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  1. I have tried the custom battles a number of times but frankly it still baffles me. I would love to try the battle of Bunker Hill from the British perspective but ............. Any ideas on how to launch a relatively quick battle with that or any premade map? Somehow no matter how careful with points and such I can never seem to get the custom battle option to launch. Do I need a commander for every battalion I create? Do I have to include a ship? If I don't pick up the right guns , do they fight with sticks? Can I modify an existing scenario? BTW, can you do
  2. Pre-ordered Looks beautiful but I have no clue what to do Ah hah .... auto build and somehow I got 5 destroyers! convey attack I sunk 4 transports ... The Cruiser was just too much to handle though I would group them in manual, then adjust the aggressiveness to MAX ... set my target and then switch to A.I control. , steering automatic I switch back to manual if I want to go somewhere else This move chewed up those transports Well, At least it It worked for me A really nice looking game. Bought it the minute I read about it on https://www.w
  3. Hadn't heard a whisper till today. Got an e-mail to pre-order and I did. Now we will see
  4. Well, I have been away for a bit since I last finished both sides of the Civil War very nicely if I might add . Sometimes it best to leave while you are ahead I have been hearing about this title lately and I even glanced at the video for sea and land combat briefly. Well, as there is mention of an file update on this forum , I assume there is a Beta somewhere. Where, I have no idea As I have spent about half hour trying to find info on how to get a link for anything about this to no avail ... well maybe this game is too complicated for me ... How about a clue for us ol
  5. Nice film short about the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-1674 It sure looked like the Dutch kicked major you know what on the Anglo. I never realized it was these battles were so decisive. There was a lot more to Navel combat of this type in that era then I imagined It's Amazing what these Admirals could maneuver when you consider they had to deal with ........questionable flag communication ....tides.....shoals ... current ..... night time at sea ... wind , and not to mention trying to herd cats with a bunch of aristocratic noblemen with delusions of grander far greater then their ex
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