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  1. The best bit of the timber patch was lowering the gap between normal and seasoned woods. If any change is required it is a decrease of the labor hours when crafting the seasoned woods.
  2. But the question remains, why should the admin reward those actively using alts to gain an unfair advantage over others?
  3. And I thought this was removed for good, but here we go again. Would you propose this if you had the best woods in Veracruz? Asking for a friend.
  4. Might I ask if you have considered changing the weight of the flag? Basic cutters planting a flag is how we played four years ago. I honestly expect less trolling now.
  5. All of them from alts and conquest chests bought to others. Have you considered seeing a doctor? The meme of the week is this pic though
  6. This gentleman is absolutely right. Seasoned woods were destroying the experience for people like me who run a business and must be 24/7 available.
  7. The good Speedy ships with weak masts. The ugly and bad With such poor drops at Kingston Port Royal, I will never build a HMS Victory of Malabar Teak. If the whole point was to provide us woods to fight against the hordes of DLC ships in seasoned woods, the goal hasn't been reached.
  8. I have planted on my own 9 flags. My conclusion, as follows: Aggressor have the upper hand. Defender won´t have enough time to prepare and prevent the flag from reaching its target, unless the defenders are patrolling the ports during the three-hours-window, which is not going to happen. A.H.H
  9. why do you feel so confortable with denying any possibility of flag interdiction? Is your hidden intention to tease other players? A.H.H
  10. Flags have 2 stages: sailing to the port and planting the flag. You should realise a fast privateer denies any chances of flag interdiction while sailing to the target. If 7th rates can carry the flag half of the new conquest method turns out to be fake, useless. Back in 2016, most flag carriers were basic cutters to annoy the enemies. It was cool to have some laughs at the expense of our enemies but we are playing an unfinished product back then. A.H.H
  11. Jorge no decidir nada en russia diplomacy. Jorge ser como soldado sin cerebro.
  12. Usted no jugar. Opinion de usted no importar.
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