600 BR vs 6 christians 6 christians 3600 vs 9 wasa Etc... Highest value is big ships. Which is historical accurate but not helpfull in NA.
  12. one of your moderators could silence this guy he is still spamming
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