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    Login queue

    Happened to me aswell
  2. uff. Lars becoming toxic.
  3. Noted. Good to know I lose track of all the Havoc alt clans
  4. The reason why a lot of portbattles are set are easy and the same why exploits are used: - if you don't use the mechanics that are in the game your enemy will use them That's RvR. Russians probably don't enjoy stacking of hostilitymissions. Attackers don't enjoy fielding screening. Defenders often don't enjoy screening by their own nation because it might result in a empty portbattle. Even danes probably don't enjoy setting empty portbattles. Yet everyone does it because if he doesn't the enemy will do it. You should change PvP community to RvR community. I think there is a big difference in RvR and PvP. Me and some others often don't mastsnipe simply because the fight is not fun then because it often is too strong for example. RvR communities do everything that's possible. Some play more dirty than others. (spying, DDOS of teamspeak servers, backstabbing etc.) but everyone is using all possible ingame mechanics to win and don't get destroyed yourself.
  5. Russia gave the spanish crafting port back to have something to threaten spain. If spain is stupid enough to build remedios up again, a port russia can take any second again if they choose to do. Denmarks craftingports are taken due to ongoing hostility from denmark. You had your ports before. But like you say all the time: ports dont matter anyway so where is the issue again?
  6. Or atleast get a cost of hostilitymissions in. Because right now you can just continue to set empty portbattles against your enemy until he doesnt bother anymore. Together with Covid 19 a very frustrating time in NA is ahead for some people.
  7. The removal of such a mechanic without a proper alternative in place is a bit weird tbh especially how fast that came now after the cooldown was used once by a nation for another nation that didn't want them to do it. I could use more drastical words but I guess I dont. My suggestion: revert the changes, get a cooldown into the game again and think about/implement a proper alternative. The game is released as far as I know and should not be a testingground anymore.
  8. I allways argued to make 3rd rates the main ships in RvR. You are so mentally retarded I can't follow you anymore
  9. if trux would have been legal devs would not have changed the mechanics
  10. I didnt say anything about remedios but hey you also wanted to take nassau with a russian alt clan
  11. rediii

    Port Bonus'

    almost perfect but SNOW also doesnt fight russia from what I know so VP should all be neutral Screenshots are from monday
  12. rediii

    Port Bonus'

    [09:28] Something for your weekly videos. edit: swedish screen is from 21:00 the rest are from 9:40
  13. rediii

    Port Bonus'

    but you think that the game is not skillbased because you have no 50 points port. Why is diplomacy for the weak then? You dont care for the casual and new players else you would not go for sweden and make sweden noport denmark
  14. rediii

    Port Bonus'

    rather than getting port bonuses out of the game maybe think more about the possibility to actually: - sell buildings you built to atleast get some investments back - be able to get your ships out of conquered ports more easily (btw diplomacy is a skill too, @Lars Kjaer)
  15. tbh I think it worked quite well on frost. I can imagine his pulse writing that post with all the spaces and stuff lol tbh trolling BASTD ppl and the current danes is pretty enjoyable right now
  16. It's just sad that he isn't the brightest / richest man
  17. You did exploit and I don't know why you went there and thought so long about just a game to get around a mechanic can you explain that to me? Removing someone from friendslist because you dont want him to defend your port is actually a valid mechanic. That's why the friendslist exists
  18. You wanted to do it so we can not attack and take truxillo. In order to reach that we would ahve to get british accounts opening hostility missions and asking someone else to actually kill the AI in the mission. You wanted a port that is not conquerable by sweden therefore exploiting mechanics.
  19. Because it was not a cheat We did hostility on a port with swedish ships. Why denmark didnt stop us? Why denmark didnt take the port back yet after such a long time? I don't whine about the truxillo incident I just want a ruling on the case with consequences for exploiting a mechanic by using it in a not intended way.
  20. The screenshot you posted is bullshit because nations cant attack their own nation. In RL a new nation/rebel group would emerge and would be fightable by the nation just like in syria. Accoridng to that logic Civil wars should in fact be possible and integrated into the game. You try to somehow win against us by exploiting mechanics to the fullest because you are too bad in the game.
  21. it wasnt a porttrade. It was a alt pulling hostility missions so another nation can do the hostility. It was a exploit that was fixed by devs, thereby acknowledging it as an exploit.
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