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  1. I have tried the custom battles a number of times but frankly it still baffles me. I would love to try the battle of Bunker Hill from the British perspective but ............. Any ideas on how to launch a relatively quick battle with that or any premade map? Somehow no matter how careful with points and such I can never seem to get the custom battle option to launch. Do I need a commander for every battalion I create? Do I have to include a ship? If I don't pick up the right guns , do they fight with sticks? Can I modify an existing scenario? BTW, can you do
  2. Pre-ordered Looks beautiful but I have no clue what to do Ah hah .... auto build and somehow I got 5 destroyers! convey attack I sunk 4 transports ... The Cruiser was just too much to handle though I would group them in manual, then adjust the aggressiveness to MAX ... set my target and then switch to A.I control. , steering automatic I switch back to manual if I want to go somewhere else This move chewed up those transports Well, At least it It worked for me A really nice looking game. Bought it the minute I read about it on https://www.w
  3. Hadn't heard a whisper till today. Got an e-mail to pre-order and I did. Now we will see
  4. Well, I have been away for a bit since I last finished both sides of the Civil War very nicely if I might add . Sometimes it best to leave while you are ahead I have been hearing about this title lately and I even glanced at the video for sea and land combat briefly. Well, as there is mention of an file update on this forum , I assume there is a Beta somewhere. Where, I have no idea As I have spent about half hour trying to find info on how to get a link for anything about this to no avail ... well maybe this game is too complicated for me ... How about a clue for us ol
  5. Nice film short about the Anglo-Dutch Wars 1652-1674 It sure looked like the Dutch kicked major you know what on the Anglo. I never realized it was these battles were so decisive. There was a lot more to Navel combat of this type in that era then I imagined It's Amazing what these Admirals could maneuver when you consider they had to deal with ........questionable flag communication ....tides.....shoals ... current ..... night time at sea ... wind , and not to mention trying to herd cats with a bunch of aristocratic noblemen with delusions of grander far greater then their ex
  6. an update, I seem to be able to start in offline mode! I unplugged the network cable to see what happens. It tries to go to steam from the start and when that doesn't work a screen pops up asking if you want to connect or start in offline mode. Guess my problems solved (I think)
  7. I have made a shortcut to ultimategeneral.exe. from the Steam folder. The program automatically tries to connect to steam, As to my sons account and I ......well I have had an account with steam since they started. Somewhere in that time he jumped into my account(probably middle school). Between us we have bought over 100 games. He is specifically a shooter (he is a Marine now) with some interest in strategy games. I just play strategy games because I stink at shooters. Do I have to "buy" all my games back if I start another account? How is that fair. If you do not have steam t
  8. My son and I share an account (he is a shooter fan) When he gets on I sometimes get kicked out. It just says close game exiting steam and I lose everything. Can I not play this game without an Internet connection? There must be another way.
  9. Thanks for the notice. I just paid my 9.99 and am downloading it now. Yippie!!!
  10. I am so impressed with what you have done! This Ipad version as darn close to the PC version. How do you do it? If this isn't app of the year I will eat my mouse! Hope to see it soon.
  11. Watched it too. Talk about a pyrrhic victory (for both sides I think) At the end of the scenario I was amazed to see a wall of arty holding the line while just about everyone else broke up due to morale problems. Add this the scrum of skirmisher's on the right end that seems indecisive and occasional skirmishes by cav and smaller units in the rebel rear. (I never see the AI trying this.) I constantly check HQ positions and send them where their radius can do the most good, usually in improveing morale enough to regain control of the offending unit! Many beginners neglect this to their detrim
  12. I would like to suggest an option possibly being available in the settings menu that if a cannon tries to fire at a unit and the computer thinks it is blocked that we hear a blip, beep or whatever., and give a couple of seconds so I can then cancel the target, so the cannon won't pick up an move! Maybe a special rule for cannons that hold really means hold! (except when the AI gets too close) This could be toggled on an off. I would really like it if the artillery icon would change when the cannon is moving to say cannons led by a horse, it's just my preference......... When my last
  13. I have noticed on you tube watching so called experts telling us how to play this game. Mostly all seem to relatively ignore their commanders. I always move my commanders into the areas where the biggest fights are going on. I calculate the "circle" around the units and hope that being in this boundary the affected units will fight better and resist routing. Am I correct in this theory? Commanders don't seem to get killed or routed (they do move on their own when enemy's get close) so I scurry them around the battlefield! :)Could we get a little more info about the effects of leaders on their
  14. I can not seem to get the link to work (I cannot seem to paste the page)but on the greenlight steam forums page 6 of the Ultimate General blog under "How soon is soon?"I believe is a post from Game Labs-developer saying that the development team is from Kiev Ukraine. Now I may be getting scammed but it looks real. Also I do pray a lot. I find it keeps the baser emotions in check so that I can try to make the world a little better place.
  15. I just found out today on the Steam Forums. I have been amiss on reading the forums lately Be safe guys. The game can wait. Your safety comes first. My thoughts and prayers go out to the people of all the Ukraine.
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