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  1. "Copper plating should be rare" + "Copper plating is too expensive". Limitations should only ever apply to others, right?
  2. SoL speed nerf needs to also include the permit ships. While before we had the slight idiosyncrasy that Christian was a bit faster than Bucentaure with this nerf Christian is now more than a full knot faster than the Bucentaure - and across all points of sail. It should be the other way round if anything. Our overloaded 32-24 pd Bellona being faster than the generic 32-18 clone 3rd rate makes no sense either.
  3. Santi is now faster than Ocean. Oof.
  4. I'm all for making things easier accessible in the game, last time we had capped third rates the games was a lot of fun. 'Free' first rates means in addition to full-stack Ocean PB fleets OW fights will be dominated by three-deckers. Thinking ahead there probably needs to be a way to reign in the proliferation of those ships to still preserve some semblance of diversity and/or new roles for smaller ships.
  5. Indeed, I will buy those juicy Navy Guns (and Blomefields..) for those prices, perhaps even higher for the bigger calibers or 24pdr.
  6. The other PZones need their BR limits back, too.
  7. The way this seems to be working now is that if you receive further incoming enemy broadsides you will simply go into crew shock straight away and explode. Not sure if intended but it sure feels very rapid.
  8. I like the (in battle) mechanics, sounds interesting I don't like the fact that instead of positive reinforcement by buffing smaller nations a punishment for big nations is introduced. A 'keep your ports alive' PvE tax .. they now have an appointment every week to defend their ports, or lose them. I genuinely hope this works out and doesn't kill the fun for everyone. No nation had top dog status forever, so this can affect smaller nations, too.
  9. It'll be another 'pray' button and the devs will have a giggle at our expense
  10. Snoopy

    Mysterious Ship

    This is such a beautiful model. French Temeraire class 74. I want one in the game
  11. Yeah its going to be pretty difficult to balance this consistently. Endymion was oak, carried 24pd guns. Her sisters were fir and carried 24pd guns. Despite the oak Endymion was the fastest of the lot, too.
  12. True but a reworked alliance system isn't likely going to happen soon, and it also wouldn't make the 55port point question go away in all cases. Showering stuff on the poor is a stop gap.
  13. Bonuses for the weak are a must, even if the imbalances are a perception issue a lot of the time. But please don't use bonuses in battle that cannot be achieved any other way, but rather give economic boosts to weaker nations/players ("free copper plating module that only works when flying weak nation x flag" is much better than "weak nation port bonus sailing +5")
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