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  1. Я могу это подтвердить так как во время первого случиа мы были вместе в ТС (я был во второй группе) А про Casanova Moderne, он тоже старался нас задержать в бою пока его друзья из REDS приедут. Я даже предупредил его но он начал писать по испански что мол не понемает по англиски. Это неправда , я много раз видел что он неплохо писал в других боях
  2. Altho it looks possible in the map thingy i don't think a vic can actually go over 14 knots If you factor in all the weight of the guns and hundreds of repairs i'd be impressed if it crossed 13 knots which would make it possible for a couple or maybe more bellonas to chase it down chain it and kill it That's not to say that 13 knots isn't fast . It is , but limiting our choises in wood builds is not the answer as it will only make a lot of angry people If you really want to put a hard limit on rediculous first rates then why not just put a speed cap say 12 knots for 2nd/1st rates (don't touch my speed bellona :P) Someone with more history knowledge pls post but i remember the French went into a "fast SOL" period that they even make an almost 12 knot first rate altho i can't remember when it was i think it was close to the end of age of sail Anyways if you don't want to put a hard speed cap on 1st rates maybe introduce a weekly/daily maintenance fee that we will be required to pay to keep the 1st rates like an upkeep cost or something so then it becomes more important to make sure you build usefull 1st rates that you will be able to use in PBs Just a suggestion
  3. I'm sorry? Assuming i know best? Logic can't be bent whichever way you like Answer me this PLEASE What happenes to the NEW players that join after 1 month or later? Why would they be any different and why it's fair for those players to see everyone else max rank in big ships killing them all the time? What's the difference between those players and the ones just after the release? Can one of you big supporters answer this question to me? Use your Logic
  4. XP wipe you say to level they playing field for the new players? But what about the new players that will come 1 ,2 , 5 ,10 weeks after release? Should we level the playing field for them too? Why should we do it for the players that will come the first week and not for the thousands (hopefully) others to follow later? This is something i just can't understand and everyone seems to miss
  5. We were promissed xp to be safe.. now it turns out to be a lie We are now being promised that the DLCs are safe .. who knows.. maybe they're aren't really and will be turned in something else? Hmm? How are we supposed to believe anything now?
  6. No offence but something's telling me you haven't played much before the big wipe let me explain why we seem so damn angry . It's coz some of us had to do the same thing twice or even 3 times and it gets really annoying Basicly before the big wipe it went like this : Old plaers : Fu.k this i'm not playing what's the point to grind and then be reset basicly wasting my time? I'll come back on release when i know that what i do from that point onwards won't be wasted (read what liam said above "When can i next play where my progress will actually count and remain indefinitely?" ) Admin : Noooo come back this is the last wipe i promsie Old players : really? Admin: Suuuree there will be simple economy wipes only but XP is guaranteed to be safe Old Players : ok then let's give it a go Also .. what change are you talking about it? there's not talk of any change just reset the clock from the start .. same all over again
  7. In which case a lot of the old players are determined to take this game down with them sad but true and it will happen. The people who said those things don't take what they say lightly Maybe a little extreme but true for some of them this has become their life . Some of us spent more time in this game than real life. Pls don't start preaching from your moral high ground (angus and PG and the rest fo you) that this is wrong we don't care to hear your hypocritcal idiologies. We all know that if you put a lot of effort into something finish building it look at it and see how nice you made it , then someone comes smashes it to bits and laughs at you , telling you to build it again from beginning (for the 2nd time) , that person would be in a VERY VERY bad trouble .
  8. Oh well.. like it or not this is NOT the military and people have Free Will and they WILL fight for what they love .. If you think they'll just bend over you are looking at the wrong race mate .. or universe?
  9. FIY one of those people i know is over 50 .. about the rest i can't vouch but i would guess in 25-50 range from previous conversations Maybe you are living in a fairy tale world where there is no violence and people are always calm and obedient?
  10. Sure everyone likes to play the game and enjoy it but what happenes when you really enjoy it and someone comes and smashes it to pieces with a sledgehammer? some people have become very attached to this game .. made sacrifices for it.. right or wrong and now someone will destoy it .. how do you think they will react? Listen i'm not the bad guy here .. would you rather prefer i didn't say anything and it would happen anyways? coz like i said people ARE talking about this and i don't want to point fingers I'm just letting everyone know that it will come to this Like i said it's basic human nature if you destroy someone's loved object he will come after you .. we don't live in fairy tales
  11. Well.. call it as you wish this is what lots of people are talking about right now.. Admin said he will wipe our XP is this a threat? no he's just saying what's gonna hapen and i just said what people are talking about .. they are also not threatning.. if they were they would come on the forum and say "If you do this we will do that" no .. they're also stating what they are going to do .. if someone destroyes what they enjoy they will make sure they destroy it completely for the person who did this to them It seems fair and if you have basic understanding of human nature you should expect something like this
  12. @admin We are disscussing this on TS and Discord now You should know that a lot of the old players are pissed off more than you can possibly imagine and if it comes to it they-we are even prepared to retaliate on purpose I mean farm the new players extensively to force them to quit and give negative reviews .. just letting you know how bad this can turn out.. i don't think it would be in the best interest of the game EDIT: just to make sure ... this is not my suggestion
  13. Hi Full asset wipe i can accept But full XP wipe? WHY? especially after it was promised to be safe I think there is a flawed logic there just think about it @admin .. it's not a 1 time issue You think that new players shouldn't have to face the old veterans that have everything when they just start playing .. though it looks like a solution to set everyone at the same level it still doesn't solve the issue because in few months or 1 year it will be THE SAME .. there will be lots of people who will buy this game in 1 year or more and i think it will actually be more people than the 1st year just like with many other games . They will have the same problem .. they will be dumped into the middle of a battlefield where everyone else is in 1st rates and they are in cutters what should we do? Wipe the game again? every few months? So i don't really see the point Besides we all had the issue above yet we are still here finally leveled up . We didn't think that it's unfair for someone else to be Rear Admiral when we started .. ON THE CONTRARY ! it gave us (or atleast me) motivation coz i was like : "Damn i want to be like that guy one day and sail a Victory . I better put more effort into it" Also there will be people who will become Rear Admirals or whatever the highest rank is in the first few days and others will need a month and others even more .. is it unfair for those people? should we all be kept at a slow pace to fllow the new ones? Edit : If leveling up is so easy that as you say players can level up in few days or a week .. do you then think that all the future players will buy this game in this first week? or will actually most of them buy it later when they find out about it? so same problem like i said above .. they will still see max rank people sailing around them but that's not a bad thing
  14. @admin PLEASE make it so we can see the names of the stuff we have in the warehouse overlayed on the picture PLEAAASEEE it's just not possible to see what i have which is a big problem for people like me who have memory problems as it takes between a second or 2 to mouse over every single of that little pictures which don't look very different (also wouldn't hurt to add text to the port shortcut buttons for market hold etc etc)
  15. Oh thanks that's what it looked like but today the missions haven't updated? i still have the same ones from yesterday. Is the server maintenance time same like the live servers?
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