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  1. As someone who has been held in battles by a fir/fir DLC ship for 3 hours (actually wasted my day) more than once , i fully support this idea and would even say 5 minutes as that gives plenty of time for someone to catch up to anyone they're actually pursuing and can't be abused OR if it has to be 15 minutes there should be some kind of protection (either spawn out of visual or just not be able to be tagged by same griefer repeatedly) coz the current system is being abused by people with alts on laptops etc . I know some smarta**es here will say it can easily be avoided but that's BS . If you are pulled in battle like this by someone who's got no intention of fighting and has a purpose built dlc ship fir/fir with some cheap mods , there is NOTHING you can do like suppose you're in a trinc or ratvisan or whatever and you're getting tagged by a speedcapped hermione Another alternative is make it so that mast hits that don't penn do not tag the enemy therfore if you're sitting with your sails down you can't be tagged
  2. Like others have suggested i think crew damage should be lowered for ships in brace and also there should be Hull damage for nearby ships and quite significant at that if the ship is touching the exploding ship , with a dropout to zero hull damage at 150m But i also have another suggestion which i didn't see from anyone (didn't read all the posts tho) and it's that crew damage should be dependant not only on distance but also on the health of the ship in question . Ie if a ship is heavily damaged and lost most of its armor it would not protect its crew well as it's become "swiss cheese" full of holes . Also i think there should be a cooldown when coming out of brace aswell as i imagine in this situation in real life i would order all the gun ports closed ASAP , even firing the guns in order to do that if neccessary and then all crew bellow decks where they should be quite safe from the explosion unless it was so close enough that it would damage the ship's planking but in no case would it kill EVERYONE sorry if it doesn't make sense i'm half asleep
  3. No . He had no intention to fight . Why i say this? coz every time we try to tag him in open world he runs away . Every time we turn around and let him be he comes back at us following us. We tried many things to lose him but he kept annoying us doing false tags etc. Eventually we tried disconnecting but he pulled taged us in OW and pulled us in battle twice . In the battle he had no intention to fight . Started running away as soon as it started and while we were chasing him he did not fire . After few minutes we gave up again coz he was way faster so we drop sails waiting to leave battle but he turn around drop sails also and kept us in battle by very long distance shots at masts . We tried going after him again , same thing he runs . In the end we got fed up with it turn around and sail away.. Guess what he started chasing us and doing everything possible to keep us in the battle longer . We being in trincs and he in hermione managed to get away by sailing upwind . Rince and repeat from the start in open world Eventually after over 1.5 hours if you count from the start I believe @Captain Reverse was complaing about a similar situation on his stream today in truxilo and even asking that the people responsible should be banned (yes i speak russian too) . Well we can't have double standards .. i warned it would lead to this so devs should give official position about this . If russians are allowed to do this then same goes for brits and everyone
  4. Oh ,here we go again 1st i can't help to notice that you failed to adress my point (or pretend you didn't see it) about you bringing overwhelming strength against someone you know has less than half of what you've got And about which ports we are trying to develop don't pretend you don't know . I've already told you which ports we're devloping . You can attack any of the ports outside the designated congrios-black river triangle but if you bring full fleet of 1st rates with all best PB players don't complain you don't get any content coz we can't match that (for the near future) and unlike some people think we're not stupid enough to fight battles that we're 100% sure to lose if we can't easily recover to fight the next day. Just comon sense As if i would share the mail revealing our source . Not that it would matter coz it's not from REDS clan and you will say what you want again You may have not been in RU at the time and i'm not talking specificly about yourself only but it doesn't matter again you're missing the point "There is no dishonour in playing the game by the rules" again you show your intellectually dishonesty by saying that . You bring overwhelming force which YOU KNOW the enemy doesn't have a hope of even coming close to matching yet you still want to get every possible additional advantage you can get . What was that about dishonorable gameplay again? oh nevermind
  5. @Anolytic is very good at hidinig behind word definitions and playing dumb , getting hung up on how the mechanics are supposed to work pretending he does stuff by accident or unintentoally it seems "Reds don't want belize/brangman's/trux" wow so someone actually FORCED you to go and attack brangman's bluefields heh? i'm so sorry "Although we're starting to wonder if Brits are making crafting upgrades in every port just so that they can complain about us attacking their crafting hubs whichever port we attack" You're such a great liar aren't you? britain upgrading every port ?? seriously?? we've only upgraded 1.5 so far as a nation (if you ignore the 1-2 small clans that went and upgraded ports in the middle of nowhere on like lvl 1). Our only ports of interest for crafting is congrios-black river triangle from the whole map .. there are other 20 ports to attack so stop spreading BS to make your propaganda look like facts As a matter of fact we had our own spy tell us AND someone from another nation came to us (on the same day) saying that russia (mainly reds) are planning to take the entire west coast all the way down to cartagena. I'm sure you'll say that's not so and you have no idea about it. Who's willing to bet that he'll say that ? We have also in our possesion a mail from a big russian clan saying , and i quiote, "Our next victims will be Prussians we will attack Matina at Friday 15:00 ST" If you in fact didn't want to take any of those ports WHY did you put your best possible effort into it? bringing a full fleet of 1st rates with your best captains against someone who you KNOW doesn't even have half your strength? All this BS about you wanting content stop hiding behind it nobody's bying it . If you want content come for someone with similar strength. Not force them to use cheap mechanics (like suicide screening) out of desperation You always pretend to be just etc but we all remember how you guys used to hide loged off to get into PBs around belize a year ago or so and when the 30min timer was introduced you were hiding in a battle with an alt .. so much for honor ofcourse that never happened
  6. Did you read anything from what i wrote? We didn't try to gank him, he came at us
  7. Ok from tomorrow then i ask everyone to do the same in british waters then I came in a cheap trinc with no mods coz i wanted to fight not run and kite and we did get a fight after even tho we were out-gunned we won coz the russians were in fir/fir ships
  8. In RvR this allowed coz it's the only way to screen. But if everyone does this in Open World to "protect their waters" as some of you say this will only ruin the game coz we all can have our alts sailing around with fir/fir speed trim hermiones or something else and keep any enemy we see in battle for half an hour or longer without any intention of fighting This guy did not only NOT fight but he actively prevented us from leaving the battle , in multiple battles by shooting keeping us tagged with single shots from 2 miles away , yet every time we turn to fight he ran, both in OW and battle Why didn't i dock? coz i was raiding in an enemy area sisal-campeche and there was nowhere to dock , After multiple attempts to dissconect (some of which resulted in him pulling us in battle and running again) we finally managed to disconect after 1 wasted hour Again if you guys think this is ok i can apply it on a very large scale and see what you think about it then
  9. Ok so this [SHOCK] Max Massey guy has been following us for the last 40 mins in a fast hermione , running away every time we turn on him. We attacked him , he kept running again and every time we want to stop the chase (coz he's way faster and we can't catch him) he turn around and tries to tag us . He even tagged us and pulled us in battle while we were loging off to try and lose him that way , same thing he runs and tries to keep us in battle for as long as he can What can be done about this? If this is ok for him to do i we can have 20 alts doing it in british waters and nobody well ever get a kill how about that?
  10. I find it diffiuclt to believe that you didn't actually log off . Once we joined the first hostility missions which was pretty much 10 of your guys in wasas and us in wasas+agies your fleet of 1st rates/3rd rates dissapeared , and people outside reported that there was no new hostility mission popping up (which it should if you started it after us) , now that either means that you are lying or that there was in fact a bug In that first battle your fleet of wasas kept kiting and running away so we broke off the chase and were standing by to jump out if we got reports from the big fleet oustide that you started another hostility (that didn't happen) so we stayed in the mission pretty much guarding the AI eventually after half an hour or so your wasas left so we did aswell . We then saw the second (underlying mission) , joined it and saw you were all dead already except one running ratvisan. We chassed him for a bit then let him escape , so we left that one aswell expecting there to be yet another one under it but there wasn't any other missions There was 45 people that saw that so again you are either lying or there is some bug As to your comment of kiting . That were the ships people could field in short notice And about the timer . In case you don't know already and didn't realize by the fact that Salamanca was open to all the day before , the owning clan has gone rogue and is leaving the nation (or atleast the leadership apprently)
  11. The snow doesn't really have a weatherdeck tho(EDIT: i mean yes it has guns on top but there is no armor protecting them ) and i alwas aim at the bottom gun deck for that very reason . Not to mention that because i was running carros and because of the strange way they work (aims is pefrect untill a certain point when you aim higher than that they suddenly shoot waaaay up , there seems to be a line that you should never aim above it) , i always aim just bellow the bottom gundeck to actually hit the gundeck
  12. Ok so i was in this battle just few mins ago and some really strange things happened (not for the first time) I was sailing a teak/teak trinco with all 32pd carros . My clanmate had a herc with carros aswell . We get tagged by herc trinco and snow and we go for them thinking it'd be an easy fight . Couple minutes into the battle i fire full broadside at snow expecting to pretty much level it (coz it seemed quite fast) and well .. i get 20 hits (32pd carros) into his side (no i didn't hit his bow or stern) from pretty much point blank and NOTHING. Took less than one notch off his armor .. Now i don't care how tanky you make a snow this isn't possible under normal circuimstances and i'd love someone to demonstrate it if he believes otherwise . So that was first WTF momment .. The herc was fine and pretty much what i expected .. put 14 shots into him (bad angle) and boom half his side gone + reload shock Later into the battle Jaro joined in a requin and managed to turn the tide coz we were losing at this point. So fine we kill the herc pretty fast . Took considerable ammount of time to kill snow and due to a combination of factors like failed boarding attempt that didn't seem to work for some reason (no G even tho both ships were stopped and fully preped for boarding with more more crew on our side) we lost the 2 small ships so it was pretty much trinc vs trinc . I was taking far more damage in my teak/teak trinc than the enemy was even tho he kept missing lots of shots and i used both my broadside . Nevermind the fact that he somehow managed to repair 5 minutes earlier than me even tho we had repaired together earlier . In the end here we are i managed to out-maneuver and get on his weak side taking off the rest of his armor with my strong side facing him . and he had 30% structure left with yellow pump and rudder , stuck upwind . So i fire what i was pretty sure would be the last broadside, only 14 hits penn ok fair enough it was band angle but i had to shot but the strange thing is that i did only like 2-5% damage to the damn structure wtf?? so it barely moved form the 2nd notch down . i had to put it 3 more broadsides to actually destroy the ship . I went to loot it , quite curious about such a tanky , yet fast build with obvius repair mods and what do i see? the screenshot bellow .. Fir/Fir with Croocked hull .. over 1k less HP than my ship and 8cm less thickess .. WTF?? Before you all start screaming "you're a noob git gud" , without actually adressing the points , keep in mind that i've got over 4k hours and done plenty PvP and PBs so maybe i'm not "gud" but i know how much damage to expect before i fire a broadside If anyone has an explanation for those events i'd like to hear it . You can't say that my shots bounced coz i got credit for the number of hits everytime i fired Maybe just a rant but there you go . Not the first time this is happening either and i'd like an (reasonable) explanation Thanks
  13. Fine they can do it (assuming they had the time to grind their alts so much) but what's the point if the nation can take it back as soon as they open it again . Is someone gonna be wasting 50k dubs and 1st rates on this? way too expensive i think
  14. Somehow i don't think an alt clan will be able to bring 10+ 1st rates. If the battle is indeed against the owners of the port then it should be pretty easy to defend against alt . But even if they DO capture it fine . they can have it as long as they keep it closed no harm done , but if they open it again (which is the whole point of capturing a port if you're an alt) then the nation can re-capture it simple as that
  15. Alt detected Point is that if someone is unhappy with the nation politics he shouldn't be able to blackmail or sabotage them in the matter that's possible now (opening a non-capital port somewhere in the middle of the crafting area deep behind the frontline without any posibility for the nation to do something about it)
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