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  1. PIerrick de Badas

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    So as you can see vets get a huge advtange on game as they already know how to play and don't need one more trick to defend the hords. In this hand, why to give them one more advtange that will drive away the noobs from your game? I got the point that is allow you to have less expensive server but sometimes i wonder if your goal is not to just end and kill your game to say you finished it and go on an another one
  2. PIerrick de Badas

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Désolé celti, j'étais chaud pour revenir a la release mais le fait de savoir qur les vets vont garder xp book etc et que le snouveaux vont se faire fumer en 2j et ragequit le jeu me chauffe peu. je sais bien que gamelabs s'en fout car ils ont venu leur jeu a tous ceux qui le voulaient, peu ont attendu pour l'acheter mais toutes ses copies vendues >100k, ca en fait des joueurs prets a revenir encore faut il qu'on en ait envie...
  3. The question is not will a book will give you the advantage on a noob (and there is many) but will the newcomer THINK it got a disvantage. The books has not to be usefull in this case the probem is the newcomer will THINK they get a disadvantage and each time they will lost, against a noob or a vet, they will think it's due of the start disadvantage they got. When we lsot against swedish all the time frenhc complain against their invincible books slots and fits even if mahy ot them good none. It was enough that the people THINK they were disadvantage from start to make complain about a game mecanism that was not really the problem. Each time you give opportunity for people to think they are not fighting with equal weapon, they will complain abot that. Advtantage or not, veteran or not. Would you play a game where you may face a people with exact same outfit than you but that may shots you 10% more speed with +10% more accuraty and 10% more armor? Simply not. Even if this outfit are rare or if almost noone got them, you would not risk your ship thinking you may encounter this kind of monster. It's the same thing for noobs. Why to fight any ships has they may have this advantange on you? As people are not able to know who is vet or who is noob, noob will fear anyone and complian any time they think they were good but the fits/boks/whatever make them lost. One more time ot make you understand because you seems limited, it's not the advantage itself the problem but the idea of this advantage
  4. Hello everyone, Developers, players, vets and noobie. I've played Naval action for around 2k hours on steam, and few hundred before the game was launch. I've encounter 2-3 partial wipe and 3 total wipes. I've start the game several time to test new features as well as on naval action legend and on the actual game you are actually TESTING. Y'oure alpha tester don't forget that. Now to be back on the main subject i really see a big issue with the partial wipe. To have played with the french under Swedish occupation i've listen a lot about this "invicinbile swedish" that french werer unable to sink due of books, slots and good fittings. Vets have the big advtange to know what books to use first, how to get them and how to use them. Starting the game with slots on ships and books to uses the slots will give them a really too big advtange on newcomers. You can consider that when we encounter the swedish alpha fleet french were knowing they have to farm to be allow to survive but we were playing on long time and it was our fault to not have grind the ships. Many playurrs have try naval action a long time ago and then have alreay pay to play the game. But most of the player have left before the grind way naval action have take. this players will come back to discorver how the game have change and what he offer them. They will have to grind to discorver and after few fights againt vets or worst, after have spoken with vets on ts they will see the hiuge difference between them and the vet. It will lead them to ive bad review on steam and it's not the vets that will make the happy review on steam that will change things. There is 300-400 players actually on na so lets consider a population ogf 2-3k activ player now. Lets consider all of them as "vets". Now remember that the server has welcome around 94k player 1 year ago from admin sources. Immagine what vets represent. Nothing. You are nothing if we consider the population that have played the game. You are nothing considering the population that may play the game. And the time you have spend ig to famr is nothing in consideration the time i've play to test the game. You're lucky enought to have discorver the game before the release allowing you to know how to tack, shoot and play it. You're lucky enought to not have to grind back your xp (i've made it 3 times). You will be in surprise and wasa when new comers will be in bricks and snow. You're lucky enough. Don't destroy the game because you are lazy. Let new comes discorver and enjo the game or you will stay with you're population. Devs developp the game to sell it, without succes the serverwill stop before you think about out. I've read many good comments about people ready to welcome new comers and few about lazy players. I've wait Nalal action 3 years. Don't screwed the launch to keep 300 people. if this people leave they are toxic and i prefer to play with 5k new players than with 300 toxic ones.
  5. PIerrick de Badas

    Propositions pour l'hostilité

    ca ne corrige pas le problème lié à la faiblesse des npc. Si 10 attaquants rentrent contre 10 npc, puis 10 defenseurs viennent on a 10 at vs 10 npc+10 ia. Puis 10 attaquant viennent renforcer on a 20 joueurs contre 10ia+10 joueurs et les défenseurs n'ont plus aucune chance...
  6. PIerrick de Badas

    Expériences des "Forged papers"

    peut n vomir à leur propos ou vous allez prendre un post sur 10 qui dit que c'était une bonne idée?
  7. PIerrick de Badas

    Tempetes en Batailles

    on a pas aimé car lorsqu'ils ont créé le mode 100% des combats étaient en tempete donc à la fin on en pouvait plus!!
  8. PIerrick de Badas

    Swedish call to arms

    i heard that sweden get the famous technology to speak on long range and the magic ability to recieve free gifts form devs to build their rated ships aswell. Good luck on easy mode
  9. PIerrick de Badas

    Abusing RvR System

    exchanging ports into a nation bye differents clans will lead some nation to gain points as well
  10. PIerrick de Badas

    Abusing RvR System

    it's a total, not step per step, consider the all first topic to see how points works
  11. PIerrick de Badas

    Abusing RvR System

    i think owning a port give you 1 point, capturing it 2 points loosing it 1 point So if you capture a port, you get 2 for capture +1 for owning the port=3. You abandon it, you still keep your 2 points, you just lost the 1 for owning. If you would have lost it in battle you would have lost -1 for defeat and -1 for owning. Actually i'm pretty sure you can farm the victory mark. Someone got a good point. Take a port, make it neutral capture it again etc etc
  12. PIerrick de Badas

    PVP servers merge

    3 ports losts for france christmas day, the 3are set up on american evening meaning european player can already consider this 3 ports as untackable. Yes there is us player playing french bu i'm not so i don't cre. IU consider thuis ports as lost for me. It's like they are not untackable. I have had outpost in. Should i be happy to have us in my nation? Yes. Should it chane anything for me? No. I'm not able to play the game whatever my effort are. This port as been taken in europe timeby europe player and soon as they have been capture they have been swtich to night in europe to put this port out of rvr. We should try to find a new names to named this broken mecanism as this port has not been nightlfip. They under nightdefense could we say.
  13. PIerrick de Badas

    Abusing RvR System

    I don't know where to post that. It's ot tribunal because it's not really an exploit and i don't see where to post it. At the moment: Winning a port battle : Winning 2 points Losing a port Battle: Loosing 1 point Abandonning a port: Loose 0 points So we got: Nation A capture a port to Nation B. . Nation A: +2 Nation B: -1 Nation C: 0 Nation A leave the port making it neutral port Nation A: +0 Nation B: -1 Nation C: +0 Nation C, allie with Nation A capture neutral port. Nation A: +2 Nation B: -1 Nation C: +2 But it could be worst Nation C leave the the port making it neutral port Nation A: +2 Nation B: -1 Nation C: +2 Nation A, allie with Nation C capture neutral port. Nation A: +4 Nation B: -1 Nation C: +2 to be continue. Tbh, nation B is useless. We can farm the victory point with just 1 port changing hand If i'm wrong ty to give me information about how to work points Solutions - Abandonning a port should do painful to not allow nations to feed other nation with them. Loosing a port while defending it should be less painfull. I would recommand to loose 2 port to abandon and 1 to defeat - Capturing neutral port shouldnot give points.
  14. PIerrick de Badas

    Attention à la dérive

    Mouais j'ai testé mais y a que les ia qui se prennent les cotes. Dans la mesure ou au pret un gros cul avance plus qu'il ne dérive, le risque de s'echouer est assez faible
  15. PIerrick de Badas

    Patch Notes & Feedback

    Y avait pleins de solutions pour les flags: - Augmentation du prix (2 millions +300 CM par exemple) - Transporter par un premier rang pour les PB non shallow (vaisseau amiral) et par Rheavy (shallow) - Impossibilité de rentrer au port quand on porte un flag