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  1. I hope this makes it into the game.. map resets of some description ( = winning the war) are necessary. Whats even more important when this happens is to reward the losing side more than the winners, and in the same vein regular breakup of alliances is at least as important as establishing them. Hegemony for any side would be death for RvR.. even if you win you have lost if nobody keeps playing.
  2. I'm unconvinced by the entire front line system. We have ships, if we can sail to X why should we not be able to take it provided we bring enough boats/troops etc?
  3. The new port buffs are way way too high, across the board.
  4. I don't know why this question gets shot down like this, OP is a reasonable game mechanic inquiry.
  5. I agree with the principle, but the historic math is slightly off: Your BR calculations would prevent you from having an actual Trafalgar line up in the game. If you map the battle's OOB and corresponding BR using napkin math: British side had 27 SoL total (7* 1/2nd rates = 5215, 17* 3rd rate = 7446, 3*4th rate = 1020 [these are 64gun ships, 3rd rate in the RN]) = 13661 BR France/Spain: 33 SoL (4* 1/2nd rates = 2980, 28* 3rd rate = 12264, 1 64gun = 340 = 15584 BR This is per the OP's math, I really wouldn't lob First and Second rates into one category, it also ignores the Spanish/French 80gunners being listed as Third Rates; the BR for the Spanish and French 74s is on the low side, both had 36pd guns vs British 32s, The actual BR of the Franco-Spanish fleet is more like this: 4 First Rates: 4*900 = 3600 6 80gun two decker: 6*700 = 4200 2 74, British 32pd 2*500 = 1000 20 74, Spanish/French 36pd 550ish = 11000 1 64 = 340 total: 20140 BR
  6. They could be available to craft freely.. only Pavel (and for arguments sake Inger) should have slots for them. EDIT Questionable: Cherubim "Frigate" Frigate is also a Russian ship but doesn't suck so poods on her idk
  7. This is the only ship in the game that actually carried Edinorogs. Not a full gun deck of them but hey. It would be a big boost for the ship if that was the case in the game. "Poods For Pavel!"
  8. I loathe RNG gating for things, however, the list in itself makes sense historically, if you want to recreate a 1790-1810 era feel. All these ships would classify as rare or one offs in those years except Bellona. Her offspring were numerous and though she was still in service her 1760s gallery in the game make her look out of place for the time (same with Wappen, Inger,..) so this tells me that if GL locks Bellona away behind RNG this can only mean we will get another 74 we can build. If that happens, I'm on board. Ideally, a French or Spanish 36pd 74, a British 32pd, and maybe a 'heavy' 74 with 32/24/9 pd gundecks like HMS Mars (1794) but any permit free 74 will do. Limiting Endymions is a good thing, I always felt that it was a mistake adding the legendary one-off of the one-offs to the game, balancing her would always be a nightmare.. you will either end up blatantly op or not do it justice. Would've been better to rename the model Severn or any other of her class and balance it as needed.
  9. I see the DLC fanbois here want more, and bigger ships. Heresy! How do I convert?
  10. I don't understand which function the permit gating serves (I can half understand - though not agree with - the special wood shortage). The game would be ready for release without it.
  11. What was wrong with having farms for all wood types, free for all?
  12. Less RNG would be better for crafters if they feel threatened by the DLC ships. If you could control (at least to some degree) which special attribute 'procs' and how many slots you will get you can create quite a bit of demand me thinks.
  13. This a million times. NA-L should be part of NA-OW, not a separate thing.
  14. We are almost at the level where crafting of the actual ship makes very little difference. Time consuming is the kit on it, not hull. Whether that is right or not is another flavor decision for the game but my entire point is that you can keep up with building Agas vs Rats (provided the teak/wo supply is addressed) hulls. Hulls is all you get from the DLC. For all I care, regular ships could be redeemables too but a little bit of crafting and hauling is ok, perhaps even more than now, as long as the crazy times we had don't come back. Keeping up under the old system would be tiring, I agree completely (in fact, I stopped playing because there was no fix in sight for it). I don't understand how you can say you are getting worn down now (by the current crafting system) when you have survived the old full blown carriages and fittings frenzy? Yes you don't have to haul at all for DLC ships but convenience is the idea behind premium ships, in other games anyway. I don't think it really makes a difference in here if you craft or pay cash, the DLC ships either stand on their own merit on combat or they don't. At least in case of the Rat you can pretty much say it is a reskin of the Aga, and if you like that you'll sail her. Getting stats wrong is bad for any ship, silver or $$.
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