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  1. If griefing continues it will end up with us not being able to jump in hostility missions to defend and screning being removed. The game will be eddited with the "exploits" and things done by the players. Not mentioning anything and no personal offense but this happens probably in every nation. So maybe the players should stop griefing and that shit before everything will get removed jut my 50 cent, o7 edit :Don't blame the admin then if they remove everything where an exploit can be used and where griefing can happen...
  2. one single player is speaking for "prussia" now? lol. (maybe start paritcipating in pbs first, Georg ) If I could add my comment to this George Fromm is in a one man clan, not speaking for Prussia at ALL. The real prussian troops were succesful in their conquest of Caracas, and retourned to their harbours to visit their families. There is also no King of Prussia, there is the council of Prussia which also has combined troops. Such as KRAKE, RGK, TO, ROVER, LIONS, DG, GHAN, PKG which are also 99% of the prussian population and the active RvR group. The active RvR group mostly represents the nation imo So let's look forward and hope there will be peace between the chinese colonizers and the prussian conquestors! We are open for talks to maintain the peace between this 2 nations!
  3. Nueva Barcelona PB. VP vs. DE https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/783003808379434837/A4A3B3397470A42B434EDD85C57F0D3D6A873C8D/
  4. wrong as everything you say, we also lost ships to them
  5. Someone mad because they only lose? Awww... I'm soooooo sorry (not)
  6. Thanks! Didn't talk/see ya for a long time! Nice to hear something from you again!
  7. Galdonas PB: Galdonas screning : https://cdn.discordapp.com/attachments/596003866248609801/681229961503572045/unknown.png https://steamuserimages-a.akamaihd.net/ugc/773994364003877881/740798396217F96CA35CDC3C384146466D1DE828/
  8. I sadly have the chat 😆 Funny. Because in the messages he didnt write anything except "we can open cay de sal" and "what is your opinion to sweden". Get your facts right. And pls God let brains rain
  9. lololololol who are you again? XD Then we deal with it accordingly. Suck it up EDIT: Hide behind sweden. IF you think you can attack us without us responding, then you are wrong
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