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  1. how did you even manage to get boarded by a pfrig in a pickle lol edit: Oh wait liveoak/whiteoak trash
  2. Maybe they like it and therefore dont look into the forum anymore? Or the DLC ships work heavily against the idea and therefore they lrft the game Or they wait for the wipe just like many others do. Who knows I dont realy know tho atm how shippermits are buyable so I cant argue a lot.
  3. I'm on holidays and cant test However, you basicly say purple/gold ships should be even better than they already. Why would you want that? You complain that AI does more damage, yet they dont they just use medium guns... thats why they do more damage and reload faster When I read admins post I think they make AI easier and not harder(which is what everyone says basicly)
  4. I get this every time I want to log in aswell and then just press login again and it works... cant you just try it 5 times when so eone presses login instead of instantly showing the errormessage?
  5. This is about the mechanics, not about the players. - Moderation team -
  6. hermione is the biggest/fastest straight downwind sailor only compareable with the pirate frig.
  7. is it? A better way would be to give reals at every tutorial step you do instead of one big cash from a exam only tbh
  8. doubt its too hard to let a bot create a character, trade money, delete the char again and start from the beginning 24/7 how many times is this possible each hour?
  9. britain has a problem because most players dont stay. we tried training new ppl, everyone stopped rather fast playing NA
  10. to correct you here. Havoc always helped british when it was possible. So saying we dont care for brits is actually nonsense. We helped at that ports at the french capitals countless times, we were at the florida coast and captured the south of cuba aswell as north of belize together with other british clans. We are inactive right not not because we dont care for gb but because we dont care spending too much time in NA until the wipe happens
  11. Problem of that "protect yojr noobs" thing is that it is painfully boring and ineffective to do it. You either wait and bore out or can only react and chase someone who will most likely be in the fastest ship possible. I did try it for a while. You end up sailing behind a sealclubber withut the chance to engage. He cant get away from you either do. So you have a situation where your enemy and you just chase until one gives up. Even if you are very effective in killing sealclubbers you can only react to someone being killed and at that point it is already too late. The experienced sealclubber wont give a shit if he loses his ship, the guy getting sealclubbed wil care a lot Thats my 2 cents to that situation
  12. Just turn off global - ez It is a fun place to be toxic at but I don't realy know if it adds anything to the game TBH.
  13. @admin we get a 4th rate DLC ship. I don't like it but ok, whatever. Depends on what cooldown it has TBH. A problem I see tho, if data is correct. (maybe its not since it is labeled as 3rd rate in gamefiles) These data have a lot of reds on the agamemnon side. why does the DLC ship has to be the best of its class again?
  14. How often will you be able to redeem that 4th 1/2 rate ship?
  15. without determined you pretty much can't tack as soon as you are: outnumbered or just not boarding fitted determined gives you this chance. If you face 2 players that are boarding fitted and know what they do you will get boarded if they want it, allways (1 pushing from behind, 1 from the front)
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