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  1. Justme

    POTBS game Closure

    Up to NA? Heaven help us then. But look on the bright side when NA goes under in the next year or so there is sea of thieves and skull and bones.
  2. Yay, being a resource mule for higher up clan members is always what I wanted in a game.
  3. They should sell Legends to Wargaming or gaijn. They might even let it resemble what it was supposed to be. Either way it's obvious, despite the devs best effort they are simply over their heads on this one. It seems like they don't have the staff needed to pull Naval Action in any way shape or form off.
  4. Justme

    The best naval warfare games, an article by wargamer.

    Shame Koei's P.T.O series was not listed.
  5. Justme

    The Daydream – A Concept for Legends

    Problem is with the DLC being added while in EA it has caused even more negative speculation about the games financial state. Lot of people have been burned by EA titles that have done this before. There are seemingly more doubts that NA will survive to launch or much longer afterwords. Then we lose both games, and it will be a real shame to lose legends over the mess that is OW.
  6. Legends failed because it @admin never wanted it to succeed. Had it been an open alpha/beta instead of accessible to those who already paid it would still be around. Players had a choice between working towards their OW progress or taking away from it to test another game. What do you think was going to happen. Legends was never meant to succeed.
  7. Justme

    Premium ships 24 hours

    The problem is if players are paying real money, they won't want to permanently lose the ship they bought. Same goes with restricting replacing it too much/fast when it is lost.
  8. The players have been more than patient, what do you think they are, star citizen backers?
  9. If the game is appealing and worth playing, people will stay, if not they won't. It's not just chat that factors into this. At the end of the day the responsibility of the devs to make and maintain a quality gaming experience.
  10. NA2? That may be a bit optomistic to say the least. I could see a Mediterranean setting being successful. But I doubt the devs were ever serious about NAL. They need to delete the forum section on it.
  11. I've always thought there was a clear lack of direction. I could be wrong, but @admin allowed development to be sidetracked chasing suggestions in the forums. Over a year ago I enjoyed logging in and trying things out, now it's a chore. Now I'm just sitting on the sidelines watching it burn to the ground. A couple months ago iirc @adminclaimed there was over 10k unique logins a day, yet no more than 500 online at a time( according to steamcharts fwiw) does not seem to add up. NAL is dead, they should just go ahead and remove it's section from the forums. Any who believe otherwise are kidding themselves.
  12. Ok so how many hours playtime for a new player without trading or crafting should it take to have a decent ship fully equipped
  13. Only way to afford to play if your solo without half a day playtime is by trading or grinding low level bots. why do you think numbers are so low in NAOW, it's boring. The combat is it's only saving grace. You don't earn enough in PVP ( if you can find it) or grinding bots. only way is trading/crafting, lying to new players ( and guys like ruthless)about it is a huge disservice
  14. It's a real shame instead of developing NA L which had a real chance of success if done properly, @admin decided to rearrange the deck chairs of NAOW and cut NAl loose.
  15. Is this going to be open beta or actual launch of the game? If launch of the game will paid content be available on launch date such as cosmetics, flags, or premium ships? Also how is the progress on console versions?