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  1. So i must be the only one playing videogames for fun and to get away from rl when my workday ends, i'm really sure i'm the only one I really like games with historical background, and i love when it sticks tightly with historical facts, but when it leads to boredom, i can take some arrangement with truth, because again i play games to have fun, don't you?
  2. i'm really sorry but i don't have time for that, fill the water plz...
  3. Saint malo flag, i used this one on potbs :) if anyone got a better version, i would gladly take it.
  4. The actual display of items in admiralty that can be bought with doublons or piastres doesn't show which of doublons or piastres is necessary. The icon is the same, the help/textbox that appears when you try to put your cursor over the icon displays the item description but not the necessary money. Actually, unless I'm wrong, the only way to know which money is necessary is to try to buy.
  5. My first thoughts : - smaller space between items and smaller icons in warehouse (and many other tabs too) and ability to change the scale of tabs in game options for various screens resolution optimization. - weights of items (and total weight) in tabs so we can see how much we can put in ship hold when we collect. - ressources needed to craft ships available in every ports. (not only the one where the shipyard is) - total ressources need In craft ship tab instead of several line for the same ressource (fir for ex.), may be a + button to show details. sry for my bad english, i'm french ^^ i can clarify some points if needed
  6. It would be nice to have acces to missions list and details in ow as a reminder of mission objectives.
  7. Hi dev, With that you'll still have the full boarding meta, and this will certainly not improved tactical depth. This too wont prevent "hey i boarded - now stern rake it for me", stern rake at 8 kn is still possible, just a bit more difficult to achieve, and even easier in some cases (if stern rakers have smaller and faster ships than the one boarded) . You'll end with "all go for boarding" fights (as yesterday ), no more naval tactics (keeping the wind), no more team coordination. Sure the stern camping thing is bad when boarded ship is stopped, but why not keeping the slow 3.4kn during boarding, with in addition the eventual rotation the ships had just before boarding, with even a possible interruption of boarding if the grapple was not made correctly. (not perfectly parrallel course with ennemy ship at the moment of grapple), this would improve tactical depth and stern rake is more difficult on turning ships. regards,
  8. At it's first stage, the game was full pvp, and only relying on captains skills and their hability to play as a team, and it was really fun. Then came pve; upgrades, skill books, woods, trims, creating all sorts of metas with updates; rng... All those i can take caus' i still enjoyed playing the game. With this 8kn thing i don't even want to click on "sail". Their must be boarding in that kind of game, and manage to board a ship required skills and efforts, and yes DD was definitivly removing any interest in boarding so it's good it's been nerfed. To me it's just the boarding itself i really don't like (dumb - rock paper scissors ....- and related to players ping). Would have loved to get avatars fights (i know this won't happen) or an adaptation of Ultimate General gameplay (may be?). I know it's testing, and i really hope 8kn will be lowered (3,4kn was fine). For all those talking about historical facts, i love to play games with historical background (EU IV, crusader king, AC series, etc...) but i play videogames for the fun, not for historical truth at all cost @devs : you've made the greatest game ever, please don't ruin it by making boarding the meta (i've heard reverse just builded his full boarding bellona ^^). Sry for my bad english but i think you'll get my point. See you soon NA
  9. Madjohn

    POTBS game Closure

    +1 XD POTBS forever (oups.... 21 days to go) so i've heard : "Part of Dev team (if not all) onced played Potbs and that is why NA ever exist." "Potbs is the best mmo pvp game ever, and i'm quite sure a good part of NA playerbase come from Potbs. Never found a better mmo pvp thrill since NA. Both need organisation, good mood, and above all team practice." "I just think former Potbs players didn't get the pvp thrill in NA they had in Potbs, and many other things (Avcom, pve epic missions with ships and avatars, and above all true pvp). To me they just ask for too much. Na is just as good as it should now considering human ressources involved. /tiphat to all those are part of NA." "Pvp is the soul of this game, anything else is gamedying mechanics." "I can accept everything (safe zone, pve, RNG fgs!!!!) asa this game is pvp focused." "I want from NA Potbs pvp thrill, whatever it takes." "You got 500 connected and 100k+ buyers. This game is about pvp, fun and teamplay, no pve no rng, no safe shit zone fgs!" for a soft ending, just a few links : "there's a time you should make the game you want, we'll support you til the end of days, there's a time you should stop listening to what we say, so you can make it, we'll always be with you, #surethisgamewillbeamust" ok i'm out... (of the thread )
  10. Merci beaucoup pour ta réponse, je reste tout de même très intéressé par cette liste :).
  11. Bonjour Barberouge, Sais tu quand nous aurons les infos? Les jours passent et il sera compliqué d'utiliser les matériaux qui seront supprimés si nous avons l'info peu avant le patch. Merci par avance,
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