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  1. I'm sorry but this seems very incoherent to me.. How would getting the game as it was in 2016 bring players back when the current version can't? What was more PvP oriented in the 2016 version? the current version has less grind when crafting (massive cut in needed parts and hauling requirements), players even have some control over where specific resources are available to group ports together easier economy (delivery mission = helicopter money) crew is dirt cheap now the flags were abused thats why they had to be pulled ship capturing can still be done, npc traders will drop building materials and you keep every ship now, even ai captured first rates To me, the current version has all the things you want for the game as of 2016, and tournaments is kinda on us players to organize. (the loss of the duel rooms hurts, sure) As far as skill is concerned, if anything, the current repairs allow a more skilled player to fight against worse odds. I agree that 2016 combat was easier for smaller ships against heavier vessels than today but I don't think combat is a problem. It always was (and is) the one thing Naval Action is amazing at.
  2. "Copper plating should be rare" + "Copper plating is too expensive". Limitations should only ever apply to others, right?
  3. SoL speed nerf needs to also include the permit ships. While before we had the slight idiosyncrasy that Christian was a bit faster than Bucentaure with this nerf Christian is now more than a full knot faster than the Bucentaure - and across all points of sail. It should be the other way round if anything. Our overloaded 32-24 pd Bellona being faster than the generic 32-18 clone 3rd rate makes no sense either.
  4. Santi is now faster than Ocean. Oof.
  5. I'm all for making things easier accessible in the game, last time we had capped third rates the games was a lot of fun. 'Free' first rates means in addition to full-stack Ocean PB fleets OW fights will be dominated by three-deckers. Thinking ahead there probably needs to be a way to reign in the proliferation of those ships to still preserve some semblance of diversity and/or new roles for smaller ships.
  6. Indeed, I will buy those juicy Navy Guns (and Blomefields..) for those prices, perhaps even higher for the bigger calibers or 24pdr.
  7. The other PZones need their BR limits back, too.
  8. The way this seems to be working now is that if you receive further incoming enemy broadsides you will simply go into crew shock straight away and explode. Not sure if intended but it sure feels very rapid.
  9. I like the (in battle) mechanics, sounds interesting I don't like the fact that instead of positive reinforcement by buffing smaller nations a punishment for big nations is introduced. A 'keep your ports alive' PvE tax .. they now have an appointment every week to defend their ports, or lose them. I genuinely hope this works out and doesn't kill the fun for everyone. No nation had top dog status forever, so this can affect smaller nations, too.
  10. It'll be another 'pray' button and the devs will have a giggle at our expense
  11. Snoopy

    Mysterious Ship

    This is such a beautiful model. French Temeraire class 74. I want one in the game
  12. Yeah its going to be pretty difficult to balance this consistently. Endymion was oak, carried 24pd guns. Her sisters were fir and carried 24pd guns. Despite the oak Endymion was the fastest of the lot, too.
  13. True but a reworked alliance system isn't likely going to happen soon, and it also wouldn't make the 55port point question go away in all cases. Showering stuff on the poor is a stop gap.
  14. Bonuses for the weak are a must, even if the imbalances are a perception issue a lot of the time. But please don't use bonuses in battle that cannot be achieved any other way, but rather give economic boosts to weaker nations/players ("free copper plating module that only works when flying weak nation x flag" is much better than "weak nation port bonus sailing +5")
  15. Fighting? On the WAR Server? This is unheard of!
  16. Well moving those bonuses from ports to crafters could mean more mobility between nations and less 'all is lost' moments when a port is taken..
  17. I'm not trying to single you out, I hope you can spread a bit of hope and élan in your nation You need to keep fighting, even if you lose. This will send a message not only to your own players but also to your (potential) allies. If you can't be arsed to defend your own ports and throw in the towel straight away - why should your neighbors care then? Not sending valuable ships on a suicide mission is ok (Roseau) but putting up a defense is a must, other players cannot defend your ports in PBs. The Spanish players (bless them) are in a much worse position post wipe, they knew it when they started and they aren't complaining even though they really have a big mountain to climb. What you need is the spirit of these guys, as much as it sucked for them And then.. at some point, even if you think you will receive a drubbing like the guys below were expecting.. maybe this will happen
  18. Selbst mit DLC is Wechseln eine Zumutung weil man die Kosten von crafting-Infrastruktur nicht wiederbekommt und man mit dem Grind dann wieder bei Null loslegen darf.
  19. Grand Anse is a 10k BR port. You can't get better PB practice than this, you can use ships that don't require CMs. Have you asked your neighbors yet for screening assistance? A 10k BR PB fleet can potentially be screened by an organized defense. You have to start defending somewhere, even if you lose the battle 25 nil today you will learn something and at some point you will no longer lose those battles. Or you could do nothing and continue your doom counter and then in 14 days it really is over. At the end of the day it's only pixels and nothing is really lost, you get to decide to stop playing the game or keep playing it.
  20. It kinda sucks that you need full stack first rate fleets for RvR but those are the game rules at the moment. If you can't do that then you are not in the game. While I don't like BF taking the port, at some port FR needs to get their fleets organized or they will always be in this situation. The Russians have been very restrained in their conquest of the Caribbean vs nations that are struggling or smaller - compared to what they would be capable of doing .. and again did not take a 45point port. Yes it's true that the game needs to address playerbase imbalances for long term health (and quite frankly this was already apparent many years ago and there seems to be very little guidance the game will actually change in this regard .. so waiting for this is not going to work).. but losing the port was 100% fault of the French and nobody else. It is months into release and you had ample time to prepare, the Dutch abandoned their attack on Bridgetown to give you more time and nobody else really bothered you. There could have been alliances/RvR agreements in place with the other nations in the Lesser Antilles. This can happen still. Yes it will be a lot of work, you will get sunk a lot but at some point there will be success. I get that it's difficult with players leaving and never quite being able to form a nucleus for a fleet but you need to start organizing. Find clans and players in other nations who can help you screen. Coordinate with them, get a BP fleet built and ready to sail. You still have the player numbers to do this; that number will dwindle if nothing is done. If you sink, try again. You cannot expect a bailout through the forums every time a port is threatened. Even if it takes weeks or months, grind your teeth into that port and take it back. The game will be a better place for everyone if France (and perhaps even GB) stop being RvR no-shows.
  21. Snoopy


    Turkish (Ottoman Empire) ships were the original rageboarders. Beware
  22. Yes, it would be a big QoL improvement if you could finish delivery missions without having to move items from fleet ship's holds.
  23. This is far too draconic and doesn't scale with server population. Who will decide who gets to sail a first rate? How are the optics for a new player to be told 'no, you can't have one'. It's far easier to reintroduce PB BR limits again to liven up the meta. Almost nobody wants to sail full stack first rate fleets, but that's what the meta is, and thats what ppl will do.
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