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  1. I do like the idea of the nation modifier though, the buff to smaller nations would seem to be a good thing.
  2. Months of help from Swedes = fine, Russia starts helping a little = DED GAEM Sealclubbing the British when they were down = Fun, how DARE they ruin your game by getting organized?
  3. Oh man 😛 Gibt's auch Bilder aus der Kindheit und die ersten 100 Exemplare der Biographie mit Autogramm?
  4. For even fuller 'historicity' Trincomalee => UK, France (which had the ships the Leda class was based on) Victory => UK, Russia (they built a handful of them) Diana => Spain Surprise => France Santa Cecilia => UK Rattlesnake => US Leopard => UK Hercules => neutral 😛 Hermione => France Pandora => UK *Brig => US *Snow => UK *Lynx => US Endymion => UK, France (Pomone) Rattvisan => SE Redoutable => FR, UK (they built a few of them)
  5. Are you sure limiting competitive first rates to France and Spain and restricting everyone else to the Redoutable is the way forward? 😛
  6. Make book slots sticky for fleet ships; Assigned books should reappear when ships are moved to/from fleets.
  7. Make it an option for ship DLCs to yield a non tradeable crafting permit [on the same cooldown as the ship]. So instead of printing the actual boat with woods of my choosing, print a regular permit that needs all the resources like a normal ship to be built.
  8. I agree on the leak problem and usability issues of the Victory, a fine ship that is useless in the current meta. Victory (and Pavel) need help. Nitpick: Victory and Santisima were in battles on opposing side lots of times but never in a duel. Victory never dueled an Ocean class ship. By being on the winning side a ton of 74 gun ships 'survived or even defeated' the large first rates too, does that automatically make them superior? - it's not a good argument I could ofc be wrong on this and would be happy to see if there actually ever was a duel Vic vs X
  9. Now that is quite a catch O_O .. gief cannons
  10. Some indication on the map or symbology like the patrol zones to get some warning at least would be nice.
  11. Thanks for spelling it out haha I did give the OP the benefit of doubt of working it out for himself
  12. HMS Victory: 100+ tonnes of ammo. How many times does a 32 pound, a 24 pound and a 12 pound ball fit?
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