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  1. I have to disagree with the idea of the combat becoming the main source of income again . We tried it before and it didn't work that was the reason for the whole economy mega-patch. The reason why economy failed i IMO is coz it wasn't profitable enough and the introduction of this delivery missions which are much faster way to make money for most people. I'll explain my views PVP IS DEAD Despite us now having more people online there is a lot less PvP. Remember few months ago how much fun we had hunting people in OW all along the profitable trade routes ? dozens of people were dying everyday in each of the trade-hotspots . We were going there almost everyday and rarely disappointed. Now there is no reason to trade anymore as the gain is pathetic for the effort time and risk you put in it unless you do it in huge convoys so most people stopped . The guys you run into in OW is usually guys who actively looking for a fight and there's not a lot of them. Trading should be very profitable . More profitable that it has ever been in the past 2 years. And i mean long distance trading so that people finally GET OUT FROM THE PORTS (i mean mainly Jamaica and fort royal :P). If you make AI to be the main source of income then we will have the same situation as last year where people sit just outside the port or under the forts and attack ai in tanky 1st rates. If on the other hand trading becomes profitable people will start sailing all over providing us with a lot of targets and PvP opportunity. Also if it's profitable enough the traders will be able to afford to pay other captains (who don't like trade) to escort them providing both the escort and the hunter with nice PvP Don't forget the pirates didn't come to the Caribbean thinking "oh we would really like to hunt RN sloops and light frigates all over the place to kill them and upset the royal navy" . No they were after the big money that the traders were making Trade was driving everything in the Caribbean , that's why nations fortified important forts and spent money on maintaining the navy to protect them So please think about it
  2. you can't force ppl who don't care to actually care The only solution would be to make KPR capturable
  3. zerg that can't fill 2 PBs? yeah.. right.. half of british population are ppl who don't cooperate with the rest of nation and 25% of the remaining is Chineese so
  4. I'm sorry but my oppinion is this : By allowing the use of this "mechanic" you destroyed the possibility of us testing the new "Frontlines" mechanic which i have to say was a pretty good idea In 2 days times we will have again ports of different nations in the middle of of nowhere so there could be no "testing" done just think about it.. All this situation was perfectly avoidable if you just reset ports and said " NO this is NOT intended and NOT allwed but will be fixed as soon as possible . Players are not allowed to use this mechanic under threat of punishment" and that's it you could have 1 month time to think how to fix it after just 1 statement. Nobody would dare to do it again coz this is not something you can hide like alt-farming
  5. Ok so is it also allowed then to use alts to start hostility missions?
  6. Well we all thought that today's patch was gonna fix the hostility exploit but apparently not? Russians are currently doing hostility missions on Kidd's island which shouldn't be possible This is not testing this is clearely exploiting an unintentional mechanic . Admin please let us know if you are ok with this and if we all should do it Thanks
  7. Investments look good but could we please get some more information on how it works @admin ? My first concern is with the Fort and tower placement . All i can see is it says Fort 1 and Fort 2 but doesn't give us positional indication of which fort will go where and in some ports this is very important especially if we will put only 1 fort I had a look at API but it says only "fort2" Also how exactly do clans regulate who uses facilities? and how can friendly clans who invest be safe from being kicked off the list later. And how to get more than 15 clans to use facilities? What happens if clan A captures port , buys sail bonus then clan B buys hull bonus and clan C is on friends list of only clan B.. will they be able to use only hull bonus?
  8. even worse .. he knew it's a broken mechanic/bug but continued to use it for his advantage is that what you're saying? boy where have we heard that defence before?
  9. using a a bug for your own personal gains = exploit Testing = evaulating the unintended use of game mechanics and reporting them without using to your advantage
  10. Infer should get 2 decks of 68 pounders like HMS Glatton to be able to stay in 4th rates otherwise it's just a glorified 5th rate Few patches back when carronades were properly powerful it could stand up to other 4th rates.. now? not a chance coz the carronades have been nerfed to the point they're mostly obsolete Carronades are supposed to be OP and should have the same base damage as the medium guns of the same caliber but the range/penn values should be reduced to half for balance Now there is very little compromise between mediums and carronades and it should be more tactical than this.. more high risk high gain situation i know last part is a bit off topic sorry it's just to justify my oppinion
  11. Altho it looks possible in the map thingy i don't think a vic can actually go over 14 knots If you factor in all the weight of the guns and hundreds of repairs i'd be impressed if it crossed 13 knots which would make it possible for a couple or maybe more bellonas to chase it down chain it and kill it That's not to say that 13 knots isn't fast . It is , but limiting our choises in wood builds is not the answer as it will only make a lot of angry people If you really want to put a hard limit on rediculous first rates then why not just put a speed cap say 12 knots for 2nd/1st rates (don't touch my speed bellona :P) Someone with more history knowledge pls post but i remember the French went into a "fast SOL" period that they even make an almost 12 knot first rate altho i can't remember when it was i think it was close to the end of age of sail Anyways if you don't want to put a hard speed cap on 1st rates maybe introduce a weekly/daily maintenance fee that we will be required to pay to keep the 1st rates like an upkeep cost or something so then it becomes more important to make sure you build usefull 1st rates that you will be able to use in PBs Just a suggestion
  12. I'm sorry? Assuming i know best? Logic can't be bent whichever way you like Answer me this PLEASE What happenes to the NEW players that join after 1 month or later? Why would they be any different and why it's fair for those players to see everyone else max rank in big ships killing them all the time? What's the difference between those players and the ones just after the release? Can one of you big supporters answer this question to me? Use your Logic
  13. XP wipe you say to level they playing field for the new players? But what about the new players that will come 1 ,2 , 5 ,10 weeks after release? Should we level the playing field for them too? Why should we do it for the players that will come the first week and not for the thousands (hopefully) others to follow later? This is something i just can't understand and everyone seems to miss
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