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  1. Port au Prince PB : British Leader : Shocktrooper Basteyy Russian Leader : Captain Reverse
  2. Here is my opinion to it. I need to admit that I kinda love it. It opens up new tactics, as sending a fireship into the enemy fleet. So actually ships/fleets with less skill can win battles. I think it's more of a balance of the "overpowered" teams. What I would change : Decrease the mast damage. It's just too overpowered to have one explosion and the ships within 500m Range get fully demasted (Port au Prince PB). If the fireship is close to enemy ships (for example. hugging) then it should get more Damage to hull, as well as to Crew. If you are not within 100m Range you shouldn't get too much hull damage, but the hull damage to the ships beneath it should be increased. The further the ships are the more dramatically it should do less damage. (Les Cayes) Reverse was about 1000m away and lost 600 Crew. As well as to make it more historical. Shocktrooper Basteyy, FC of the last fireship battles
  3. Les Cayes PB won by Britain British Commander : Shocktrooper Basteyy Russian Leader : Anolytic/North Viking
  4. GT PB Won by Britain: British Leader : Shocktrooper Basteyy Russian Leader : Anolytic
  5. Das kommt drauf an. In GB wir als LAMA haben paar Veterane und machen auch relativ viel. Veteranen findest du überall eigentlich. Deutschsprachige Clans auch
  6. Port au Prince Port Battle British Leader : Shocktrooper Basteyy Russian Leader : Captain Reverse British Perspective : Russian perspective : It was a pretty close battle, not many points missing to british victory. Russia stayed hard, and turned it around. Was a nice fight, and see you next time there
  7. Waiting for the attack from you then EDIT: Don't you have better things to do than those useless posts??? Especially because of such dumb battles OW PvP = PvP and RvR is RvR. lol
  8. REDS screened us out of Port au Prince PB: British Commander : Shocktrooper Basteyy Russian Commander : Anolytic/ North Viking (?)
  9. Wait, didn't he demast the enemy? I think you can clearly see on the first screenshot, that the trinc lost its top mast. If he really shot your masts, where are screens for it? Sorry but you can't proof that it wasn't the enemy trinc who demasted you.... EDIT: Dont feel offended, just my opinion
  10. So as the server has some issues today, I wrote with @Reverse about the Port au Prince Port Battle. Both sides spend time in it's organization and wanted to do it. We had 12 people ingame at some point and could've gone for it but with not being sure it works to jump into one battle. Reverse and basicly none of BF were ingame so I called it off to make it fair. We wanted a nice fight there and not just taking the port. I wrote with Reverse and he would like it as well as me, and the BF clan and the british PB fleet, so I'm asking you @admin@Ink if there is any possibility of putting the Port Battle on Monday or Tuesday about 18 ST to 19 ST. Or the next weekend about this time. We only want to enjoy the game and If we wanted to do the pb and were hyped for it, on both sides, I think there should be a possibility to place it on Monday or Tuesday on 18-19ST. Waiting for your answer BW Shocktrooper
  11. Are you in GB organising the Port Battles or is it me? I think I might be me. And I also think I know more about the willingness of RvR participation in GB nation EDIT: The Dutch nation has nearly the same amount of players. Still crying that they don't have the players. I think you might know my point.
  12. It should be close to historical alliances, but it should also balance the game more. GB on it's own struggles to get a full pb fleet. Prussia/Poland would struggle as well. Dutch, Dane, Sweden would be too overpowered. I know Britain has a high player percentage but players joining RvR is like less than half.
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