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  1. Today we had a Pretty nice battle east of Puerto Escondido in the Patrol Zone. Didn't expect to get such a big battle before Wipe. Was Pretty nice. Seemed like the Swedes and Pirates didn't have the best communication, sadly. But even though it was nice and went on to the BR Limit. Was nice GG to you guys!!
  2. You don't Prevent anything with that. If anyone has an alt he is not gonna pay 30k Dubs to Change. He will just delete his old account and create a new one. It's just harder for the People who are really unhappy in his Nation and are basicly forced to stay there. Not a good idea (In my opinion
  3. HAVOC is a Group which likes to do PvP/RvR/fights all the time. If I Need to bet I would say they Change to PLC ( Poland) because they like to do challanges and try and build a Nation up. They did it with VP then switched to Russia but left because the Nation already was built up. Then they went to GB. Seems a bit strange but I liked sailing with them. I was with them for like 5 or 6 months. It's a funny Little Group and I wish the best for them and the best decision to Change Nation to. HAVOC was/is basicly the only clan which is doing RvR - which is generating Content. Without them basicly no Action would happen. I'm sorry for doing such stupid Things which I've done @rediii. I wish the best to you guys and see you after wipe as enemys or as Friends. Good Luck to you!
  4. ok something against it. If you do PvP you get Players to leave again because of other People doing PvP. So like it will bring no new Players that will be ganked everyday.
  5. WE ALREADY GET SOMETHING. WHY THE hello kitty ARE YOU COMPLAINING ABOUT EARLY ACCES?!. ITS A GOOD WAY TO GO THINK ABOUT THE NEW PLAYERS THAT WILL JOIN WTF. Just stop complaing About Things which are not going the way you want it.
  6. Ok I'm fine then. We get a redeemable ship for free for testing. So like just do some PvP as well as it makes sense to the new Players. It sounds like many Things to do like "leveling up, Level ships" and so on. But We already have a skill Advantage then we get a free ship dlc and books. We are all just too lazy to grind again.
  7. The Thing is if you do you will lose many Players. And I don't think there will be as many remaining with new guys that will fill like 500.
  8. @Liam790 the only Thing I can do is sitting there and waiting for commands
  9. @Christoph our nation is not motivated to fight the elite.
  10. @rediii that means you are ready to Talk about this?
  11. @rediii I was told that you are Blocking from every Talking. If you are not contact @Captain Cid or @Banished Privateer.
  12. I'm 1000% sure we would lose a brawl against HAVOC and even the small ship fights. Not everyone has the morale and ressources to throw ships in the face of the elite.
  13. having the numbers or the skill to fight? we do have more Players than skill.
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