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  1. As long as the unrealistic camera shake from KCD is out, i'm in
  2. Are there any plans to allow cross pollination between NA and SL? Like NA Loki-esque players can fight in SL duels and the other way around? Could the full blown ship command features in SL work as a DLC that slides on top of NA? The career stuff looks like a much more refined version of the NA PvE server. Finding a way to combine the two player bases would make a lot of sense imho, multiplier effect rather than fragmenting players pools.
  3. The war is over by christmas! Huzzah! Merry christmas (if applicable)
  4. Imagine San Juan's actual fortifications in the game.. ouch.
  5. I'll rephrase: Layers on top in terms of new mechanics = ok in my book, perhaps you can concoct something fun. But the overall grind needs to come down for old stuff to keep the time requirement stable.. otherwise you have a tiny minority of people on the server sailing Glatton/X.. which makes the time you have to invest to code a feature/ship model that only ever a handful of people will see less efficient. There is a danger you trap yourself in that power creep. The first hardcore crafting revamp (fine woods) did cost a lot of players, myself included. Hardcore MMO progress just isn't fun long term.. which is why it has gone out of fashion in games. I beg of you don't crank the grind up too much.
  6. Changes to the price/power curve I don't mind, I encourage you.. but I fear you are going to add layers on top rather than rebalance and escalate player time sinks to attain the top. This will not help solo players and only make the game more miserable for well organized crowds. The current level really is the max that is sustainable. (imho ofc). BTW, a brainwave for something that adds grind and money sink but will perhaps make the seasoned woods bearable: bring back the old ship crafting notes (i forgot the name). The ones that were crafted using gold trade goods and added ship quality level per note to crafting results. Invest Gold => less RNG.
  7. Please don't do a MMO like classic WoW. The grind to stay at the sharp end was unbearable.
  8. Elite Dangerous style insurance where you can get all mods, engineering rolls etc back would be very nice. Getting your ship back in some sort of broken state which needs a generous amount of cash to get the ship repaired would be nice. My guess is the devs are unlikely going to do this, however, because ship loss is one of the few money sinks in the game economy and there might be the perception that less grind = less players in the OW = less content.
  9. We kinda can only comment on the game in it's current state. I think rage about teleport prices was well justified.. as @Never has said there was no way of telling when or how the dub supply would be made easier. It was fixed and is not an issue now and (S) Woods might turn out the same. The scope of players and developers are different, the devs know what they are going to do next and players are limited to the problems 'in the now' and today witth that limited view on the (potentially) missing pieces the seasoned woods mechanics is bad. The stick is missing the carrot.
  10. I really do not understand the thinking behind the seasoned woods. For smaller groups/solo players you have another gate because its harder now to fit those buildings in, plus the blueprint grind requirements. Did we really need another layer separating have from have-nots and screw over solo players? Port bonuses and friends lists are bad enough in this respect. For big fleets no relative advantage will be gained since everybody will have them at some point. There is no gameplay or interesting decision making involved because the woods are straight up better - just grind the things. If removing money from the economy was the goal.. why not simply make the ships more expensive in LH and dubs.. they will be now anyway. The new buildings essentially remove slots from all players for no relative gain, even worse you have to have them if you want to just be on par with others and they are another brick in the wall, another building that needs regrinding if you contemplate nation switching. Moving the goalpost in crafting like this feels like a tax on my game time and assets. It's like saying "You will grind this, like it or not" Oh, and all the ships you already have? Yeah, they just gotten worse overnight.. and not having the old ships getting (S) versions of their woods grandfathered gets my ol' eye all twitchy The game was in a very good state and cutting down on the complexity of the old crafting system was the right thing to do but this decision is clearly a step back. I am insulated from all this ofcourse because I have an army of alts. I can overcome these issues.. and that is a problem.. I hate the P2W word but at some point you run out of arguments against that label.
  11. Yes this works for square riggers as well.. you can squeeze a bit more out of them if you fiddle with your yards but there is more leeway. It's useful for running away sometimes >)
  12. Can we just not have the seasoned woods mechanic please? All the other changes are going in the right direction (thanks for listening!) .. but that one is Fine Woods 3.0 ;(
  13. I complained from day 1 and when I played for a small nation, everyone will be affected at some point.
  14. That's the thing: if the three top dogs stop defending their ports after a couple of weeks because they are fed up with it and their lands return neutral, the npc armada will come for the smaller nations that are now top dogs. This downward spiral is damaging. The actual battle is fun and a good addition but the repetitiveness of it might just kill the game.
  15. The feature itself is great - for the PvE server. Just like the Loki Rune and it's nonconsensual PvP has no place on the PvE server, nonconsensual PvE to keep a port has no place on the PvP server.
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