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  1. And I thought this was removed for good, but here we go again. Would you propose this if you had the best woods in Veracruz? Asking for a friend.
  2. All of them from alts and conquest chests bought to others. Have you considered seeing a doctor? The meme of the week is this pic though
  3. Jorge no decidir nada en russia diplomacy. Jorge ser como soldado sin cerebro.
  4. Next stopover for rediii and his beloved clan.



  5. Get your facts right kid. Sweden never had more ports than the current russian's ones. Russia back then also attacked pirates and denmark. As a consequence, RUBLI received help from Reverse for attacking Bermudas. Russia is just lucky these days as the truly russians are playing along with REDS. Without Ram Dinark or Reverse, REDS would have been destroyed a while ago. We saw the battles where Dinark scored most of the kills. Haven't you fought against almost every nation after the release? Prussia, dutch, GB, pirates, spain, france, sweden, US, denmark. Stop the fak
  6. Espanoles, REDS mentir, manipular naciones y imponer acuerdos que solo beneficiar REDS. Ustedes tener que resistir. Clanes GB ser debiles y vender GB a russia. Usteder no querer mismo.
  7. It was the russians who demanded us to have port battles around Bluefields so they can train their new port battle fleet (with the VLTRA turncoats). Are you denying this, Sheppard? Will you keep talking about meatshield bullshit after this shitty agreement with REDS to keep then entertained?
  8. Sheppard. This is a game with many tense and stressful situations that lead to a whole array of reactions depending on the players education and age. Complaining about a bunch of insults is childish. How many times have we seen british captains mockering at others in our own national chat? Complaining about some pvp fights in Santiago de Cuba, one of the most exposed places due to its proximity to La Tortue is shocking. Your friends Anolytic and Northviking are masters of deception, they say exactly what you want to hear. I know this as I met some old RDNN-REDS members (o
  9. What the hell? I was on Salamanca. Salamanca happened only a few days/weeks after the release, 7 months ago, SEVEN! At that time, we had NO alliance with the dutch or the DANES-HAVOC. HAVOC was danish, not swedish, even though some danish captains came to help when they didn't have to. Get your facts right, kid. You are twisting reality to fit in your lame speech. It is also disgusting when you pointed in the other thread you were joking with Northviking and Anolytic about Salamanca events. If you have such nice relationship, MOVE to russia to kiss their asses better.
  10. Congratular a heroes espanoles en lucha contra russia. Ustedes tener que seguir. Ustedes ser libres ya en espana, sin VLTRA. Ustedes mejores que traidor espanol que huir a russia, a REDS. Historia recordar sacrificio de verdadero espanoles. Historia recordar traicion VLTRA. VLTRA decir que GB ser siempre enemigos de espana. Hoy, jugadores VLTRA en REDS ser amigos de GB. VLTRA mentir a espanoles, ellos mentir a ellos mismos. Hoy, REDS-VLTRA no poder pvp contra clanes RvR de GB, tener acuerdo.
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