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  1. Maybe could you prevent or put a message indicating that isn't possible to capture a DLC ship to another player. Because I tryed with a Victory 1765 and I was teleported to a port with nothing. I had a lot of doubloons and repairs inside this one. Thank you very much
  2. I don't see why big clans should have the privilege to sell blueprints, when they already have the advantage of the number of players to find them easy. I recently saw a seasoning shed blueprint for 2 millions in a free port, it's still very expensive
  3. Like bottles for fishing, let seasoning shed, woods and tools blueprints appear randomly when we harvest rare wood. That would be more egalitarian for very small clans who cannot attack a fleet. And we can imagine that it's by working of wood that people have idea of improve their work. Thank you
  4. No player would lose their investments, the ships acquired before would be preserved, the purchased ships would be preserved, shipyards could be used to make futur or neutral ships like 3rd rate, or to use a permit that we stole. Shouldn't that be the primary goal of a pirate ? If they take pleasure in comfort, so pirates have really changed.
  5. My list isn't very precise, but these are details... Thanks. I think the reason why we choose the pirate faction is the freedom or the challenge. Probably not for comfort and technology of an empire ?
  6. Yes, I think it would add a level of difficulty depending on the faction choosen, like in any other strategy game. A team of good players in Redoutable can be redoubtable. Thanks for your precisions. For purchased ships I don't think we can go back. If this update were to be released it would not be retroactive, so each player would keep his ships... until he sunk with.
  7. In order to increase realism and historical coherence to the game, I suggest to assign ship permits only for its historic nation. This would increase interest for each nation, to try them all, and let the player choose their level of difficulty. That won't prevent each nation to capture ships to the opposing nations, or find note if it needed exotic ships. Thank you for your attention. France : L'Océan, Le Bucentaure, Implacable, La Belle-Poule, La Renommée, Le Gros Ventre Spain : Santisima Trinidad, Diana England : Victo
  8. Objection, your honor ! Screenshots don't prove anythings. Collisions are normal when we aren't used to playing together... Every fair justice must have in mind that in absence of clear evidence, it's better not to condemn a guilty person that to condemn an innocent person. I ask that he be declared innocent ! Thank you very much for your wisdom.
  9. Cela est juste mon avis, mais s'il y avait autant de temps investi avec les GB et VP qu'il y en a de perdu avec les russes, ces derniers n'auraient déjà plus un seul port sur la map. Et on réglerait par la même occasion cette incohérence historique que les devs ne veulent pas régler eux-mêmes. Il y a 12 jours à peine, la nation russe tremblait devant l’ampleur du multi-flip. Ne commençons pas à nous débiner sous prétexte qu'ils nous ont pris PaP, flippé à une heure où il n'y a personne chez nous. La seule stratégie qui fonctionne pour les petites nations, c'est coalition et multi-flip. Le
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