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  1. This looks like fun! Rusty or not, I'm in
  2. William Bligh looks like Bilbo Baggins in his portrait. Now, you can't unsee it.
  3. I think there is a disconnect in terminology: Yes DLC ships bypass some aspects (perhaps 1/3 of it - crafting of ships - you still need cannons and modules) of the economy and lessen the grind to an extent. This is time sink vs money - quite a few games have xp boosts, powerlevel, premium account whatever you want to call it. If their balancing is as it should be (like the Rattvisan) DLC ships give you 0 advantage in combat, and this is the most important part imho. I find it somewhat frightening (please don't take offense, everyone can play the game as they like) that you think the eco part 'is the game' rather than the combat part. Under that logic, I can now understand why you think it's p2w. To me eco is just means to an end not the actual thing. If combat isn't the goal but the economy - why craft ships at all?
  4. I'm not discussing your personality (how could I, I don't know you) but I am referring to what you have said, which, surely is the point of a forum? This post would be fine - except for the last sentence. It's an accusation which had no context or point of reference in this thread. It makes it so much easier to simply put everything you say, even things that might be valid, to be put in the box 'malcontent' and get ignored. I'm not a developer but if I was in their shoes I would ignore posts that often contain insinuations and accusations, too, they have to. You are implicitly attacking their impartiality and character. The best answer you can hope for in that scenario is to get ignored, otherwise they would have to defend their viewpoints on basically everything and no progress in terms of game development happens. I know it can be frustrating at times, sometimes I hate decisions the devs have made but 'salty' comments are unproductive. You may have vented, but no actual change will happen.
  5. Fair enough, but it would probably help his cause more without the passive aggressive snipes embedded in his posts.
  6. The game (like most MMOs) has always been gear based since it left Sea Trials and entered OW, there really isn't anything they need to 'admit now'. The ships had different stats from day 1 in OW. It feels like you also seem to misjudge the strength of the DLC ships. Hercules could use a nerf, or better have a crafted counterpart added, but how about I gift you the Hermione to your Steam account and see how much p2w that is? (I really mean it). So far the DLC lineup is: Hercules: slightly op (mostly due to a lack of other shallow water vessels with 32pd nades), Hermione: total dog, and more importantly because its a two decke 4th rater: Rattvisan: well balanced, Agamemnon is slightly better overall. This is a far cry from pay to win.
  7. Having to go through smaller ports before being able to take a regional capital should be the only restriction on RvR. This plus giving ports different max BR again (why was this removed?) means more diversity. As for the frontline system.. not a fan. We have ships that can literally go everywhere.. it is incredibly jarring to have trench warfare arbitrarily imposed on then.
  8. Snoopy

    QoL improvements

    teleport button automatically docks your fleet
  9. Snoopy

    QoL improvements

    +1 also: "auto loot after battle" would be so sweet ;(
  10. My beef is that chase guns are a complete no brainer to have for these ships historically. There are 0 reasons a gun could not have been moved there in combat.
  11. Historically, the gun ports would have wooden covers but are stored inside. This is typical for French (and Spanish) naval vessels of the time .. for larger caliber guns on lower gun decks on two or three deckers you have permanent external lids. If you look closely at the game model of the Océan you can see this. On the replica it looks like they sensibly use something that seals a lot better than the originals would have.. My guess is running them out is probably the safest storage position, also less clutter inside (though my guess is the current ship and its comparably small crew could get away without it). And it makes you look butch when you enter port.
  12. Genuine question: Is there a source for anything other than iron shot being used in naval guns? (not land based artillery)
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