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  1. But Despe VOX players still beat you in 1v1 are you uber trash then? asking for a friend.
  2. And you insulting him does it make any better? Does it make you any better? It's basicly like Kindergarten. One does that then the other one does that blabla. I'd say you did as much as them. But that toxic attitude is not really better
  3. Tbf as I remember, the shooting of LoneHunter was after your insults at us. Infact you insulting as we gave you a fair warning not to just join battle to steal loot is more like toxic behavior and should be more banable than LoneHunter shooting at you after your insults at our Group.
  4. jajaja the vassal of Russia talking 🤣 maybe next time if you brag dont brag about a war which Russia won for you and keep licking their feet jajaja edit : keep bragging that you lost every fight against A and B fleets and brag that you won against a C fleet. YOU ARE SO GOODDDDDDDDD
  5. Dass hier so viel diskutiert wird über unnüzes Zeug. Ist nervig. Hier geht es um die Geschichten die Cid schreibt und eigentlich um nichts anderes...
  6. you say you are best cause you fight GB. We join and you complain about fair and good fights? and say we laugh cause we beat "minor nations" ? sounds weird tbh
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