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  1. We don't get along. That's all.
  2. Interesting to know. When did that happen again? Everyone should know that we can't be arsed to sit in the same channel as REDS leaders. We didn't even manage to do that a long time when we were actually in the russian nation. Why did I again?
  3. Several issues: #1 I got a new PC and my PC was crashing all the time when I played NA. I also had this in Portbattles Took a while to fix that #2 No support by sweden and the dutch was coming anymore #3 internal danish issues
  4. Attacking leads to a success. It's just a matter how often you try. However waiting until you finally lose is the smartest way to fight russia ofc.
  5. Both of you stopped and after that the "russia is killing the server" shoute arrised. Whos fault is that again?
  6. You even made a post about wiping the server when a nation gets too big
  7. All the big balls when someone wins a defensive fight. Go on the offensive if you think you are stronger dutch and dont just hide in your corner and cry when you get attacked and then shout that you are the best when you win Russia gave you that win yesterday btw by making one huge mistake. Before that they pretty much had you. Also because the dutch managed to position themselve downwind on open world while russia was in battle.
  8. The distribution of my youtube views looks the same and it looked like this even before germany prussia, poland and russia existed in NA. While I agree it is a factor at the beginning that you can play your own nation it makes playing the actual game way harder. With many nations you also need a alliancemechanic or the difference between nations is too big to actually do some RvR.
  9. @admin can we get a nice teaser or something of what's coming when it comes?
  10. It depends on how you played games before. IF you start gaming with NA it's quite hard indeed. If you played games before and tend to think about stuff before you do it it doesn't take that long. At 500 hours I started to command portbattles and became the main PB leader of sweden and led sweden together with @Graf Bernadotte and @sveno. So experiences are quite different here. To be fair. You spent 500 hours and enjoyed the game so far as you write yourself. With 500 hours you got more out of the game than >90% of games in steam probably.
  11. What happens if my friendly clan list clan is attacking someone of my nation who isn't on that list in OW while we are in a group? Does this mechanic allow me to join attackerside of nations that attack my own nation? That's just 2 things that instantly come to my head. There is no such thing as "simple"
  12. Portbattle of Spanish Town (+2 dead 1sts on swedish side after screenshot) Fottage taken by this camera
  13. don't forget the value added tax so it's actually more than 50%
  14. rediii

    Fix login

    I have that allways since I play NA. Sometimes more sometimes less. Also I restarted before recording
  15. rediii

    Fix login

    Thats my suggestion. Make it less of a pain to even log in After 5 or so attempts I recorded my todays log in experience
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