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  1. Is there a possibility that we could submit our own designs for the top mast (aka clan flags) and then possibly have a system where it would wait to be approved and then added to the game?
  2. Maybe remove Russia, Prussia, and Poland from the game as playable nations and keep them in as ai traders with unique loot. Also remove pirates as an established nation with safe zones and make them what poland, russia, and prussia are now.
  3. I believe Krabbeninsel is Vieques. Could give them that. But Chris does have a point with Russia and Poland. I would agree that they should be removed.
  4. Never said you did? The devs are clearly the only individuals at fault but you guys supported even further separation and the data shows that the population is worse off. Now could that be poor game mechanics mixed with that? Sure, but I would bet a lot of money that the overall population would go up with a server merge.
  5. I would argue that players on global are selfless. I would also agree with that statement that "someone always has to bite the bullet" and it's definitely the global players right now. Show me the stats? Population was much higher when there were no restrictions so I have no idea where you're getting your information. And I think something could be worked out where there are limited restrictions. You eu only people have an agenda and that agenda is to destroy the game and run off any non euros from the game. And you call me selfish... disgusting
  6. 100% agreed. This evidence shows that the game population cannot support 2 servers and that we need to merge the pvp servers into pvpeu to make a new pvp global. So then we can have pve global and pvp global. I mean it took you a while to come around to the idea but i'm glad you finally did.
  7. Can you please do it again? I love to laugh at the ignorance
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