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  1. Is there a possibility that we could submit our own designs for the top mast (aka clan flags) and then possibly have a system where it would wait to be approved and then added to the game?
  2. Lol mate you obviously haven't played this game long. @Raxius As far as i'm aware they have been planning to make little river apart of the safe zone for a while now.
  3. I like the new ui but I have 2 complaints. The new map looks great but I really dislike how it isn't edge-less like the previous map. Can make it hard to zoom in on somewhere if it's in the corner of the map. I also think that little picture when you click on a battle or a player/ai is just a waste of space. Otherwise I think it looks good.
  4. Yes it was a good fight. It was my assumption that I was practically invincible and I was trying to keep you guys in battle for as long as possible to avoid you interfering further with the hostility grind. The way it has always been was that smaller ships with pea shooters would have to decrew and board a sol to take it. Whether this is a good system or not is up for debate. I'm personally not opposed to the increased penetration at closer range and 6 pounders being able to pen,but it's the rate at which they pen that I think needs tweaking.
  5. pfft says the guy hiding behind a random forum name. I believe it was T/WO with Carta/Navy for the record
  6. Hard to destroy them when you can't hit them try playing your game and you'll understand
  7. I mean you can pull everything that you want out of the history books but it won't change the fact that it's game breaking.
  8. You physically cannot hit them if they are right against your side. Which is what happened to me. I'd recommend reverting whatever you did to thickness and tagging because it's really quite ridiculous that 2 6th rates with pea shooters were even able to tag me in the first place and then sink me within 10 mins of sitting right against my side.
  9. I couldn't hit them. They were right up against my side. Keep in mind this was after an hour and 20 minute battle of them stern raking me and it only took two of them about 7 minutes to take my side from full to zero and then the remaining three they took down my structure and I sank with 15 seconds left.
  10. Lmao. Just had 3 princes with longs sink my buc with carta and they were also able to tag a buc with only 2 of them. Ouch.
  11. I'm really not a fan of the hidden names and no chat. Makes things really complicated with clan to clan alliances and it's just annoying overall. Hiding the ship name though is kind of interesting but i'd like to see the hidden player names and no chat feature reverted.
  12. Hot fix the ship crafting before it's too late! Shut off crafting if you have to temporarily
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