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  1. Hi, had the same problem. My only real ability that was lacking was the reload time so I armed with the biggest caronades and once fired I would gain distance to reload then re engage. Then when at 1st Leut you can S turn behind a ship and just about get each broadside reloaded.
  2. I cannot believe there are so many ( removed by moderator) on this site. Just because you don't want to fight PVP does not mean you do not want realism in the game. Going on your backwards logic a PVP server would have no computer ai and how would that be. Angry.
  3. Hi, been a tester since the game went to OW so have been through the evolution of the game. At the moment on the PVE server you can sail around blindfold and be pretty sure you will not be attacked. eg sailed my Niagara next to enemy belle Poulle and privateer and they sailed on happily without engaging. This is so arcadey it is spoiling the game. I remember when you had to dodge enemy ships if you did not want to be engaged and that was part of the fun. Would be great having an enemy loom out of the fog and have no time to escape. Secondly the enemy ship routes desperately need to be sorted. Having all manner of enemy ships sail right up to your capitol is again so not realistic. would not have a problem with them passing by but they sail right up a dead end channel to an enemy capitol and then turn around. These 2 things are really spoiling the game.
  4. Did i say I had redeemed them. I think not. Please try and be more helpful instead of sarcastic.
  5. Did everything you asked for prepping before the new ships came. Today logged on to pvp 1 and my ships are there but they are not on pve which will be my preffered server. Please advise
  6. Hi. What is the difference between the two servers? sorry if it's on the forum already, if it is please direct me to it.
  7. You say this is for our enjoyment but as it is it has lessened the enjoyment. Seeing an enemy vessel and deciding whether I need to avoid it or can maintain my course is part of the fun and realism. As it is I can sail blindly ignoring all vessels which to be frank really sucks.
  8. Title speaks for itself, the ai engagement system seems to be broke at the moment. I have not had any ai attempt to engage me sailing a variety of vessels.
  9. Hi, I start it and submit but then the cursor in text just keeps blinking and nothing happens. After a minute I press cancel and go back to game. This is not a one off.
  10. Love the new weather, including the pee souper fog. However this is set in the Carribean not the English channel and having fog every day becomes very tiresome. Can't we have a ratio of say 3 nice days to 1 fog. It needs to be random but at the moment it feels wrong.
  11. Well why not make it u need to break down an X number of a ship to gets its plans. This would then give an incentive. I find this random giveaway very unappealing. As it is someone gets a good recipe and they churn that type of ship out anyway.
  12. I propose that when you break up a ship you automatically receive the recipe/plan for that type of ship. This would encourage capturing higher class ships to progress in crafting rather than what i find a very frustrating system with random rewards.
  13. Why not go for a bit more realism, which I think would help the gameplay. WHEN REPAIRING YOU HAVE TO BE IN SURVIVAL MODE.. At the moment we sail around the battle popping repairs and the fairies come out and repair the ship for us whilst our crew continue to fire and sail the ship as if they are in sailing or gunnery mode. So when you have to repair you cannot continue to fight effectively, surely this is how it was. Second item is cosmetic, change some names for realism. "Repair kits", don't think they had them in Nelson's day, they would have been spare cordage, timber, blocks etc These would then be used to effect the repairs.
  14. Receiving upgrade modules after battle does not seem right and is far to lucrative. ( 20.000+ gold from 1 outing on obtained upgrades ) Yesterday I had a battle and received 6 upgrade modules and the ships they came from had all been sunk. The modules should only be offered if a ship or multiple ships are captured which would then simulate the transfer of equipment supplies etc to make up the module.
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