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Found 20 results

  1. Because the ones who dont know get upset over the ones who do know. Also maybe remove wind zones from any where near capitol areas. my 2 cents.
  2. Hi Devs, I have the following suggestions regarding Open World Battle Instances: Variable winds in battle instances: I believe that the radical changing of wind direction inside battles is not realistic and screws up tactics inside battles. I believe that more subtle changes in direction and adding variables to wind strength would be far more realistic and immersive. This along with real time time scales which I discuss below would improve immersion of battle instances significantly. Open World Battle Timers: I am of the opinion that battle timers in open world could be removed leaving battles open. With the more constant wind direction stated above the action would constantly drift away from the battle join circles, the later you arrive the less likely you are to affect outcome of the original combatants. However with constant joining on both sides could result in some fantastic battles. Obviously the willingness of allies to join and the obvious difficulty in finding distant battles would add considerably to immersion and action. Battle Instance Time scales: I sincerely believe that the time scale in battles should be real time and not scaled as in the open world. Therefor 1 hour in battle is 1 hour real time. Thereby reducing the constant changing of daytime to night time. Rarely did battles last from day into nighttime. This to me is a realism issue. I know the result would be that daytime would vary then from battles to open world. This to me is irrelevant. Positional exits from battle Instances: The issue of revenge ganking in my opinion would be resolved with the following: The relative position of the ship gained in battle instance when leaving becomes the relative position of the ship dropping into open world when leaving battle. In other words the distance he sailed away from the join circle is transferred to open world. This open considerable tactics regarding intelligence. i.e.: drop a player in the instance to report enemy position to remaining fleet in open world. The fact that the timescale in battle instance as stated above is 1:1 would limit unreasonable distances sailed away from battle center. What do you think?
  3. Hey, I'm struggling in understanding the full strategic value of having/giving people the wind, I've no naval background or experience, until I started playing this game so a lot of the naval terms are coming slow to me. I've played on and off for a little while, and I believe I understand part of its value, however I'm sure I don't have the complete picture, I've seen it mentioned that is is bad giving an enemy the wind, I can see why its not ideal, but it seems a primary concern of some captains to avoid, and as I don't share that sense of priority, and i'm woefully inexperienced with pvp, I assume there is something I'm missing, and its not something I'm prioritizing in battle. I'm hoping that someone out there can explain the concept to me so that I can play more effectively. I'm used to fighting A.I also so I have no idea if they are trying to gain wind-related advantages on me or if they are just playing as simple as I assume I am, and if I got sunk in pvp more maybe it would become apparent. What I think giving the enemy the wind means: If the wind is blowing from S to N, and the enemy is to the S of my ship, and we are both sailing due N that enemy has the wind. Why I think that is bad: if someone is downwind of me it is more difficult to close the range of the engagement assuming we both want to fight, and we have comparable speed and stern/bow chasers Where I believe my confusion lies: If players are presumably using longs in pvp as its the dominant weapon isn't their range the same (I'm aware pen is not)? If so when they turn to shoot, as long as I can meet their turn can't we exchange fire the same regardless of the wind? Assuming we can pen each other of course. if I'm in front, they have to sail towards me to engage which means they can only shoot when we are in effective range of each other, they cannot force me to a specific side for fear of losing distance, doesn't that mean that if I'm in front I dictate which side I fight on? If I have the wind (by my thought of what that term means) and I turn to shoot, do I not get pushed into the water lowering my aim and presenting a nice flat surface for my enemy ship, which is up wind to shoot assuming their elevation is too high? Additional questions: Is having the wind only useful if you are the faster ship? I know the consensus is that speed is king in PVP but if its that important and a player is that good at staying in that pocket why have much Armour at all? And why isn't everyone just attacking and kiting from that sector of the compass? Can a slower ship do anything against a faster ship that can sit back their effectively? Maybe I've simply got the concept backwards now that its typed out in front of me and I've read over it, it wouldn't be the first time a Naval term has done that to me. Either way I'm definitely missing something and I know its simple and I'm going to feel a fool when its pointed out, but I've been married long enough to know sometimes that's just the order of things.
  4. I've been wondering to myself more and more if the wind rotation in battles and port battles is doing more harm than good. If you think about the old port battles and the main reason people complained about 1 circle. Kiting. If wind didn't shift then you would have to run out of circle in 10-20min and would be forced to fight sooner than latee. Having it shift in open sea battles is bad in my oppinion and I would like to see pb without wind shifting too. What are peoples thoughts on this?
  5. Right now we have a wind that makes circle, constantly with the same speed. What if we keep this + add some random. Random does not have to change the direction to be something totally different, it could be enough to just make it change direction "a bit". Like for example max from N to NNW. Random could change X times per constant wind change.
  6. Morgane Drake


    first, sorry for my bad englsih thats not my main language.... i have searching in the forum, etc but dont found post on it winds in open sea... are you working for more realistic changes? because ( im news and dont have sail all the caribean but in a realistic game a wind turning in same time 360% from right to left its totaly impossible ) in OW and normaly in fight the wind can change, here not... ( i dont thing wind can stop etc because i thing thats can a little " too much") maybe a random wind change in base of the real wind in this area can be fun and improve sailing, and can be more realistic ( with little change because in real the wind in this area are a lot of time est to west ... )
  7. Hey there. From my first battles and hearing from other new players it seems that getting stuck in the wind is a common problem, especially after abandoning the Basic Cutter and moving to square rigged vessels - of course the best solution is adding tutorials with one for manual sailing, rewarding the player with XP and gold for completing the tutorial in the beggining of the game (like a mission). But there are other threads outlying that, and I've heard the developers are currently working on UI which would hopefully include tutorials. What I suggest is not a replacement for tutorials, but a reminder and easy way to help newbies to understand manual sailing in the middle of a battle if they didn't play the tutorial. When stuck in the wind there should be yellow text possibly flashing on the screen (NOT IN A BOX, that would block view) telling the player that he is stuck in the wind, and a quick explanation what keys to press to get out of thewind. Example: --- Captain - You are pointing your ship in the wind! Use manual sails to catch the wind again. Q / E - Move front sails right/left Z / C - Move back sails right/left To enable auto-sailing again press the F key For a more in-depth explanation please view our tutorial in port. --- I find this example too long in a battle myself, but I wouldn't know how to phrase it shorter. Maybe cut out the last part and have the State Clerk send the player a message after the battle saying "It seems you were stuck in the wind last battle - View the tutorial on this in the harbour to ..." This is, compared to adding tutorials, a quick fix and would definitely help in many situations with new players. NOTES: You only get this message when you are stuck and have 0 or minus speeds. You don't get this message when you've completed the tutorial so this doesn't annoy experienced players (more advanced) You don't get this message when being pushed into the wind and therefore being boarded.
  8. Does wind direction affect cannon range or accuracy in game?
  9. Hi all, I am sure this has been suggested before, but wanted to suggest it once more to bring it back to public attention. Currently, the mechanism for demasting and damaging sails is far too basic and, historically speaking, unrealistic. Very rarely was a ship demasted because the mast itself was struck by balls - it happened because the rigging was destroyed and it was therefore unsupported. Sometimes, just a single extremely lucky shot could cripple a ship. I would suggest that the mechanism for this be addressed and a movement be made to make it somewhat more realistic in both terms of potential damage, and in that done by wind and force. What I mean by this is that, once a certain amount of damage was done, dependent on the weather, it became dangerous to be under full sail (of course, depending on weather, it was dangerous to be under full sail without any damage in very poor weather). This should be simulated as well. Additionally, it is not at all historically accurate for every battle to necessarily be able to be fought at full speed with the wind always blowing the ideal force. I would therefore also propose that wind force be variable in combat (not in the open world). It was common, particularly in the large fleet battles, for the lineships to become somewhat stationary and grouped together due to weak wind. This would actually make positioning and captain skill even more important, as whatever sailing decision you made would have a tremendous effect on the outcome of the battle, and likewise more accurately model how in some battles an inferior force defeated a superior opponent. Thanks for your consideration.
  10. People are talking about adding "warp" when ships are distant from one another, but this seems unnatural. While on the one hand, faster open world speed appeals to me when there's nothing happening, I also see players using alts to exploit this, or groups of ships suffering slow speed compared to individuals. Basically, inconsistent open-world speed struck me as arcade-like and exploitable. However, what if it were consistent to all players, remained "immersive", was able to be planned around, and based entirely on the open world geography? What if it were just stronger winds when further from shore. This fixes everything. The boring part of sailing is when you're away from the coast, unable to see anyone or anything, and making some long cruise across the big, watery expanse of the Gulf of Mexico on on a compass bearing. It makes sense that you'd want open world travel to be fast out there. But when you're close to the coast, passing AI ships, encountering players, we don't mind the slow pace of OW sailing because there's a high probability we need to pay attention, and scenery to look at besides. As players in the OW move further from shore, the "wind speed", and so the open world top speed, increases gradually to a maximum of 50-100%. Precisely how far from shore the effect starts and peaks is a matter to fine tune, but ideally a slow increase that feels natural can be found. Top speed should be attained before being so far from coast that you cannot select passing ships, while a fairly wide "slow lane" is next to the coast of normal wind speed. Most ships will enjoy top speeds of 30 or 40 knots, which effectively cuts a long travel time in half. Everyone around you has the same increase in speed, so groups remain together, and intercepting enemy players on the open world won't cut them down to "normal" speed. Rather, you'll both have the same increase to your speed. Since most engagements are "merge and tag", it shouldn't make tagging much different, although the tagging itself might be a little hectic. The large circles certainly help. This also creates interesting PvP dynamics and risk-reward decisions. I'll use a flight sim analogy. Altitude is a major component in flight sims, because an airplane in lower altitudes is in thick air, but an airplane at high altitude is in thin air. A plane in thin air goes faster (gross simplification). It follows that being at high altitude gives you an advantage because you can position yourself against the enemy before diving to attack. However a plane at low altitude has certain advantages as well. A high altitude plane is easy to detect, while a low altitude plane is much harder to pick out, and in friendly territory there are ground-based air defenses. Consider a pirate frigate. Does he want slow speed next to the coast, or high speed far from coast? Consider the merchant. Does he want slow speed next to the coast, or high speed far from AI fleets, coastal guns, and friends who might scramble out of port? An attacker farther from coast enjoys a speed advantage over a defender close to shore, however he is easy to spot. He can position himself ahead of a target he sees along the coast, then move in to attack. The defender, meanwhile, can see the attacker because he's sitting in open water. He's harder to spot, somewhat. He can move himself closer to shore batteries while the attacker is moving in from off shore. Also consider the PvP fleet. It wants high speed winds to allow it to move against enemy ships it spots. Enemy ships scrambled from port moving to attack the ships off shore have to struggle with slower wind at the start of their attack, letting the PVP fleet evade a superior enemy. However, a defensive fleet already off coast enjoys high speed, and can attack invaders that go closer to shore and into slower wind. Does the merchant stick close to shore, where coastal batteries can defend him, or does he go for deep water and high speeds for convenience and the ability to outrun other ships? Being far from shore gives you an advantage in your ability to maneuver, but sacrifices the protection of ports, AI fleets and coastal guns. Certain terrain features also become interesting. Choke points and gaps between islands will become effectively narrower, since someone sailing from Jamaica to Bermuda wants to keep to the fast winds, which means they'll go for the middle of the Cuba-Hispaniola straight, and interceptors waiting in the central deep water will be able to attack them. However, ships attempting to sneak along the coast, if spotted, can be attacked from the same speed advantage of deep water. Players in general will be less inclined to "camp" the coast in certain areas since it reduces their maximum speed. Players in general will prefer deep water, I think, and we'll see more and faster travel over long expanses of ocean. Note wind speed in battle will not change, and speed increases will respect the ship's performance at all times.
  11. Hi Here are my wishlist: functional lighthouses in important landmarks (capes, points, little islands) with a banner with its name (like in ports) Improve important ports with several docks Darker nights improve weather and wind system maybe using wind and jetstream areas in open seas. Ships should suffer damage when stuck into shallows or great thunderstorms make a better looking map and include navigation tools like compass, plotter, protractor, pencil etc. and take out autocoordinates system (only with a new "navigator perk" make a real fishing ship (only fish and salt cargo allowed) Allow open seas trading Allow using more outposts Allow more buildings Allow delivery contracts between players (ex. Please deliver "XXX products" to La Habana (I'll pay XXX Gold) Give XP for patrolling ports (new misión ) Include a soundtrack (sailor songs, habaneras, tavern songs etc) Ships should need supplies to be able to sail like food, water, gunpowder, ammunitions, It would be great if you need troop (marines) transport ships to be able to take a port. (maybe using war supplies) Make new IA fleets including merchants and light scorts (frigate class ships) Develop flares in OW (Red=help, Blue = Hello) Allow fake flags for pirates and smugglers (only reveal real nation when very close) Allow to see who is in a port Feel free to comment
  12. Why can't the wind direction be more random than it is now? It seems that it just goes counterclockwise all day, all night. Making it more random would make sailing a bit more challenging and a lot more realistic. Why don't ships take some sort of random damage during storms? There should be the possibility of random damage from sailing into / through a storm. Right now, there is only a speed penalty.
  13. Hello, One thing that bugs me out and for what i would like to see a change in the new UI is the possibility to know the wind direction when i am inside a port or after a battle ended, without either having to get out of the port with a ship to see by myself or ask in chat few times after a battle and sometimes getting an inaccurate answer. Captains should know the wind direction while in port, and be able to decide for the best moment to leave it without having to get the ship out now and then and wee if the wind turned enough to be favorable. Captains after a battle, either pve or pvp should see in the end result screen the wind direction and could wait 10 minutes for the best wind to leave, all this without having to ask anyone. I hope the Dev's will add this essential information element to be available all the time in the new UI that is probably already worked on. Thanks a lot. PS: I am a quite a noob at coding such stuff, beside some basic php and batch i can't really do something but this thing is so important to me and missing so much in game that i may start to spend time to learn c,c+,c++ or else and just try to make a small .exe where i can set the wind blowing direction at the start of a gaming session with a small compass having the wind rotating like in game, just to be able to see where the wind is pushing any time i need it. Maybe there is talented people around that could code a small .exe doing this in a blink and it will be nice for now but i would really like to see this implemented in the new UI, this critical information for Captains should be available every time and part of the game.
  14. I suggest the wind angle rose at the bottom right of the screen change colour according the effect wind has on the sails for example; red could represent bad wind force and approaching sail irons, yellow could be in between green and red with green representing best wind to sail angle. Comments?
  15. Wind http://imgur.com/NT2Xp79 Sea Currents http://imgur.com/YfObbLt The screenshots shown in the links above, represent the wind and currents in the real world corresponding with the game world. Maybe these could be implemented in one way or another. Cause, eternally counter-clockwise turning wind is not very authentic. Fair Winds, and Happy Sailing Yngvarr
  16. Ahoy! Just in case any of you don't visit the wiki all too often, here are couple of guides I've added there on the topic of ships' sailing capabilities. My guide on the Sailing Profile of ships discusses ships' relative speeds on different points and should help you figure out how to make best use of your ship. My guide on Ship Speeds instead gives non-normalised speed values based on the default speed of the different ships. This should give an indication of how fast your ship can go on different points. They only go up to the light frigates as I have yet to construct or capture anything heavier pending further promotion. But stay tuned and the guides should grow. Remember that in both of these instances, guns, outfitting, wood type, etc. can affect the behaviour of ships. Fair winds!
  17. I've been watching my wind gauge when OW sailing for a while now and as far as I can tell the wind only EVER backs (moves anti-clockwise)!!!! It backs at a constant rate I'd like to see the wind in OW veer sometimes and not to change direction at such a predictable rate.
  18. Hello, lets talk about wind and how it should effect the ship. I personally do not enjoy current ship reaction to the wind and sea. I know it is very early stage of development and some parts of this are simply absent atm. That is why I think we need to address these important features before they slip away. I would like to see some "wind force" levels in this game and would like to experience the true power of the ocean. Suggested chart: http://www.spc.noaa.gov/faq/tornado/beaufort.html Each level of wind force should be displayed inside a small icon on the screen. This can warn players of what to possibly expect and plan sailing routes ahead to avoid heavy storms. Following a scale we can now place a ship movement system in place. (Picture is just an example) Wind force 1-6 1. Current ship movement (light left, right, up, down movement) 2-4 Increased left, right, up, down movement, ship's bow sinking deeper and rising higher. 5-6 More violent left, right, up, down movement, ship's bow sinking deeper and rising higher. Wind force 7-12 ...at this point you should know what happens when ship is in rough seas. Adjust ship movement by increasing tilting with each wind force level. Your ideas are welcome!
  19. Just earlier I managed to get into a 1:1 pve fight with gushing winds, so I had a good look at the effects it had, not only on combat but also on the ship itself. I noticed a few things. Maybe obvious, but I still felt like 'throwing it out there'. First of all the ship doesn't seem to rock very "smoothly", when observing it zoomed out, as with a smooth sinus wave, but more like it went over a series of flat surfaces. I tried to illustrate below: I don't know if that has to do with netcoding or the actual mechanic. Furthermore I've noticed a few times that wind direction shifts through the match, which is fine, but the direction of the waves don't seem to do the same. This often results in sailing along the wind, against the waves. I don't know if the shifting is now just to keep things interesting or a feature for release, but it feels odd not to see waves and wind in sync In regards of sound design I feel storm could be more have a storm feeling with appropriate sounds, more beefier, like more moaning and creeking of the ship and howling of the wind through the rigging. I've noticed in the sound log that there are sounds of rigging and so, but in for instance Master and Commander they really tried to get that stormy feeling to it (on the DVD there's a making of that shows for instance how they set up some rigging on the back of a pick-up truck and record the howling off of that to add to the movie). The storm in Master and Commander:
  20. Several players on the chat have asked about TACKING. Perhaps it is time to raise that issue again. here is a forum thread that could be helpful: http://forum.game-labs.net/index.php?/topic/862-tacking-sequence/page-2?hl=tacking first a few videos that helps new players. First this one. (A bit old but the principle is almost the same) https://www.dropbox....4p4/Edit #1.mp4 And then this Naval Action video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7MR87oRNOsg
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