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  1. HAVOC puts a bounty on 2 special prussian ports today. The actions are a result of repeating bad play by prussians with spies, constant dodging by nighttimers etc.aswell as trollfleets in PBs and empty PBs The port of Port De Paix: HAVOC: 100.000 Doubloons, 50 Victory Marks FENIX: 50.000 Doubloons The port of Puerto Plata: HAVOC pays: 100.000 Doubloons, 50 Victory Marks How does it work? There are 2 different cases. Case 1: The port is taken by a british clan. The port shall get a timer and remain there. The port will be defended by the british RvR fleet. Case 2: The port is taken by another nations clan. The port shall be handed to the HAVOC clan. After the port is taken by HAVOC the rewards are given out to the takers.
  2. I think the game deserves some more screenshots so why not share some. Enjoy and share some stuff
  3. rediii

    Final Exam Help

    Not easy aswell but atleast you learn something you can use later for your advantage: MAstsniping
  4. rediii

    Clear status of peace or war between nation

    GB vs sweden GB vs russia russia vs sweden russia vs GB russia vs dutch spain+prussia vs GB .... I dont see where we have 1 block? Do you even know what I mean with block? With the alliance system we only had this war: France+SWE+DK+SPain vs Dutch+GB+US Pirates were someone in between but mostly with dutch+GB+US before the war up above it was this: France+DK+Spain vs SWE+Dutch+GB+US btw Numbers are not as important as skill in RvR. (You only need numbers up to a certain point to be able to fill the pbs correctly)
  5. rediii


    we have a timer system with labor hours atm already Wait 2 days - build ship build ship - wait 2 days with timer
  6. rediii

    Clear status of peace or war between nation

    We had this before and it led to a 2 block system of nations where in (I think 2 years?) only 1 nation changed the block. The system today is more dynamic and it doesnt force the minority into certain playstyles
  7. Tagging and holding in battle so ganksquad can come to finish him off should be countered by a longer invis timer for the defending side to give him the chance to log off. The escape mechanic should be reworked based on distance mechanic. Maybe only give 30 seconds timer for ballhit and 2 min timer for leaving the controlrange if portbattles are not filled by 50% of possible BR on attacker side circles should be instantly captureable, making the defender waste less time Think I forgot something I posted earlier. Thats my oppinions on this topic here. I agree with the 10 min jointimer for the weaker side, however this will favor skilled players more than new/bad players who use numbers to overcome a skilled enemy.
  8. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    you have 70.000 Doubloons in La Tortue, I know it.
  9. like repeated 9000 times the delay in action wouldn't be a problem if the ships in OW wouldnt sail 300kn compared to the 10kn inside the battle.
  10. No not all, I agree in decreasing the gap between skilled/experienced players and new players. But you cant say my sentence is wrong
  11. (why dont you take mastmods like everyone else in Nassau PZ)
  12. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    Noone contacted me after the taking of monte christi and fort dauphin
  13. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    if you cant fight talking is sometimes a better option than trolling that enemy you cant fight
  14. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    we committed time gaining the ressources wenpay others to get content ... others that dont have to waste sleep for it if you have to waste sleep for defending your timers you maybe shouldnt have these timers
  15. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    limited people in pbs at no monte christi pb we had screeners
  16. im not argueing for the doubloon odea of his You have my oppinion on that on page 1
  17. rediii

    Bounty on 2 special prussian ports

    to be fair, its not us that try to nightflip them its us that are forced to nightflip them.
  18. why is it bad for the game? Today Monte Christi 22 players 30 minutes until pb was over = 11 hours wasted These 22 players didnt enjoy their time. For some its the last PB they ahow up at the port Thats nice for prussia but is this good for the healthy gamepop?
  19. Also we tested 2 timer mechanics now. Cheap = Timers everywhere Expensive = clans not making any money anymore I would like to suggest increasing costs of timers. 1st timer of clan = 20k reals 2nd timer of clan = 40k reals 3rd timer of clan = 60k reals 4th = 80k reals etc.
  20. this one is better. Also Clantimers instead of porttimers could be a thing to think about
  21. @admin if you consider timewasting griefing now. What is about a portbattle ruleset change? if PB is empty on attackers side circles should be captureable instantly
  22. My suggestion: pvp kills/each hour will go up with more population because mainproblem is finding something. Griefing in battles should be countered by range based escapemechanic which would lead to the griefer having to get closer and therefore take risks.