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  1. Well to be correct you were kind of hiding behind the polish port, intended or not that's only you who knows. Only if you have Cano Araguao you can get missions for Santo Tomé de Guyana
  2. First of all we want to inform you that it is NOT our intention to wipe Poland from the map. We just don't see a reason to let the dutch hide behind your port, so we attacked. If the real polish clans want a new harbour write "Vanished Privateer" ingame. We are willing to give you a new home. written by Shocktrooper
  3. Our leaderboard right now and the cano araguabisi Port Battle and some nice pvp battles KRAKE is recruting! contact @Captain Cid or me if you are interested
  4. IT posted it twice, consider this post to be deleted!
  5. Well as we were in HAEVN we invested about 300k dubs in SJ and about 100-200 Combat medals. Do we have the second right after HAVOC to own San Juan now?🤔
  6. Well to be correct only like 7-15 people from LAMA were in Prussia before And the others are new and new to Prussia. But It's the same leadership. But I also think LAMA/KRAKE is stronger right now than it ever was at release or before release as HANSA
  7. To clarify the thing with Prussia. We were one of the biggest nations after release I think the 3rd or 4th by Population. We had daily up to 75 Players on ts active. As BF tried to flip it we had up to 120 on ts. But after NO fell the RvR players left (some already before) because they were blamed for all this. KRAKE had up to 30-50 Players online a day. So YES. The Russians took NO and destroyed prussia. All the players went inactive or left the nation only some rumours were left maybe 20 players if it was a golden day. (my side of the story)
  8. LAMA switched to Prussia and joined KRAKE. We are still the same clan just with KRAKE tag. Our newest Port Battle was at Corrientes, with the outcome of Prussia winning corrientes :
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