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  1. Espanoles, REDS mentir, manipular naciones y imponer acuerdos que solo beneficiar REDS. Ustedes tener que resistir. Clanes GB ser debiles y vender GB a russia. Usteder no querer mismo.
  2. It was the russians who demanded us to have port battles around Bluefields so they can train their new port battle fleet (with the VLTRA turncoats). Are you denying this, Sheppard? Will you keep talking about meatshield bullshit after this shitty agreement with REDS to keep then entertained?
  3. Sheppard. This is a game with many tense and stressful situations that lead to a whole array of reactions depending on the players education and age. Complaining about a bunch of insults is childish. How many times have we seen british captains mockering at others in our own national chat? Complaining about some pvp fights in Santiago de Cuba, one of the most exposed places due to its proximity to La Tortue is shocking. Your friends Anolytic and Northviking are masters of deception, they say exactly what you want to hear. I know this as I met some old RDNN-REDS members (one of them was a guy called Hammerhad or something like that) who compared Northviking to a very polite Lord Vicious.
  4. What the hell? I was on Salamanca. Salamanca happened only a few days/weeks after the release, 7 months ago, SEVEN! At that time, we had NO alliance with the dutch or the DANES-HAVOC. HAVOC was danish, not swedish, even though some danish captains came to help when they didn't have to. Get your facts right, kid. You are twisting reality to fit in your lame speech. It is also disgusting when you pointed in the other thread you were joking with Northviking and Anolytic about Salamanca events. If you have such nice relationship, MOVE to russia to kiss their asses better. What I have seen so far is 2 leading clans that are completely useless at diplomacy, strategy and in combat. The shit show at Croata was a proof of your absolute incompetence. This wall of text is pathethic, Sheppard.
  5. Congratular a heroes espanoles en lucha contra russia. Ustedes tener que seguir. Ustedes ser libres ya en espana, sin VLTRA. Ustedes mejores que traidor espanol que huir a russia, a REDS. Historia recordar sacrificio de verdadero espanoles. Historia recordar traicion VLTRA. VLTRA decir que GB ser siempre enemigos de espana. Hoy, jugadores VLTRA en REDS ser amigos de GB. VLTRA mentir a espanoles, ellos mentir a ellos mismos. Hoy, REDS-VLTRA no poder pvp contra clanes RvR de GB, tener acuerdo.
  6. Some more @John Sheppard I quote these posts with one goal, to refresh memory to those who have lost it because it fits in their speech and propaganda. Never forget. Same people, same ideas.
  7. @John Sheppard These are our "new friends".
  8. @John Sheppard do you realize what kind of "allies" are they? After all the shit @Jorge @pepepotamo and their gang have been doing for years they still come here giving lessons of morality. VLTRA teamed up with SORRY and Lord Vicious, for god sake. That clan got demoted after exploiting game mechanics. These gang have been ganking their old mates since they ran to russia. Same thing could be said about @Maculosa and his clan, but this time, sinking noobies at Fort Royal. VCO is also there, with their reputation of sealclubbing US players. Sheppard, our "new friends" aren't better than a highschool bully.
  9. You haven´t played since. So I repeat, stay aside.
  10. You know nothing about GB´s History. Stay quiet.
  11. My dear loyal captains, Great Britain has been deceived by the nice words of the REDS´s leadership. It is what they do, every time. But only weak minds could ever trust the words of people who has under his command members of VLTRA, RAE, BF, VCO, PODW and EDR clans. Have you forgotten that those clans and their captains have always been enemies of GB? Have you forgotten the Total War declaration from VLTRA? Have you forgotten the daily raids on KPR by PODW and BF? Has @Captain Cid forgotten how REDS conquered all the way up to Belize and made GNF quit GB, along with other clans? Have GB forgotten how EDR supported the spanish wars against us? My friends, my mates, Russia will never be our friend or an ally. Right now, we are just a convenient tool, a puppet, for their conquest plans. Do not forget. Same people, same ideas.
  12. LAMA ser clan nuevo en GB. Ellos calentar puertos despues de russia calentar puertos de morgans bluf. Ustedes poder preguntar motivacion a lider de LAMA, captain cid.
  13. Usted jugar? Yo a usted no conocer. Usted ser REDS, Russia. Usted no poder negar ataques russia contra Espana, en foro y juego. No necesitar propaganda, yo tener hechos.
  14. Amigos espanoles, Ustedes ver que GB no ser enemiga de Espana. VLTRA, RAE mentir a ustedes. GB no atacar puerto espanol desde lanzamiento hace 6 meses, Russia a ustedes atacar y tomar puertos espanoles. Russia hundir barcos espanoles cuando ustedes atacar pinar, russia hundir espanoles cuando ustedes estar hostilidad en Remedios, Russia gank espanoles en Habana. VLTRA-REDS en este foro a ustedes insultar y humillar. Ustedes espanoles ser mejores que VLTRA. Russia ser enemigo de Espana, Russia ser enemigo de muchas naciones. Ustedes no estar solos en lucha contra Russia.
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