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  1. You live in your russia-bubble, which is fine, but we outnumbered you once. The other times you outnumbered or matched us in numbers and won all the fights
  2. Im just a normal player, believe it or not So care to explain why im responsible for na's future?
  3. thx that you like me so much. pls like and subscribe and hit the bell button (im literally ghe laziest guy just uploading battles lol, no idea what i glorify)
  4. the biggest problem of the new rvr mechanic is the planned battles. There is no reason to be online and defend/attack. Just wait until someone tells you to be online at a certain time and then show up. Also atm the whole server allways turns up to every portbattle which makes numbers matter even more than before. RvR went from "lets group up and have fun" to "which day you have time? can you sign up on that excel sheet?" etc... The removal of the flagmechanic destroyed a lot. I already wrote it shortly after that most rvr players lrft the game back then... Lets hope the rajdmechanic can bring that back
  5. The amount of work getting these carebear nations to group up and screen isnt anywhere close to the effort russia has to go trough to get numbers together Thats why I stopped to bother atleast. Also its fighting for useless ports without a slight chance to get even close to vera cruz so why bother? If we just manage to outnumber you at ponce/santo domingo you just turn up with 100 players more at vera cruz or somewhere else... Also ofcourse russia judt threatens other nations to attack them and kill them when they help and noone can help them because we have no alliance mechanic You chose to be russia again, now drown in your boring experience
  6. rediii

    Fake news!

    How about you tell the name of the vanished player here and at qhat time it happened so admin can knvestigate?
  7. A lot of problems in the game are coming from a too big focus on skill in my oppinion
  8. The nations can't use them anyway because they get outbidden by alts
  9. That's your oppinion, tbh they give us the plans already and according to the last plans they deliver them aswell so why you wanna hear a marketing bullshit like "We value your oppinion and your concern a lot. Naval Action is a important game for us and you can follow our plans in the development plans post"
  10. I would not use "promised". Because they over delivered already to be fair https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?l=german&id=259130636 However why not just look at this?
  11. Yea people went out of vircles to kill more
  12. The wasa is only so commonly used atm because it is the biggest ship that doesn't require combat medals. The 3rd rate/Bellona are still better (and faster) than the wasa
  13. Same, I think 1v1's are boring especially in wasas. The enemy ship can't demast you with his sternchasers and you are faster? Just get on his ass and ball/grape and don't go away from there. (Literally all Wasa 1v1's)
  14. too many rumours spreading around I heard alt+F4 brings you the old "pray" button back. Only sometimes though
  15. if it happens close to freeports or close to the enemy nations ports it's just missions they enter to be safe.
  16. yea I remember, you boarded RKY with your boarding modded ships and we lost. The fact that you have to pull a screenshot from before release out of your ass is pretty hilarious though tbh. Maybe we should make a collection of HAVOC vs REDS battles
  17. just tested. you can even turn while doing it, this is ridiculous edit: ONLY YOU CAN SEE YOU EXITING other players see you drop sails and another timer starts so they can just kill you
  18. to be honest what we realy need is that every player has by standard all free ports as an outpost and 3 or 4 he can choose himself. This would make the whole map smaller because everyone can reach all points of the map in roughly 1 1/2 hours sail
  19. Your edit is very wrong though. The russian nation has a lot of english speakers in the REDS clan
  20. Everyone thinking they are funny with telling you to go russia but they forget that you don't know the situation Join literally any nation except russia. France/Poland/USA will probably don't do any RvR for quite a while if you are looking for that.
  21. looking back in NA history ... nope lol
  22. they join a mission, they dont cut their connection
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