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  1. Flawed is allowing a handfull of selfish players hurt the game as a whole at launch. Book wipe makes perfect sense if you have the interest as a game at heart, instead of wanting to be dominate at the start. I've put my time in, maybe not 3-4k hours( about 1200 ish), and unlike you and whatever group you sail with my idea of fun is not going around ganking noobs so I can see why you would be against a wipe.
  2. Because giving the large clans an advantage at the beginning so they can decimate the new players and have complete control from the start is so much better for everyone right? It would be nice to get @admin to address this concern, but given my history I would über stand if I'm ignored on this lol.
  3. Wiping the game will not fix all the issues. How ever most of the ones against wiping the game are the players who were never really interested in giving feedback, or contributing to the development. They are attempting to set themselves up as the dominate clans from the start. They simply don't want to be yet on a more level playing field.
  4. I find it interesting that all that's really been seen in this thread is " don't take my stuff "
  5. Catering to a few hundred veteran players and their multiple accounts is not the future of the game. You are not going to attract new players by giving the old guard a bunch of advantages over the new at launch.
  6. I'll be honest never played RDR or RDR2. But I can understand how you feel the need to be selfish vs what's best for the game as a whole. Most alphas/betas wipe at launch, been that way for years across all genres. Just because you disagree does not mean I'm shiposting. A wipe is best to start everyone on an even playing field as possible at launch. Beyond being a selfish player you have yet to give a reason why it's not in the games best interest.
  7. You are aware it's an early access, there is no guarantee you should keep anything at launch. No ones fault but your own if you don't understand that. Everything should be wiped, there is no real reason not too other than you have a misplaced sense of they owe you.
  8. I don't see the issue, I can't recall a alpha/beta that did not do a complete wipe at release.
  9. If you are going to do wipes, wipe everything. No sense if going half way on wipes at launch. Should be all or nothing, cherry picking what will be wiped does not do anyone any favors.
  10. I believe in the interest of fairness to new players at launch we should have at launch 1. Compete wipe. No knowledge, books, Xp, money, rank etc should be allowed to be kept. 2. Minimum rank before previous DLC purchased can be used. It would not be fair to new players to face P2W ships at game launch. Players should be held to a minimum rank before any of the DLC content can be used at launch. This I believe would foster a more balanced game in the beginning and is best interest of fairness for new players. I can not see the benefit of allowing experienced players more advantages over new players beyond the hands on experience they already obtained by being testers.
  11. Everything should be wiped, I see no reason to keep the books.
  12. @Bladerunner I know how you feel. I check occasionally check back in hopes the devs come to their senses. Sadly as many others have said legends is luck to be an afterthought at this point. Its dead, and talking about is a waste of time. Devs made it clear, they don't care.
  13. Player requested? Can @adminback that up or we supposed to trust them? Given the current population I doubt players requested the mess that is OW.
  14. It's obvious NA OW will be dead within a year of launch. They should of went with legends first, established a strong base that brings in strong revenue stream then start OW for those interested. Now they are selling DLC content in desperation before the game launches. Sorry @Norfolk nCchance Your wrong. Shame too a lot of wasted potential
  15. If NAOW issuccesfull, then there will be no time resources to devote to legends, as it will all go to improving the primary product( NAOW ), if ow fails then legends has no chance.
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