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  1. Sante Fe Port Battle: Prussian Leader: Shocktrooper Basteyy Our new composition of new clans in the first PB together Was Fun GG
  2. Ich heiße euch willkommen in der preußischen Nation . Schreibt mir eine PM und ich schicke euch unseren HANSA Discord. Natürlich nur wenn ihr wollt
  3. We, as HANSA, will stay in the prussian nation. The prussian nation doesn't have many clans at the moment, so we are searching for other clans to help us and stay along us for a good teamwork. I'm writting this post because we need other clans and more players in the prussian nation, but we are a fairly big german clan so we search especially for english clans and players to cooperate with. As a hardcore nation we NEED a good start to have a good go through. Every players is welcome and pleased to join the prussian nation. If you are interested to join prussia pls pm Me to make a plan where we can settle and help us organizing the nation with us. Have Fun and good winds to everyone! o7 HANSA is also recruiting but keep in mind that we are a german company. We would also take english speaking people. If you are interested in joining HANSA pm Me. Good luck in taking the decision to change the nation to. See you guys on Open World or hopefully fighting on the same side! o7 mates
  4. Show the point where your ship would stuck on the beach (in battle)
  5. Shocktrooper Basteyy


    Depends which language you speak and in which timezone you are . For example if you are german you could Prussia HANSA would welcome you . But it doesn't matter which nation you join, in any nation someone will pick you up with a smile on his face. So good luck in finding a nation fitting to you
  6. Today we had a pretty nice Port Battle at Bluefields. It was much kiting but it was okay. Prussian PB Leader : Shocktrooper Basteyy
  7. Today we had some pretty nice battles against the Pirates. Was nice Pirates and GG!
  8. I know somehting the devs could do: They just allow alts being in the same Nation to Prevent stealing where the other Nation can't do anything. In this case they could catch the Trader if he wants to run out of Harbour.
  9. I think that we shouldn't have ports over 12k BR. I mean I don't want only 25 1st rate fights. You should be able if you see two fleets to say "this is the port battle fleet and the other one is screning". And np Port Battle under 5k BR because small br ports are boring af.
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