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  1. I still have not figured out why the devs have made the connie/uss a 3rd. it is far inferior to every 3rd rate except for side armor, slower (which it shouldn't be, it is historically a fast ship) Turns worse (a frigate...) and has by far the smallest broadside and crew. It is insulting, to say the least. It was historically a 4th rate, and it should be considering even 4th rates out broadside it (cannons) and have larger crews! Even the new 4th rate the leopard beats it out in everything except side armor. You took a great ships devs and shat all over it. Makes no sense that its a third rate,
  2. The server crashed while UWS was grinding up Little river, kicked everyone out of the game, when i relogged in game, I was logged in uderewater no control over my ship, this allow the french to circle my ship while i exit out and try to relog, i loggcrash and a glitched in the middle of them and lost my ship. Due to a
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