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  1. Already found a faction man. Gonna be in the GB faction
  2. Based In New Zealand. wanting to get back into the game due to the country being in lockdown for the next 30 days.
  3. Equip carronades on your ship, chain shot enemy sails down to below 70%, sit on the stern of the enemy ship and fire into it, when the stern amor is gone switch to grape and fire into the stern one shot at a time using spacebar until they have minimal are or half of what you have, switch to boarding prep while doing this, when you have lowered their are enough and boarding prep is at 100 board the enemy ship and you should have an easy time.
  4. Hey all, i'm from New Zealand and i was looking through our history and noticed some interesting things. Kauri which is a tree native to New Zealand which is very strong and light was being logged in New Zealand prior to 1820, Kauri is a strong and lightweight wood which made it highly demanded yet expensive. I thought it would be interesting to bring in something like this into the game. Also i noticed New Zealand built a few ships before 1830 The Herald, Enterprise and then a Brigantine that was supposedly exceptionally fast named the New Zealander. Most impressively was the 394-ton barque
  5. "2-6 heave" is still commonly used when pulling something, it dates back to the two men stationed at each cannon who's job it was to haul back the cannons or push them into firing position, this was the command for them to do so, the saying is now used on a few ships today for when ropes are being hauled.
  6. Hey all im new to the game, should be online tomorrow (NZ time). My main question is what a good starting nation is due to location and attitude of the players. Thanks heaps for any suggestions/ reasons.
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