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  1. Everything should be wiped, I see no reason to keep the books.
  2. Justme

    POTBS game Closure

    Up to NA? Heaven help us then. But look on the bright side when NA goes under in the next year or so there is sea of thieves and skull and bones.
  3. Is it safe to assume aircraft and aircraft carriers will not be a part of this game?
  4. So it's ok for Aven to exploit broken BR mechanics, but not Sir Texas and his group to use another exploit. Why don't you call out players like Aven for his use of exploits?
  5. Sounds like Aventador has no issue exploiting certain broken mechanics( BR) as long as they favor him, but has no problem complaining about other broken mechanics if they don't favor him.
  6. Would make it harder on the new players forcing them to rely on combat missions to make money.
  7. Sounds like one side was out organized and outplayed and is complaining in the forums about it, topping it off with a really bad suggestion.
  8. Justme


    The link is dead, must not sell it anymore unfortunately.
  9. PVE only is almost 0 risk, just look at the PVE only server. Almost no risk of loss, and it's a basically a dead server. If you play PVE only on a PVP server there is still risk.
  10. Problem is with PVE only players is that they don't realize. 1. This game will not survive as PVE only. No matter how much you want it, just won't happen. 2. PVE only gameplay ( in NA) is almost 0 risk. No risk of getting sunk and losing ships, no reason to replace them, which leads to boring and tedious gameplay, which leads to empty servers( aka PVE only server)
  11. How does one request to join a clan? I don't see the option to request to join an existing clan in game.
  12. Cool, a game that my kid can play so I don't log in and find myself in the middle of nowhere in a basic cutter with no money. My punishment for leaving the computer on while taking a nap.
  13. PVE server needs to be more than the limited scope trading sim if it's to thrive. To this point the devs have shown little interest in making a PVE only server viable long term. There is a reason it's a ghost town on the PVE server. Simply put there is not enough standalone content to keep it viable. If this is not changed, we will be in the same spot we were just in, only 18-24 months later. I am sad to say I see this mess happening again. Most of the PVE only guys demanding that it remains will not be here in 18-24 months. They do not care if the game fails or succeeds.
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