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  1. Those changes are nice, thank you
  2. Now that is quite a catch O_O .. gief cannons
  3. Some indication on the map or symbology like the patrol zones to get some warning at least would be nice.
  4. Thanks for spelling it out haha I did give the OP the benefit of doubt of working it out for himself
  5. HMS Victory: 100+ tonnes of ammo. How many times does a 32 pound, a 24 pound and a 12 pound ball fit?
  6. ?? source pls I'm sorry but I think you need to take a look at reality before shitting on a game in caps. SoL carried plenty of round shot, in British service at least 50 per gun off the top of my head plus extra bar, grape and chain and the required gunpowder. Spare sail cloth and rigging was also carried. If a SoL was unable to get jury rigs working and limp home on its own power it tended to be towed back home by a friendly Frigate or other SoL. Fights in NA are limited to 1:30 - it would be almost impossible for a real life crew to empty the ship's magazine firing their guns. There is plenty of things that are unrealistic about NA .. but this isn't.
  7. I think Doomstack is appropriate 😛
  8. Meh Liq Increasing the size of the clan friendslist enough so that everyone in the nation has access is pretty much equivalent to "everyone has access", in other words no change to now. Gating resources via powerful clans is a shit mechanic imho, pissing off solo players who have to beg to get handouts. Additionally this might be an invitation to Bully Nation X to come pay a visit to get that stuff Economically it wouldn't work anyway: if a resource is rare and sought after your nationals would still be able to (out)bid you and sell on the open market for a profit
  9. 19k hit points though.. glass cannon eh Can't wait.
  10. Threedecks.org is great but it gets dicey when small details like gun caliber are used as gospel. The 24pd is almost assuredly wrong: The two Cassards were specifically lengthened to accomodate the 24s and the increase in crew. The British had the same pattern that some 74s carried 24s but were also specifically made larger to do so. When taken at face value: Threedecks lists the Pluton subclass with 24pd guns which makes even less sense as the purpose of these ships was to be slightly smaller with shallower draft to be built in foreign ports. The laid down date for Suffren/Redoutable conflicts with other sources (1789). Threedecks is correct about only 28 guns on the LD - ours has a pair too many (there are temeraires which had 15 gun ports pierced though.. but probably never carried 30*36pdr). The 'national rate' stat "Premier Rang" is boilerplate from 'generic french ship' and .. well wrong because that system had been canned by the French Navy by the time the Temeraires were around. The weatherdeck guns are slightly off: there were likely more than 4 carronades on Redoutable at Trafalgar because over time more 8pdr weatherdeck guns were added which in turn were replaced by obusiers and carronades. Again, I'm not trying to **** on threedecks but their stats need to be taken with a grain of salt, a lot values are simply copy/paste or default values. The 24pound gun on the MD on British and French (and Spanish) ships is the absolute exception. The guy who designed the Temeraire also designed the 80 gun two deckers for this purpose (Tonnant/Bucentaure). My guess is he knew what he was doing when making that 80 gun ship heavier than HMS Victory. British second rate three deckers (including the Victory clones) did not even carry 24s(!), this was a first rate only thing. I'm not saying the Temeraires couldn't physically carry the 24s. I'm just saying they didn't in practice. Probably something about money and having to cross the Atlantic (and heaven forbid - sailing performance) seems to have made Spanish/British/French gun layouts far more conservative than the Dutch/Swedish/etc
  11. Out of roughly 100 Temeraires only Cassard and Veteran had 24pd guns. And those two ships were slightly larger. And the 24s were pulled after a while. Sure, for now the 24s are a necessary evil. Without thickness nerf the 18s are useless. It would be nice to get them back because they were such a staple of the era.
  12. You are right, a lot of ships are overgunned. This seems to have solidified itself when SoL were made 'kings of the sea'.. in order to be able to do any damage through their unrealistically large effective thicknesses .. larger calibers were put on. In first rate fights even 24pd guns are penetration starved a lot of the time. It would be nice to remove thickness across the board to make smaller caliber viable (especially 18 pounders) again. Having said that, 42pd guns on first rates is fairly realistic though: Victory was built for that weapon and actually carried them. The French/Spanish/Russian (and Dutch) 36pd is equivalent to 39pd. I wouldn't mind limiting the Santi and Ocean to 36s now that we have them in game.. but the difference is negligible. The bigger offender is 24pd longs on the upper deck on Bellona, Redoutable etc
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